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13 and 15 Nov 2018 - Internal Speech Festival

With the 70th Hong Kong Speech Festival under way, the Internal Speech Festival was held successfully on the 13th and 15th of November. The two-day competition offered students with a precious opportunity to compete and learn from their peers and exemplary role models, while at the same time providing aspiring contenders a glimpse of the excitement and expectations of various genres of competitions.

Participating students strived to give well-rehearsed and engaging performances, with the mind-set of enjoying the event and reflecting on how they can further improve through valuable feedback given by teachers. We are confident that throughout the month-long duration of Speech Festival, all of our contestants will continue to diligently prepare and aim for the best performance they can offer as they venture to represent our School in this celebrated event.

14 Nov 2018 - The 3-Generation Assembly

On this special occasion, the Secondary, Primary, and Kindergarten sections were united in the School Hall to celebrate the closeness and goodwill of the Good Hope family.

With the presence of our adorable Kindergarten and Primary Sisters, student representatives performed a lovely dance and led all attendees in singing ‘Give Me Joy in My Heart’. The assembly continued with a sharing by some of our sisters studying in the each of the three sections, each giving us all a glimpse into their eventful school lives. Speeches were then offered by our Principal Mrs Green and Supervisor Sr. Pauline, reminding us to be role models for our little sisters, and to learn and appreciate each other regardless of our age and differences.

Before the assembly came to a close, the entire school body sang the school song in unison. It truly was a stirring event, and we are certain that this special bond between the 3 generations will continue to be cherished in years to come.

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13 Nov 2018 - World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13 November every year. This special event was first initiated by the World Kindness Movement in 1998. The primary aim is to remind all of us to be kind to one another so as to build a more harmonious community around the globe.

In November, the Values Education Team organized the Kindness Campaign to encourage kind acts among all students and staff. Colourful posters with 10 different acts of kindness were hung up at different areas on campus. Students were introduced to ‘Kindness Bingo’, where they could write down 16 good deeds / acts of kindness they intended to do during the week. Then they chose and did at least one good deed per day. The mission was accomplished when the students had circled all the good deeds either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. All of us could find joy by expressing our love and care.

Let’s continue to be kind to everyone around us. The world will certainly be a better place to live in.

5 & 12 Nov 2018 - Inter-class Choral Speaking Competition

The S1 and S2 Inter-class Choral Speaking Competition has successfully come to a close. During both days of the event, impressive performances backed by countless hours of creative planning, rehearsals, and unwavering teamwork were shown on full display. The wealth of eye-popping costumes and props, coupled with atmospheric vocal dynamics and artistic expressions were the epitome of the absolute best Choral Speaking has to offer. Each class gave their all as they strived to be in character, synchronizing their voices and movements, all to ensure that their interpretation of the set piece proved most impeccable and exhilarating..

The award announcements were equally rousing as the judges carefully decided the outcomes of such competitive and awe-inspiring performances. In the end, classes 2B and 1E were given the Best Performance Award. We’d like to congratulate the efforts of all participating teachers and students, for their dedication and zest to carry on such a joyous tradition of working hard and dreaming big. As the 70th Speech Festival is near at hand, may we once again wish all representing classes success in bringing glory to our dear School.

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11 Nov 2018 - Wong Tai Sin Outstanding Students’ Selection and the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award

It is our great honour to announce the pleasing results our students attained from the 11th Wong Tai Sin Outstanding Students’ Selection and the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award.

At the 11th Wong Tai Sin Outstanding Students’ Selection, Amelie Yeung of S.3B and Stephanie Cho of S.4F received the Outstanding Student Award in the Junior Secondary Section, while Zenya Law of S.6D was awarded the Excellent Student Award in the Senior Secondary Section. They were also presented with the Distinguished Students’ Award at the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Award 2018.

Both the East Kowloon Youth Society and Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Association hold the selections to celebrate the success of outstanding students in the district. It is meaningful as the selections do not only focus on students’ academic performance, but also their conduct and involvement in community service.

Our girls take pride in serving the community and striving for excellence. The recognition they have gained will motivate them further to reach higher in the future.

10 Nov 2018 - Joint-School STEM Leadership Programme 2019 Launching Ceremony

The Joint-School STEM Leadership Programme 2019 is jointly organised by Good Hope School, La Salle College, Maryknoll Convent School, St. Joseph’s College and St. Paul’s Secondary School, with support from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), as well as the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation (HKSTPC).

