Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten
2022 - 2023 Primary One Admission Application Procedures

Application Procedures:

You must submit the required documents and video as mentioned below on or before the deadline, otherwise, your application will not be processed and the submitted application fee will be forfeited.

Please note that information collected from an applicant will be used ONLY in relation to the application for admission. Such information will be disposed of at the conclusion of the admission exercise.

Step 1: Complete the Online Application Form via our online application system.
Application period: 23 June (after 10:00a.m.) – 30 July 2021 (2:00p.m.).

Please preview the Primary One Application Guidelines and the School Introductory Video before submitting the online application.

Step 2: Submit the completed Application Form, as follow:
  • Please print out the completed application form, affix a recent photograph of the application in school uniform and sign on the last page.
  • Return the completed form, together with the required documents, to the school BY POST on or before 30 July 2021. Address of the school: 383 Jat’s Incline, Kowloon. (Please state “Application for 2022 – 2023 Primary One with your application number” on the envelope.)
  • Do NOT submit the Application Form and the required documents IN PERSON.
  • Deadline for submission: 30 July 2021.

Required Documents:
1) A completed and signed Application Form with a photo of the applicant in school uniform.
2) A copy of the Birth Certificate.
3) A copy of the Baptismal Certificate (for Roman Catholic applicants only).
4) A copy of Report Cards of the most recent year.
5) A cheque for the application fee ($100).

Please make cheque payable to “GOOD HOPE PRIMARY SCHOOL CUM KINDERGARTEN”. The amount paid is non-refundable. Please write the applicant’s name, application number and contact phone number on the back of the cheque.

Important Notes:

  • Please write down the application number on the top right corner of each document to be submitted. The application number starts with ‘P’ and is followed by an 8-digit number.
  • We do NOT accept any portfolio of the applicant or reference letters. No original documents should be submitted.
  • Please staple all the documents together in the above-mentioned order.
No payment receipt will be sent to parents.

Step 3:
Submit a Video Online
The video must be submitted via this link on or before 2:00p.m. on 30 July 2021. No late submission will be accepted.

Required Content of the Video:
Part I: To be recorded by the applicant herself

  1. Self-introduction in Cantonese or English
2. Sharing about your family life, school life, hobbies, favorites books, etc. in English
Part II: To be recorded by the applicant’s parent(s) (you may use either English or Chinese)

  • Briefly describe the strengths and weaknesses of your daughter. What are your expectations on your daughter and how would you nurture her?


  • About 1 minute for each part. The whole video clip should not exceed 2 minutes. The file size of the video should not exceed 500mb.


  • Please combine two parts into 1 video. You are only allowed to upload 1 file.
  • Save and name your video file as [application number]_[English Name (same as Birth Certificate)] (e.g. if your daughter’s application number is P22230001 and her name is Chan May May Joyce, then the video file name is P22230001_chanmaymay)
  • The file size of the video should not exceed 500mb.
  • Submission period: 23 June (after 10:00a.m.) – 30 July 2021 (2:00p.m.). Each applicant should submit the video once only. Once submitted, the file cannot be edited or removed.