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Summer Excursions 2017

- Dunhuang & Xi'an history and arts Study Tour (17-24 Jul)
Last updated on 25 July

- Australia Exchange Programme with St. Catherine School of Waverley (25 Jul - 3 Aug)
Last updated on 3 Aug

- US West Coast Economics and Technology Tour (27 Jul - 6 Aug)
Last updated on 8 Aug

- Eco Travellers - US National Parks Tour (27 Jul - 5 Aug)
Last updated on 8 Aug

- American History and NYC Broadway Tour (7-16 Aug)
Last updated on 17 Aug

- Hollywood Studio and Cultural Immersion Tour (7-16 Aug)
Last updated on 17 Aug

"Our students are enjoying vibrant summer excursions around the world this summer! Check out some of their enjoyable moments!"

Information for 17-18 S1 Students and Parents (Click here)

12 July 2017 - HKDSE Results Release

The HKDSE Results Release Day was a very exciting day for all our S6 students, as well as their parents, teachers and past students. There was much nervousness, but a tremendously supportive atmosphere calmed everyone down. The morning started with prayers, and then Sister Pauline, our school Supervisor, and Mrs Green, our Principal, made speeches of encouragement to the S6 students. They stressed that exam results were always significant, but were not so important as to define individuals completely. You should always have confidence and faith in yourself no matter what your level of success at one particular time.

The school was proud to then announce that Lydia Mak of 6F had the best HKDSE results in Good Hope School this year. She achieved seven level 5** and one level 5*. She wins the Amy Wong Scholarship for her efforts. Arlene Lo and Audrey Li, both of 6F, achieved the second and third best results respectively.

The results of the core subjects are as follows:


% in getting level 5 or above



Hong Kong










Liberal Studies



Well done to all S6 students. You have all put in much effort and may you continue to do your best and be blessed by God in all your future endeavours.

9 July 2017 - Fun Fair

The Fun Fair attracted more than 5000 guests to visit Good Hope. It was a great occasion for students to showcase their talents and creativity, for past students to reunite, and for parents to support their daughters.

As well as a wide range of musical and theatrical performances, each class put their heads together to offer thrilling, challenging and educational class booth games. Everybody involved made a great contribution to the Delia's Wing Revitalised project, which will transform our school, adding state-of-the art facilities and modern multi-purpose teaching spaces in the years to come.

Most of all, though, this will be a sweet memory for all who took part. Thanks to everyone for your invaluable support!




27 June 2017 – S.4 OLE Musical Competition

The annual S.4 OLE musical competition was held on 27th June. It was a big day for all Form 4 students, as it was time for them to showcase their talents and effort in a self-directed musical performance. The theme this year was ‘Fairytale’, and six entertaining performances were staged. With comical and dramatic acting, singing and dancing, along with professional sound effects, costumes and props, and, of course, our two stand-up comedian MCs, the whole primary hall was in high spirits. Our attentive audience just couldn’t stop laughing their heads off! This year, our school was honoured to have Mr. Phillip Weber and Miss Janita Wan as our guest adjudicators for the competition and both of them gave meaningful advice to the performers to improve their performances in future. Among the awards delivered, class 4D was awarded the Best Performance overall. Through the event, Form 4 classes have become more united. Let’s hope the burning fire in their hearts will never go out.

Girls Generation Toastmasters Conference 2017

The Girls Generation Toastmasters Conference 2017 was held on 13th May. It was an inspiring annual event showcasing 12 female Toastmaster speakers from all prominent industries and institutions. Leaders from different generations gave speeches on three themes: self-esteem, life planning and relationship management.

Five Good Hopers attended the event, one of whom - Cherry Lai (4F) - was invited to be a representative speaker in the teen category. Not only did they learn a lot of life lessons from the thought-provoking speeches, but they also had the opportunity to share their ideas in round table discussions. Such interaction encouraged all participants to deeply reflect on their lives, past failures and future goals.

Students often feel stressed and question the purpose of studying certain subjects which may not seem directly relevant to their future career. One speaker emphasized that our life is like a circle, not a straight line, and that the knowledge or skills we have acquired will eventually be useful in the future.

It was encouraging to see generations of women sharing wisdom and inspiring one another, especially when one of the event organisers was a past Good Hoper, Ms. Anna Yu, who is now an active Toastmaster and a devoted educator. Students found the event very meaningful and they hope the conference will be made an annual event.