The programme aims at enhancing students’ understanding of the importance of innovation and technology in their career development, giving them exposure to how start-up companies operate on a daily basis and providing an opportunity for students from different schools to collaborate with each other. Participants will have numerous chances to visit start-up companies and promote innovative products.

The Launching Ceremony was held in Maryknoll Convent School on 10 November 2018. Guests, parents, teachers and students came for the ceremony and shared their enthusiasm towards the project. The Organising Committee was honoured to have invited Dr. David Chung Eng JP, the Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology from the Government of the HKSAR, and Professor Tam Kar Yan, Dean of HKUST Business School, to be the keynote speakers. To face a technology-savvy 21st century, students were encouraged to have a growth mindset and embrace failures as fuel for improvement.

The audience was indeed inspired by the influential speeches of the two distinguished speakers. We believe that our participating students will broaden their scopes and gain a lot of experience through this programme.

27 Oct 2018 - Central Board and Prefect Board Camp

Leaders are made, not born. To unleash the leadership potential of student leaders, the Central Board and Prefect Board Camp was successfully held in Lei Yue Mun Park on 27th October.

Members from the two boards participated actively in various activities, such as Life Monopoly and Campus Tracing, which aimed to sharpen their leadership skills in different areas. These activities were organised by the Executive Committee Members of the two boards; they applied the skills they learnt in their training camp in August. Throughout the day, members had to communicate effectively as well as share their ideas in order to finish their tasks and reach the goals. These experiences served to remind our student leaders about the importance of collaboration, which will surely benefit them on their future journey serving in the Central Board or Prefect Board.

19 & 26 Oct 2018 - Inter-school Swimming Competition

As the Inter-School Swimming Competition came to a close, the efforts of our swimmers and heartfelt support from schoolmates in attendance were rewarded with glorious results. After 2 days of exhilarating competition, our School achieved the overall result of Second Runner-up. Let us congratulate all who have played a part in attaining this joyous feat, and we hope for another successful effort as we continue to strive for excellence in the coming year!
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26 Oct 2018 - Sharing the ‘Journey of Hope’

On 26 October, the Values Education Team (VET) was invited to hold a half-day Positive Education presentation cum workshop in the Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section).

The 1st session focused on the rationale of Positive Education and how it is in line with the mission of our school as well as its implementation using a whole-school approach. Resources were showcased to the primary school teachers during the break.

During the 2nd session, the VET teachers hosted 3 workshops, including how to make use of character strengths to develop students’ potential and how to instill hope and gratitude into them through video appreciation, discussion, choosing messages of hope and making the Jar of Gratitude. Teachers were very engaged in all the activities.

The highlight of the day was the PET dance led by the VET. There was a lot of laughter when teachers were trying to follow the dance steps.

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26 Oct 2018 - Down Memory Lane

Those were the days when Form 5 students had to sit for public exams. Only with very good results could Good Hopers be promoted to the Advanced Level course at Good Hope School. Between the late 70s and early 80s, the School also admitted a handful of male students in Form 6.

Some graduates of the 1980s have emigrated to countries including Australia and the UK, while many chose to stay in Hong Kong after graduation. 38 years have now passed since the start of the 1980s. A group of these past students, including two male graduates, came back to visit the School on 26 October 2018.

All of them were very excited when touring around the campus. They took photos in the tuck shop, the canteen, the Physics laboratory and S5 (the room where students used to buy their stationery at the counter). These places reminded them of their sweet memories at GHS. Of course, they did not miss the chance to take a few pictures of our swimming pool, the construction of which they had donated money for during their time at the School. Our past students then visited the library and the open playground.

After staying for about an hour, they had to go for another very important visit: to meet their Principal, Sr Mary Olga Lam, MIC, the former Supervisor and Principal of Good Hope School, at the convent.

26 Oct 2018 - Being a Motivated Parent

On 26 October, the Good Hope School Parent Teacher Association (GHSPTA) and The Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) Parent Teacher Association (GHPScK (PS) PTA) invited Dr Chan Ting Sam to delivered a talk on ‘Being a Motivated Parent’.

Dr. Chan is a Professional Consultant to the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, specializing in parent education, student guidance and school training courses. It was our honour to have invited him to come to our school to share his unique view on parenthood.

Dr Chan emphasized that there is no formula to establish a good parent-child relationship as each child is unique. He stated the Chinese use ‘bone and flesh’ to describe the parent-child relationship, which is a very appropriate comparison as it vividly describes the close bond. Parents have to spend time with their children to build a good connection.

Our guest speaker captivated the parents with his good humour and jokes during the talk. All participants found his presentation very inspiring.

14 Oct 2018 - GHS Fun Walk and Run 2018

The ‘Good Hope School Fun Walk and Run 2018’ was held on the 14th of October at Sha Tin Sports Ground with joint efforts from the Secondary and Primary cum Kindergarten section, along with the Good Hope School Athletics Club. The objective of the event was to raise funds for the redevelopment of Delia’s Wing, an integral part of the InterMission: Delia's Wing Revitalised Project. With immense support from all members of the Good Hope Family, including students and staff of both sections, parents, and past students, the event was an overwhelming success.

The Secondary section arrived in the morning and was firstly led with stretches by our athletes, so as to warm-up and be prepared for the 3.5 km journey around Sha Tin. The race then commenced at the sound of the horn and everyone started to hit the ground running.

While many challenged themselves to beat the clock and go the distance, some participants formed teams in an effort to induce creativity and teamwork into the event. The “3P Rainbow Unity” team, led by Mrs. Green along with twelve S1 students, garnered much ovation for their dedication and thoughtful ingenuity for their vivid costume design and message. We would also like to recognize the fervent support of all the parents and their contributions towards the success of the event.

All competitors crossed the finish line refreshed after completing their respective routes. It was encouraging to see such enthusiasm radiated from participants of all walks and ages, but more importantly, was the presence of a strong sense of belonging and a spirit of unity for a greater cause.

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11 Oct 2018 - Hong Kong Schools Music Festival & Speech Festival 70th Anniversary Gala

At the heart of the aesthetic education in Good Hope School is our continuous effort to nurture music and speech talents. To this end students are given a rich diet of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Every year, many of our students benefit from the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and Speech Festival. As these two prestigious Festivals are celebrating their 70th Anniversary, our students were invited to perform at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival & Speech Festival 70th Anniversary Gala on 9th September 2018 at the Concert Hall of Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Representatives from our Choral Speaking Teams and School Choir took part in the English Drama Medley and Choir Performances. Zoe Lau (2C), Chloe Pang (6C) and Lynette Wong (6D) were selected to perform at the Grand Finale where they did a poem recitation.

Just like the Festivals, the evening was a wonderful learning opportunity for the participants, as well as a big treat for the audience. You can listen to the highlights of the evening at the following link:

10 Oct 2018 - CB and PB Pinning Ceremony

The Central Board and Prefect Board 2018-2019 Pinning Ceremony was successfully held on the 10th of October in the School Hall. We express our heartiest congratulations to new Head Girl Anthea Ma, Assistant Head Girl Tiffany Tsai, Head Prefect Hannah Yu, and Assistant Head Prefect Elaine Lam as new leaders of our school. We also applaud the new appointments of other members of the CB and Prefects, and wish them the best of luck with their responsibilities. .

The newly-appointed school leaders then swore their vows and expressed fervent dedication in their speeches, to serve the school and the entire Good Hope Family wholeheartedly. We look forward to work with our new leaders, and greatly anticipate the plans and activities they have in store for us.
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10 Oct 2018 - Economics Analysis Competition (語出經人經濟分析比賽)

Two groups of students from 6F participated in the economics analysis competition, 語出經人經濟分析比賽, jointly organized by EconSchool and the Hong Kong Association for Economics Education. During the summer, they worked hard on their projects titled “The Effect of the China-US Trade Dispute on Hong Kong's Economy” and “The Prospect of Hong KongProduced Pop Music” respectively. Faced with intense competition from over 90 other teams, both teams successfully entered the finals (top 10) and were thus awarded the Award of Excellence. On the day of the finals, both teams gave a well-delivered presentation on their findings and answered challenging questions from the adjudicators. At the end, Team 2 even came third. Congratulations to both teams!

8 Oct 2018 - Annual Swimming Gala

On the 8th of October, the Annual Swimming Gala was held at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. While the competitors paddled forth with all their might, their fellow schoolmates sat in houses and cheered ecstatically to display their support. We were also thrilled to have a number of special guests and our P.6 sisters in attendance with us.