26 May 2017 – S.6 Graduation Ceremony

As we march to the end of the school year, it is time for our S.6 graduates to embark on a new stage of their life journey. To mark this milestone, the S.6 Graduation Ceremony was held on 27th May. Our principal Mrs. Green and our guest of honour Senior Counsel Miss Anna Lai delivered inspiring speeches to the graduates, and in time-honoured tradition the class prefects of graduates’ classes lit candles, symbolizing that they will carry on the Good Hope Spirit in their future life. The Choir, Symphonic Band and Chinese Orchestra also joined in the celebration of this unique and memorable occasion with touching performances.

It was an emotional day for graduates and teachers alike as it was so hard to say farewell. With a grateful heart and a reflective mood, the graduates waved their last goodbyes. Although the next pages of their lives will soon unfold, their hearts will always remain in Good Hope as “Once a Good Hoper, forever a Good Hoper”!





Adopt a Water Buddy

Since the beginning of the year, 19 students from several forms have been taking part in the “Adopt a Water Buddy" programme and Hong Kong Water Race.

With support from the Open University Science Outreach Team, the programme has raised our awareness of water conservation. We have been introduced to several high-tech water quality detectors that collect data from the Shing Mun River, Shatin, along with a handful of lab practices using microscopes to observe microbes in water.

Students have been able to both broaden their horizons and learn new knowledge. Special thanks should be given to the school for their support from the outset.

Weave A Dream

On the 6th of May, six of our S.6 students, alongside participants from other schools, attended the kick-off ceremony of ‘Weave A Dream’, co-organised by Caritas Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. The 3 prominent speakers - Ms Christine Ma Lau, Ms Irene Tsang and Mr Charles Ho - shared with us the importance of building character and their tips on interview skills. Students were reminded that having good values - such as being punctual and honest - would certainly help them at work.

The project aims to give students a precious opportunity to understand more about their strengths and familiarize themselves with the workplace environment so that they will be more confident in pursuing their dreams in the future. Our participating students will take part in workshops and an internship programme from 6 May to 18 August.

SCI Capacity Building Camp

Ten S4 and S5 students were pleased to have attended the SCI Capacity Building Camp held from 21st to 23rd April. Organised by SCI (Service Civil International), a non-profit international organisation that pledges to promote intercultural understanding and interaction, the camp provided workshops and team activities such as problem-solving, storybook, meditation and drama. Schoolmates have gained incredible experiences in these 3 days as they could exchange ideas with not only participants from three other schools but also the international delegates from Taiwan, Germany, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

The highlight of the programme was the Talent Show. Participants immersed themselves in enjoyment from the music performance by delegates from Sri Lanka and games hosted by a delegate from Italy. All participants have exposed themselves to a diversity of cultures by communicating with international delegates in this fruitful experience.

4 May 2017 - Bible Service: Month of Mary

The start of May marks the beginning of the month of Mary, which is to honour the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, for having faith in the Lord. On 4th May, a bible service was held. A reading from the book Luke was first read, followed by the prayer of Our Father. The Hail Mary prayer was then recited 10 times, asking for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus. After the Bible service, all hopers were ready to glorify Mary for her strength, grace, love and care shown to all beings.

29 April – HKU Knowledge Exchange Project 2016-2017 German with Fun

Alongside the students of La Salle College, Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section) and Heep Yunn School, our students were invited to participate in the German with Fun programme held by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures under the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Led by the professor and her helpers from HKU, the students learnt not only some common German vocabulary and expressions, but also something about the German culture. In the refreshment session, the students were requested to use German to order some food, e.g. kuchen (cake), Kartoffelchips (potato chips), wurst (sausages), etc. During the process, they could enjoy these delicious items of food, as well as make use of the vocabulary and expressions that they had just learnt. They have definitely had a fruitful and satisfying experience in this programme!

29 and 30 Apr - Inter-school Mock Trial Championship

We are delighted to announce that the GHS Mock Trial Team won four awards at the 2017 Hong Kong Inter-school Mock Trial Championship over the weekend of 29th and 30th April. The Inter-school Mock Trial Championship is an annual mock trial competition, with over 20 competing schools, making it the largest local mock trial competition in Hong Kong. The championship consisted of four rounds of trials, with each trial lasting three hours.