During the closing ceremony, Mr. Alex Fong, Lik-Sun, a former Olympian, gave a speech on the importance of perseverance when faced with difficulties in his swimming career. The competition results were then announced: Redwood House won the Cheering Award Champion for their impressive enthusiasm and zeal, while Pine House was crowned as the Overall Champion. Congratulations to both houses!

Through this event, students were not only able to build their team spirit among housemates, but were once again reminded of the invaluable virtue of sportsmanship. May the best house win next year!

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6 Oct 2018 - New S.1 Information Session

On 6 October 2018, keen parents and students who were interested to get more information about our school and learn how to apply for our S.1 places came to join our new S.1 Information Session.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by our friendly S.1 and S.2 Student Ambassadors. The Information Session started with presentations by Sister Pauline Yuen MIC (Supervisor), Mrs. Laura Green (Principal) and Ms. Helen Yu (Vice Principal, Academic Affairs). These focused on the mission and core values of Good Hope School, how the school nurtures students to be women leaders of tomorrow, as well as the curriculum and academic achievements of our students.

To ensure the participants had a better understanding of our school, a group of current S.1 students - together with two of our S.2 musicians, the Head Girl and Head Prefect - performed a role play showcasing their school lives and how the core values are instilled into the students through a variety of co-curricular activities and other learning experiences. Our Head Girl and Head Prefect also shared with the audience how the school has helped Good Hopers to unleash their potential to be leaders.

The Question-and-Answer Session began after Ms. Fiona Sze had explained the admission procedures to parents and students in detail. Our prospective Good Hopers were very eager to ask questions showing their interest in learning more about our school. The S.1 (2019-2020) application period is between 8 and 25 October 2018. We look forward to meeting our new Little Sisters in the coming September.

6 Oct 2018 - World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Hong Kong 2018

The newly-established Computing and Robotics Team is delighted to announce pleasing results at the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Hong Kong 2018. The WRO is a global competition which requires participating teams to design, build and program robots to perform tasks within a time limit.

Bella Lee (5F) and Toby Chan (5F) were crowned Second Runner-up in the senior high category. In the junior high category, Kristen Chu (4D), Rachel Yip (4F) and Vivian Chan (4F) achieved the First-class Award, conferred to teams that rank within the top 30%. Congratulations to them all!


5 Oct 2018 - Positive Education Sharing at GHS

On 5 October, 67 teachers from 35 local schools arrived at our school to attend a one-day sharing session cum workshop, jointly organized by Good Hope School, La Salle College and Wofoo Foundation. The primary aim was to share the development and implementation of Positive Education in both schools.

We were very honoured that our Principal, Mrs. Laura Green, and Chairperson of Wofoo Foundation, Dr. Joseph Lee, delivered the welcoming speeches. In the morning, three teachers from our Values Education Team (VET) talked about how the rationale of Positive Education is in line with the mission of our school, and how it is implemented through a whole-school approach. Students’ work and souvenirs were showcased to the guests during the break. They were really impressed with what we had done..

In the afternoon, the VET teachers hosted a workshop to share with our guests how to reinforce one of the character strengths – hope – through different activities, including video appreciation, choosing messages of hope and making the Jar of Hope. These functions also aimed to help the teachers relax. There was a lot of fun and laughter during the process. To end the workshop, the VET led the PET dance and everyone took part blissfully.

4 Oct 2018 - Month of Rosary Bible Service

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary, which in following our school’s tradition, is a time of earnest prayer to God and Mother Mary. The Rosary puts emphasis on the Word of God and allows us to understand the in-depth meanings therein, while at the same time gives us concentration and focus with our spiritual well-being. Students and staff participated in the Rosary wholeheartedly with optimism and reverence during the morning assembly in the covered playground. The Bible Service reminded us of Mary’s blessing, protection, and influence to us all. Let us follow the benevolent example of Mother Mary throughout the year.

29 Sep 2018 - Youth Conference 2018: Fight For Girls’ Justice

Two groups of students took part in a Youth Conference organized by Plan International, a development and humanitarian organisation that advances children's rights and equality for girls. Students attended workshops in the summer and conducted research on Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt and Trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of girls in Indonesia.

We are delighted that Jasmine Tang, Michelle Choi, Ivonne Ho and Cherry Lai of 6F were crowned Champions and Breanna Ng (5D), Rainbow Wang (5D), Muthu Fathima (6A) and Lynette Wong (6D) were crowned Second Runners-up in the presentation. Lynette also won the Best Speaker Award. The most rewarding part of this programme was that students were able to reflect on issues threatening girls in developing countries through their self-directed projects.