Our team members won 3 individual awards:

Hillary Woo 5B Best Barrister Award
Kimmy Li 5E Best Witness Award
Patrina Wong 4D Best Witness Award

We also received a team award for placing 5th out of 24 teams

Congratulations to all of the participating S.4-S.5 students for their hard work and success.

An Inspiring Educational Trip to Melbourne

On 17 April, our Principal Mrs. Green, together with our Vice Principals and 9 teachers from a number of Key Learning Areas, arrived in Melbourne for a 5-day excursion on STEAM projects and positive education programmes.

The team visited Swinburne University of Technology, Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School, Melbourne Girls Grammar School, Peninsular Grammar and Ivanhoe Grammar School. The goal was to understand how these institutions run STEAM projects using a cross-disciplinary approach. Their methods focus on a process of guided inquiry and design thinking which helps to nurture creativity among students as well as other soft skills that they need in their future careers. At one memorable hands-on workshop hosted by the founders of STEAMpop, participants discovered how to make Lumifold light, which requires a combination of art and mathematics knowledge.

The group’s next stop was the Victoria Space Science Education Centre, an innovative learning institution that uses space as a context. The hands-on and minds-on science experience on offer helps to motivate students to love Science. The GHS ambassadors were thrilled to visit the Centre’s simulation of Mars and got to understand how the one-day Mission to Mars programme for junior form students could achieve its learning goal.

Aside from the STEAM projects, it was evident how much the schools visited highlight the importance of the wellbeing of both teachers and students. Their formal and informal positive education curriculums help students to express gratitude, appreciation and nurture a growth mindset. Most importantly, they aim to help young learners bounce back when facing failures.

The team found the school trip to Melbourne a source of great inspiration. They will now share their experiences with their colleagues at Good Hope as the school continues to learn for the benefit of its students. 

Consulate General of Ireland’s Student Ambassador Programme 2016-2017

Mandy Chan from 1D and Jenny Wong from 2A recently joined the first student ambassador programme organised by the Consulate General of Ireland.

Through exchanging cultural information with the guests and members of the Consulate ,and engaging in various fun activities like the ‘Treasure Ireland Hunt’ with Denise Law from 1B and Amber Tang from 1C, not only did they learn more about the customs and traditions of Ireland, they were also exposed to the Irish heritage in Central and Wan Chai.

Dorothy So, Rachel Wong and Jenny Wong from 2A triumphed in the St. Patrick’s Cup Debate Competition while Mandy Chan from 1D was awarded a medal at the public speaking competition.

8 April - When Leaders Met Leaders

What was so special about 8 April 2017? It was the first Central Board (CB) and Prefect Board (PB) reunion!

We were delighted to have our first Head Girl, Ms. Pauline Ng, and first Head Prefect, Miss Angel Chu, joining us. More than forty CB and PB Executive Committee (exco) members and school prefects - who had served between the 1960s and the 2000s - started arriving in Our Lady’s Hall at 2 pm. Ms. Helen Yu, our current Vice Principal and herself a former Head Prefect, was among them.

Miss Veronica Cheung, Head Girl in 2006-2007, welcomed everyone. Some of the former CB and PB members had not returned to the school for many years. They were therefore so excited to meet their former teammates and had a nice chat with one another while enjoying the snacks.

It was indeed our honour that Sister Mary Olga Lam MIC and our Principal Mrs. Green came to support us. In her speech, Sister Mary stated that she believed all past student leaders were unique and they could write their own history. Mrs. Green shared with the past CB and PB members that she was really impressed by the spirit of past students and considered herself to be a Good Hoper as well.

The campus tour was like a trip down memory lane which brought back a lot of sweet memories from such iconic locations as the Central Board and Prefect Board rooms, the classrooms and the corridors. Our past student leaders were also thrilled to see some of the facilities that were not there during their time at the school, such as the CTV Room and the Reading Room. They were also very happy to see Mr. Watson Ng and the young members of our Sports Teams training in the Covered Playground.

The CB and PB reunion ended joyfully at 5 pm. We look forward to more gatherings to reconnect with more former student leaders in the coming future.