28 Sep 2018 - Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2019

Eunice Chow (Graduate of 2018) was awarded the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2019. The scholarship was launched by the Home Affairs Bureau to foster a culture of multifaceted excellence and support local universities and tertiary institutions in admitting 40 local undergraduate students who excel in sports, arts and/or community services. Eunice demonstrates a personal strength and a sense of determination well beyond her years in her capacity to balance her commitment to swimming with her school work. After graduation, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme at the University of Hong Kong.

27 Sep 2018 - International Night

Our International Festival (22nd to 29th September) culminated in the International Night on 27th September. Delegates from our sister schools from Shanghai and The Netherlands; our local sister school Tak Oi Secondary School; and La Salle College – our partnering school for the Netherlands exchange programme – gathered together in our school. Over some mouth-watering local Chinese dishes, the exchange buddies had the chance to reconnect with our visitors and guests. Highlights of the night were the lion dance show, staged by Good Hopers, and unique performances from each of the participating schools. It was a wonderful spectacle to see different cultures mingling and interacting – long may this international celebration continue!
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26 Sep 2018 - Character Day

Bringing hope to ourselves and others is very important. Without hope, we will never be able to overcome anything in our lives. The theme for Character Day Hong Kong this year is Bring Hope. It is in line with the school theme of the previous year: Give Hope Through Kindness. To celebrate this special day, a video chosen from Let It Ripple Film Studio was shown during lunch in Our Lady’s Hall. The video explores the 3,000-year history of humans wrestling with the question of how to live life with meaning and purpose. Many students shared their thoughts after watching the video!

24 Sep 2018 - Happy International Week

Accompanied by their homestay buddies, 10 students from Sophianum (Gulpen, The Netherlands) and six from Shanghai Normal University High School (Shanghai, China) arrived at Good Hope School on the morning of 24 September, ready to start their one-week exchange programme.

On the 1st day, our friends from the Netherlands and Shanghai also joined the mid-Autumn Festival celebration with their buddies and their respective classmates during lunch. Our schoolmates shared mooncakes and other festive snacks with them.

During the week, our exchange students experienced local school life as well as joining company visits to Radio Television Hong Kong, South China Morning Post and Lee Kum Kee Hong Kong. At Lee Kum Kee, they took part in the Cooking Experience contest.

Students from both schools enjoyed the experience of making new friends and understanding more about the culture of our city.

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23 Sep 2018 - Celebration of Success Concert

To showcase the outstanding accomplishments of Good Hope Musicians, the Celebration of Success concert proudly presented their finest performance yet to the Good Hope Family. Talented musicians from the Chinese Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Symphony Orchestra gave us an in-depth knowledge of their tour experiences and success, but most importantly, they shared heartfelt music from beloved iconic works such as Pirates of the Caribbean, which left the audience in warm satisfaction and awe.

A big round of applause should go to all musicians for their dedication and hard work, in addition to those who ensured the smooth running of the concert. As the old saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easy”, hence we wish for the continuous strive of our musicians to exceed expectations and for greater success in all their future endeavors.
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14-15, 21-22 Sep 2018 - S1 Orientation Camp

The annual S1 Orientation Camps were successfully held on the 14-15 and 21-22 of September. During these special two-day events, S1 students had a memorable time participating in numerous activities and challenges. Favourites among the students include the Blind Walk and “Mini Society”. Special instructors were also invited to help students understand and appreciate the value and gist behind these activities.

Through the camp, students were able to build skills in teamwork, trust, and leadership. They were also able to explore their talents and strengthen friendships and bonds. We hope that these unforgettable experiences will pave the way for our girls in becoming successful leaders of the future.

19 - 20 Sep 2018 - Central Board Platform 2018-2019

The election of the new Central Board has once again drawn to a delightful close. The 20 candidates, who respectively ran for positions in Activities, Administration, Promotion, and Religious Activities, were supported tremendously by waves of cheers and chants in the school hall. As the candidates stood with absolute confidence on stage, they took turns pledging their promises and expounding future plans to the school body.

Throughout the platform, candidates held their own and showcased a vast collection of strengths and talents through performing multiple challenging tasks. They all presented themselves to the audience as capable and strong aspiring leaders. Lastly, the Central Board Platform concluded with students and staff members casting their crucial votes in support of their ideal candidates.