3 April - Mass talk on ‘Food waste recovery’

In early April, a guest speaker from ‘Food for Good’ delivered a talk to the S.1 students during the pastoral care periods. Topics covered included the government policies on reducing municipal solid waste and food waste, organic farming and food composting. During the talk, students were reminded of the importance of taking action to reduce and recycle food waste for the benefit of our environment.

18 and 25 Mar 2017 - The Teens Workshop

The Teens Workshop which lasted for 2 days was definitely a joyful experience. Miss Michelle Lee, the event organizer, led everyone through a conversation which was followed by general activities. The workshop was about understanding ourselves, and thus discovering all the good things around, and within us. It could be seen as a self-improvement workshop where we could explore self-management skills through educational and healing activities that promised to fully enrich us on holistic and spiritual level. It was an eye-opening experience to all of us.

28-30 Mar 2017 - Inter-class Mathematics Competition

On the 28th - 30th March, our S.1-S.3 students participated in the annual Inter-class Mathematics Competition. The contest consisted of two parts: the riddle part and the game part. Despite the fact that the questions were notoriously challenging, the competitors did their best and, most importantly, had fun.

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25 Mar 2017 - Chinachem Run for Brightness cum Primary Schools Scholastic Athletics Championships 2017

On the 25th of March, Gladys Lee (1A), Dion Tong (5B), Jacqueline Wong (5B) and Jasmine Wong (5B) from the Athletics Team participated in the Chinachem Run for Brightness cum Primary Schools Scholastic Athletics Championships 2017, which was a source of many invaluable memories. The objectives were to promote equality and love between people with disabilities and those who are physically fit and encourage understanding between them.

During the race, our athletes took up the role of a pacer, guiding their companions to finish a 400m race. It was definitely a challenging task for them. Instead of running on their own, they had to collaborate with their partner. Each pair was holding part of a thick rubber band while they were running. The athletes would shake it to alert their partners when there was any barrier ahead.

Although our athletes did not win the competition, they gained precious experience in communicating with the disabled and understanding their difficulties in daily life. Being a pacer for the blind is not a ‘mission impossible’. In fact, their optimism has motivated us a lot. The participants hope they will have another chance to take part in this meaningful event.

24 Mar 2017 - Joyful Fruit Day

Joyful Fruit Day was jointly organized by the Central Board and the Green Club. It aimed to encourage students to develop the habit of eating an adequate amount of fruit every day. The activities were conducted in March - the ‘Month of Happiness’ - and included an S.1 slogan competition, an S.2 poster design competition, S.3 menu design and cooking competitions, and S.4 and S.5 mini-game competitions. Senior-form visual arts students also used a variety of techniques to draw fruit in celebration of the event. On the day itself, the canteen prepared lunches with fruit as the key ingredient. Many students and teachers joined the fruit party held during lunch time, enjoying the chance to eat fruit together!

20 Mar 2017 - Hunger Meal

The annual Hunger Meal was held to give students a chance to taste the humble lives of the underprivileged through eating a simple bun. During the event, a volunteer from UNICEF shared about the severe problem of human trafficking in India and America. After this talk, we understand that it is truly a blessing to be living with abundant resources and under a sound legal system.

World Class Tests 2016

"We are delighted to share with you our school's excellent achievements in the World Class Tests 2016. As one of the secondary schools whose students achieved the largest number of Distinctions in Mathematics or Problem Solving, we were honoured with the award for "Outstanding Group Performance - Secondary".

In addition, Kitty Fung and Valerie Leung of 4F put in outstanding performances, receiving the Gold award in the World Class Arena Elite Competition. Congratulations to these two and to everyone involved!"

16 Mar 2017 - Inter-house General Knowledge Quiz

The 4th Inter-house General Knowledge Competition was held successfully on the 16th March. Through this competition, schoolmates were challenged to recall facts from Liberal Studies, Geography, History, Economics and even facts about our school. Each representative strived their very best to earn points for their house. Their enthusiasm and passion towards general knowledge perked the hall up with a lovely ambiance. After three rounds of breath-taking competition, the champion went to Pine House with a score of 600 points. Congratulations to Pine! We’re already looking forward to the contest next year.