We hope that the elected board members will continue to enrich student' school life with meaningful and fulfilling events, while at the same time bringing the Good Hope Family excitement and joy through all their efforts.

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14 Sep 2018 – Club Promotion Day

The Good Hope club and team ExCo members gave their all while hosting the Club Promotion Day, which took place in the covered playground during lunch time joined by crowds of interested students. The venue was filled with curiosity and excitement as clubs were eagerly being promoted. Teachers also took part inviting passers-by to sign up. Halfway through the event, the Dance Club graced us with two energetic performances and was rewarded by the crowd with a thunderous round of applause. Everyone had a glimpse of the wealth of co-curricular activities the school has to offer, and many expressed great enthusiasm towards the clubs and teams they've joined. We hope that these precious opportunities will shine to their fullest by our schoolmates in the coming year.
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8 Sep 2018 – Success in Science Fiction Drawing Competition

The Science Fiction Drawing Competition is an annual event which allows students to express their imaginative and creative ideas about the future through drawing. In the competition, students have the opportunity to display both their scientific knowledge and artistic skill. After winning the 20th Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Science Competition 2017-2018 in the Science Fiction Drawing section, Amber Tang (3E), Ankie Lau and Phoebe Fong (both 3A) were selected by The Science Innovation Centre of HKNGCA to be part of the HKSAR delegation for the China Adolescent Science & Technology Innovation Contest「全國青少年科技創新大賽」. This is one of the biggest national science competitions in China. Following some outstanding performances, Amber Tang won the First Prize一等奬 (the only one from Hong Kong in the Secondary Section), Ankie Lau the Second Prize二等奬and Phoebe Fong the Third Prize三等奬. Congratulations on their success!

7 Sep 2018 – Mass of the Holy Spirit

On the bright morning of 7th September, all students and staff gathered enthusiastically to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Father Efren Ojeda reminded us that no one is perfect and taught us at the same time to open up ourselves for what lies ahead. We hope that this inspiring mass not only can help students prepare for the upcoming challenges and difficulties, but also to avoid putting too much pressure on themselves, all the while trying to find joy through giving, which lives up to the school theme. The whole school body then took the opportunity to pray wholeheartedly for the success of the new school year.
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3 Sep 2018 – Opening Assembly and Presentation of Amy Wong Awards

After a long summer holiday, the start of a new and refreshing school year has finally arrived. Students gathered together at the primary hall to attend the School Opening Assembly. All attendees, including the teachers and staff, prayed earnestly for a joyous and fruitful year.

The assembly commenced with Sister Pauline and Mrs. Green introducing the new teachers and the school theme for this year― “Find Joy through Giving”. Invitations were extended to help people in need in order to experience true happiness. Ms. Amy Wong, a past student of the school, then gave an inspiring speech reminding everyone that miracles can be sparked even from the ordinary. She also presented the Amy Wong High Achiever Award to Cheris Lee of 6F, who scored excellent results in the 2018 HKDSE, achieving seven 5**, as well as awarding Marina Chan of 6F the Most Improved Student award for her efforts. The Good Hope Family is proud of their remarkable achievements. We extend to them our heartiest congratulations and may we also see much success in all we do.

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30 Aug 2018 – Creating a Flourishing School Environment through Positive Education

Supporting mental health and wellbeing is a key part of Positive Education, which is of the utmost importance to our school. A whole-day workshop about contextual wellbeing was therefore arranged for all teachers on 30 August, to facilitate the building of an equitable, inclusive and cohesive learning environment.

The workshop was conducted by Dr Helen Street, co-creator of the Positive Schools Initiative. Dr Street has extensively advocated youth mental health since 1999 and is the author of several books about mental health and wellbeing. The first part of the workshop introduced the idea of contextual wellbeing, supported by activities and discussions. Teachers were given an insight into the importance of social influence and context, intrinsic motivation and strengthening resilience.

After learning from the morning session, teachers were grouped together to share their ideas on how to create a healthy learning environment. Through Positive Education, we work towards the same goal of turning Good Hope into a model positive school and to support all Good Hopers to thrive.

26 Aug 2018 - Unleashing Leadership Potential via AdventureShip

Leadership comes from your actions, not your post or position. Being a leader requires training and experience for one to be fully prepared. To help with this, incoming student leaders from the Central Board, Prefect Board, Houses and Clubs joined a Leadership Training Camp (“AdventureShip”) from the 25 to 26 August, aiming to develop our students’ leadership skills and unleash them leadership potential.