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11 Mar, 2017 – Fun Day

In order to share love and happiness with others, our S.1 students are operating game booths for five primary schools from March to May this year. The students have prepared a variety of interesting games and many lovely gifts for the pupils, as well as decorating their booths in a very attractive way. In the first visit last Saturday, 11th March, pupils from Jordan Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and Price Memorial Catholic Primary School came to Good Hope and actively participated in playing the games. Our students had a chitchat session with the pupils and introduced our school to them, which seemed to delight the visitors. We believe that these experiences give our girls a better understanding of LOVE and SHARING, in line with our school theme this year: “Love is what binds us all together in perfect harmony”. We look forward to seeing pupils from Mary of Providence Primary School, Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic School (Primary Section) and Kowloon Bay St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School in April and May.

Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

6D Chu Sze Ki, Jessie Best was awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award at the Centenary Parade and Carnival, which took place at the Shatin Racecourse on 25 February 2017. The Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award is the highest honour in the Girl Guide section. Jessie is the first Girl Guide in our company to receive this award. Jessie has prepared herself for service to the community and has shown that she is living up to her promise, as well as making good use of what she has learnt for the benefit of others.

Congratulations to Jessie!

Respect Our Teachers Campaign

To promote the idea of respect for teachers, two students from Good Hope took part in the microfilm competition of the "Respect Our Teachers Campaign". From script writing to directing, videotaping to editing, and fine-tuning the work, they have spent much time and effort on the video. We are pleased to announce that they have been crowned champions of the competition. Congratulations to Venus Li from 5F, Chairperson of the CTV Team, and Marina Chan, also from 5F, who is the Vice Chairperson of the CTV Team.

Their work can be accessed through the hyperlink below by searching for the entry of

冠軍 德望學校
陳凱晴 李珮澄

Hong Kong Youth Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest

The results of the Hong Kong Youth Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest have been released. We are delighted to announce that our school Mathematics team has obtained marvelous results this year. Overall, the team placed in the top 20 in the group contest among more than 250 secondary schools in Hong Kong. In addition, the team members achieved the following individual awards:

Agnes Chung 3C First Class Award
Gigi Lam 3A Second Class Award
Rachel Tang 3A Second Class Award
Daisy Au 3A Third Class Award
Anthea Ma 3A Third Class Award

In addition, Agnes Chung was selected to join an advanced training programme offered by the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education. Please refer to the link for details:

Congratulations to the team again for such encouraging accomplishments.

2016/17 Hong Kong First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Tournament

Against 39 other competing teams, we are pleased to announce that our team of 7 students was presented the Teamwork Award at the 2016/17 Hong Kong First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Tournament. The Teamwork Award is given to the team that demonstrates extraordinary enthusiasm and exceptional partnership.

The team members include:
Christina Ip (4A), Trinity Leung (4B), Cora Ma (4B), Mimmy Yeung (4B), Macy Chung (4F), Kitty Fung (4F) and Macy Tai (4F)

The FLL is an international competition which involves designing and programming Lego robots, as well as working on a research project.


Harvard Model Congress Asia and High Court Visit

Over the weekend of January 7th-8th, seven S.5 students and nine S.4 students attended Harvard Model Congress Asia. This international conference brought together top schools from across Asia to discuss and debate international affairs. Students developed their public speaking and negotiation skills, whilst also networking and socializing with students from diverse backgrounds. Congratulations to Kendall Yuen from 5D, the Honorable Mention awardee, who was acknowledged for her outstanding performance in the IMF committee.

On the afternoon of February 13th, the Mock Trial Team, alongside several S.4 students, attended a High Court Visit organized by the HK Bar Association. Students were able to learn more about the HK legal process, ask questions to local barristers and attend three open-court sessions. We would like to thank the HK Bar Association for this great opportunity.



Learn Love Lead World Conference 2017

During 13th - 19th February, six students from our school travelled overseas to participate in an international conference: the Learn Love Lead World Conference 2017 in Florida.

While at the conference, the students attended several seminars, joining participants from all around the world who were UNITED for WATER. The Good Hopers also took part in water-related activities and research to experience water situations first-hand and to learn more about pressing water conservation issues. Through studying different bodies of water around the world, our students also cultivated a strong love and appreciation for the planet we all live on.

Another important part of the trip was the chance to experience both American culture and the education philosophy of Saint Mary’s Episcopal Day School.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Saint Mary’s Episcopal Day School and Ms. Linda Boza, who organized such a meaningful conference for students from over the world. Finally, “We are UNITED for WATER!”



3 Mar 2017 - Inter-school Athletics Competition Day 3, Finals

The Good Hope Athletics Team performed exceptionally well on Day 3 of the Inter-school Athletics Competition, triumphing as champions of both Grade A and Grade B events to round off a splendid overall performance.

Several new records were set by Good Hope athletes: Chloe Chan in Grade A 100m and 200m, Janice Chan in Grade B discus, and the 4x100m Grade A relay team. It was a credit to the school that the athletics team were so ably supported by so many of their schoolmates, teachers, Principal Mrs Green and Supervisor Sister Pauline in the spectator stand. Congratulations!

The Overall results were:


Grade A B C Overall
Marks 164 147 124 435
Rank 1 1 3 2

 more photos




SCMP Student of the Year Awards 2016


The SCMP Student of the Year Awards 2016 Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 25th February. The awards recognize the achievements of senior-level students in nine different categories and hail the brightest young leaders of tomorrow.

This year, our students have obtained very good results in 7 categories. 

Lotus Yu (6F) was the 1st runner-up in the Grand Prize and one of the five winners of the Best Devotion to School Award, while Katie Lo (4F) was the 1st runner-up in the Performing Artist category. 

The following students were shortlisted in the TOP 12 in their respective categories:

6F Lydia Mak -  Grand Prize and  Scientist & Mathematician
- 4E Ariel Tam & 5E Sarotta Lee - Visual Artist
- 4C Maggie Yeung - Linguist (Cantonese)
- 4B Chloe Chan - Best Improvement

Many of the shortlisted students from our school were interviewed by the Young Post. You can learn more about their interviews at



27 Feb 2017 – Inter-school Athletics Competition Day 2


Good Hope Athletics Team continued to perform well on Day 2 of the Inter-School Athletics Competition, proudly representing the school across a range of events.

Our results on Day 2 are as follows:


Grade A B C Overall
Marks 67
74 51 192
Rank 2



22 Feb 2017 – Inter-school Athletics Competition Day 1


The Inter-school Athletics Competition (Day 1) took place at Wan Chai Sports Ground today. Overall, we are in first place. We are certain that our Good Hope Athletes will continue to do their best on days 2 and 3 (27th February and 3rd March). Let's give them our full support! 

The results of Day 1 are as follows:


Grade A B C Overall
Marks 39
45 24
Rank 2


Live broadcast of Inter-school Athletics Championships

On 22nd and 27th February, and 3rd March, the Inter-school Athletics Championships will take place at Wan Chai Sports Ground. To show support to the Good Hope Athletics Team, our Campus TV Team is working conjunction with La Salle College Campus TV Team to broadcast the competition live! [You can follow all the action here: ]
Good luck to our Athletics Team!

15-18 Feb 2017 – S.1-S.4 Form Learning Tours

As the saying goes, "You can learn more by traveling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books." In February, our school embodied this idea by organizing whole-form learning tours for our S.1-S.4 schoolmates.

Students in S.1 went on a pilgrimage to Macau; those in S.2 visited a number of historical sites in Guangdong; and our S.3 sisters took part in a cultural trip to Shunde, where they became teachers for the day, delivering English lessons to local primary students. The S.4 students visited Taipei with the aim of learning about the environmental conservation efforts of the Taiwanese government so as to apply this knowledge at school and in Hong Kong in general.

As well as fulfilling the core purpose of each trip, our schoolmates also learned soft skills such as self-management and working together as part of a team. Ultimately, the tours were unforgettable experiences as our schoolmates spent time together learning and having fun.


6 & 7 Feb 2017 – Visit to Cathay City

Three groups of S.4 and S.5 BAFS students visited Cathay City, the headquarters of Cathay Pacific Airways, in Chek Lap Kok. Ms Wendy Tam, the Assistant People Manager of the Human Resources Department, introduced the company’s background and its career opportunities. Then, she then took us on a tour of the training and welfare facilities on different levels of Cathay City, including the mock-up check-in counters for training ground staff, the mock-up cabin for training flight attendants, the B777 flight simulator for training pilots, and the rooftop organic farm for staff recreation. In the Cabin Crew Operations Department, we saw cabin crew members reporting for work and the captain giving a briefing for all pilots before the crew boarded their flight. Through the Q&A session, in which Ms Tam answered our questions patiently, we learnt a lot more about the marketing strategies and human resources management practices of this listed company. It was truly a precious opportunity for us to see how an airline business is operated in real life.