Students took part in various survival-in-sea training exercises, like sea jumping, walking along a plank to touch a paper hanging over the water, climbing around the edge of the ship with nothing to hold but their friends’ hands, swimming to a beach as if they had to abandon the ship in an accident, watching over the security of the ship at night and many more. In addition, preparing meals for more than 40 people was not a simple task to them. All these activities required their perseverance, courage and most importantly their trust in and collaboration with others.

Following this experience, our student leaders are now prepared to take up the responsibilities of serving the school and helping one another in their teams. Long-lasting memories from the training were engraved on their hearts. The two-day experiences definitely help them to take up their roles at school, and beyond, in the future.

25 Aug 2018 - New S1 Parents' Day

The new school year is underway.  To help Secondary 1 students transition well to their new school life, the school invited all new parents to a Parents’ Day on 25 August.

The day started with a sharing by Mrs. Josephine Ling, founder of the non-profit organisation “Hong Kong Character City Movement”, which focuses on the importance of character formation and development. Her personal story was shared in the RTHK program "Stress between Parents and their Children" and she was recognised as one of the "Outstanding Parents in 2012".  During her talk, she gave some very practical and useful tips to the new group of parents about how to strengthen their children's character formation and resilience through effective communication. With the sharing over, parents were arranged into small groups to discuss the issues related to adapting to life at Good Hope and what the parents should do to help.

After the sharing and discussion in the morning session, parents met their daughters' Class Teachers and Foster Parents for the first time and learned more about the arrangements for the first month of school. At the end of the day, Catholic families gathered to gain an insight into the religious side of the school, from getting to know the Religious Education and Catholic teachers to learning about the religious activities held in school.

16 Aug 2018 - Bronze Award in 2018 China Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Karina Chu of 6F (3rd from the left in the photo) was chosen to represent Hong Kong in the 2018 China Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (CGMO) held in Chengdu. The contest comprised 148 contestants from Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, Singapore and a number of different provinces in Mainland China. This year, the Hong Kong Team won a total of 3 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. Karina was awarded a Bronze medal. Please join us in congratulating Karina for her outstanding achievement at this event.

July 2018 - Chinese Orchestra Austria Slovakia Music Tour

In mid July, the Good Hope School Chinese Orchestra represented Hong Kong by performing at the Opening Ceremony of the Austrian-Chinese Profound Arts Festival (ACPAF). Following the Ceremony, the Orchestra was ratified as the first Chinese Orchestra ever to perform on the famous stage of the Größe Saal. Moreover, one of the Orchestra leaders, Michelle Lee, has been appointed as the 1st Austrian-Chinese Arts Ambassador in Hong Kong. She is to facilitate the ongoing arts, music and culture exchange between the two countries.

In addition to performances with Chinese instruments, the Orchestra also collaborated with professional musicians from Austria to perform fusion music together. A piece of Chinese dance music was played to impressive effect. Other than performing, the Orchestra members also conducted a workshop to introduce Chinese instruments to local musicians. After the workshop, some Austrian musicians were even able to perform a simple piece with the Chinese instruments. The students had achieved their aim of sharing their music culture with their new friends from Austria. The Festival was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Wong Tai Sin Outstanding Students’ Selection and the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award

Outstanding Student Award

World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Hong Kong 2018

First-class Award

Youth Conference 2018: Fight For Girls’ Justice


Youth Conference 2018: Fight For Girls’ Justice


The 2nd 3D stop motion animation design competition

Best Shooting Award

Wong Tai Sin Outstanding Students’ Selection and the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award

Outstanding Student Award (Junior Secondary Section), Excellent Student Award (Senior Secondary Section)





English Public Speaking Contest with C&MA Sun Kei Secondary School

First Place

Make Our Seas Come BLUE Eco-arts Parade

Group 3&4
Group 1&2





HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest

Third Place Award



69th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First Place
Second Place
Third Place





18th International Meeting of Juvenile Art 2017

Second Place

The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection

Top ten outstanding students





Economics Analysis Competition

Second Runners-up

2018 China Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

Bronze medal

Science Fiction Drawing Competition

First Prize(Diamond Award)

Xu Beihong Cup International Arts Competition 2017

First Class Award



Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

HKSSF Table Tennis Competition (Division One) Girls A Grade