24 Jan 2017 – Staff Development Day

Professor Magdalena Mok from the Education University of Hong Kong was invited to Good Hope School to conduct a talk on Assessment for Learning.

The talk started off with an introduction on theories about assessment for learning, followed by how these theories can be put into action. At the end, examples of good practices locally and worldwide were shared.

After the talk, teachers could understand a variety of assessment types and how they can be used as tools to facilitate teaching and learning.

23 Jan 2017 – Chinese New Year Mass and Celebration

As the Chinese New Year approached, the school held its annual Chinese New Year Mass and celebration to welcome in The Year of the Rooster. Students were reminded by the priest to take the opportunity to become a new person and to set new goals for ourselves. The celebration began with a lively lion dance performance by our schoolmates, pumping us all up and getting us ready for the exciting games. Teachers and students were invited onto the stage to play games and answer questions related to the Chinese New Year. One game challenged competitors to identify Chinese New Year festive foods blindfolded! Some teachers even danced in front of the whole school, making everyone roar with laughter. What a joyous time we shared! Then, the classroom cleaning campaign started. Everyone was designated a corner of their classroom to clean and wipe and we worked hard to make our classrooms dust-free. Having swept away all our bad luck and bade farewell to the old year, we hope that the New Year will be a great one for everybody. Happy Chinese New Year!

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23 Jan 2017 – Teachers’ Workshop on Positive Emotions

The Positive Education Laboratory (PEL) at the Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong has designed an eight-session curriculum for the Positive Education Programme for five of our S.1-S.2 classes during the 2nd term.

On 23 January, the PEL hosted a training session for all teachers on how to help students develop positive emotions so that they could lead a flourishing life. The workshop started off with an introduction on positive emotions and the strategies to build, express and sustain them, followed by an explanation of the ten types of positive emotions.

Through different activities, participants also had a chance to learn about the 5 languages of love and ways to express gratitude.

After the workshop, teachers could understand more about positive emotions and how to apply these frameworks in their classrooms.

20 Jan 2017 – S.6 Farewell Ceremony

On the 20th January, our form 6 schoolmates bade Good Hope farewell. Over the past 6 years, they have equipped themselves with skills and knowledge from our diligent teachers, and now it's time for them to say goodbye, take study leave and thrive in the DSE. Our DSE fighters will keep the good old memories deep down in their hearts, using them as a motivation to get them through the tough DSE exams and the ups and downs of life they are likely to encounter once they have entered society. Good luck for the DSE, S.6 schoolmates!

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12 Jan 2017 – 3rd Positive Education Workshop

According to research, miscommunication is one of the main causes of human conflicts. The 3rd Positive Education Workshop focused on how to build positive interpersonal relationships to resolve this problem. By adopting the strategies suggested in the workshop, our teachers are now empowered to help their students be assertive (rather than aggressive or passive) when they want to stop their friends treating them in an unpleasant way or forgive those who have done something inappropriate or wrong to them.

During the workshop, participants were introduced to an effective communication style and taught how to let go of negative emotions that irritate us. A mixture of practical demonstration and hands-on experience was used to show how to let go of grudges and move on.

The workshop also helped to prepare everyone for the coming of Lent. Forgiveness is a gift that will grant us inner peace. It is an act of strength and encouragement. By forgiving others, we will be forgiven as well.

The workshop ended with a hugging session. Participants embraced one another, saying, ‘I feel good because I forgive and forget’. This was the most important lesson we had learnt.

9 Jan 2017 - The Opening of the Legal Year Service

Each year, the school choir is invited to perform at the Opening of the Legal Year Service, this year being no exception. The Service gathers together members of the legal profession in Hong Kong to ask for God's guidance, and that He grant them wisdom and justice for their work in the coming legal year. The Senior Choir conferred their blessings on Hong Kong's legal profession by singing two lyrical yet dramatic pieces, namely Omnia Sol and I Will Lift Up my Eyes, both composed by the renowned Z. Randall Stroope. The mesmerising acoustics at St. John's Cathedral were seen to add a noticeable spark to the choir's performance.

Our belief is that singing is praying twice. We are therefore grateful to have the chance to spread blessings from God through our music.

3 Jan 2017 – Be a leader, not a follower (CB & PB Camp)

Our school prefects and Central Board members rose early in the morning on 3rd January for the leadership camp – a new start in their leadership development to match the start of the New Year. The first activity was campus tracing, where the participants’ physical strength was tested. They had to complete a variety of highly difficult tasks, teaching our leaders how to formulate strategies. They were able to enhance their communication skills and their methods of interaction with others. After lunch, campers had to put together clues to complete a mission, while acquiring listening skills and practicing effective division of labour. During the camp, campers were able to assure themselves of their strengths and reflect on their weaknesses. For all participants, the camp was the latest step on the journey towards becoming future women leaders!

1 Jan 2017 – New Year Concert

Our school kick-started 2017 with the annual New Year Concert, where the secondary, primary and kindergarten sections sang together in harmony. The concert was held in the Holy Spirit Hall of the primary section, aiming to raise money for the revitalization of Delia's Wing. The mesmerizing music created a joyous atmosphere in the hall, perfect for the start of the year. "Click clack" - the step dance performed by the secondary senior choir reminded us to stay lively and rhythmic after a year's hard work. Happy New Year and live 2017 to the fullest!
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17 Dec 2016 – PTA: Delia’s Wing Fundraising Dinner

With the joint efforts of the GHSPTA and GHPScK (PS) PTA, the Delia’s Wing Fundraising Dinner was held successfully on 17th December 2016. Parents and their family members from our kindergarten, primary and secondary sections were very supportive of the event: within a week, all tickets had been sold out.

Before dinner, guests were attracted by the rich array of souvenirs at the sales counter - including Delia’s Wing postcards, folders, tumblers, GHS dolls and red packets - as wonderful performances by students from all 3 sections and a past student garnered enthusiastic rounds of applause from the audience. Special thanks must be given to parents who donated stand firm cups, piano figurines, clothes and iPhone cases for sale or as table prizes, as well as the parent who sponsored the balloon decorations in the Covered Playground and Our Lady’s Hall, which created such a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

Mrs. Laura Green, our Principal, then showcased the infrastructure of the new Delia’s Wing to the assembled parents and informed them how they could support the ‘InterMission: Delia’s Wing Revitalised’ Campaign to benefit the learning of their daughters.

Some of the parents in attendance were past students of the School. It was really such a touching scene to see them supporting the School with their daughters, who are now studying in one of the 3 sections. In addition, the parent-daughter Masters and Mistresses of Ceremony formed 3 perfectly-matched pairs who brought a lot of happiness to the guests.

All the hard work paid off. The Delia’s Wing Fundraising Dinner raised a net total of $859,287.

Our heartfelt gratitude must go to the GHSPTA and GHPScK (PS) PTA, as well as the parents who gave their full support to this meaningful event. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


The 2nd 3D stop motion animation design competition

Best Shooting Award

EDB Business-School Partnership Programme

Outstanding Activities Report Award

2017 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - Science in English

High Distinction





The 12th Inter-Gavel Club and Youth Leadership Programme English Public Speaking Contest 2017

First Place

English Public Speaking Contest with C&MA Sun Kei Secondary School

First Place

Make Our Seas Come BLUE Eco-arts Parade

Group 3&4
Group 1&2

Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2017





HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest

Third Place Award

Hong Kong Flower Show 2017- Student drawing Competition

Second Runner Up

Pinkart Gallery – Students’ Visual Arts Drawing and Painting Competition 2017

Overall Champion



68th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First Place
Second Place
Third Place

2016/17 Hong Kong First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Tournament

First-class Award
Teamwork Award







The 15th CILTHK Essay Competition

First runner up

Teen Talk 2016

Best team Award
Counsel Award

英才盃—STEM 教育挑戰賽2016


International Junior Science Olympiad 2017 Hong Kong Screening

2nd Class Honour
3rd Class Honour

2016 International Physics Olympiad in Zurich

Silver Medal Award

屋宇署 「樓宇安全靠大家-漫畫創作比賽2016」


Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

HKSSF Table Tennis Competition (Division One) Girls A Grade