School News

27 Mar 2015 - Walkathon


The annual Walkathon was successfully held on 27th March. It started off with an opening ceremony. The principal gave a speech and marked the opening of the walkathon. We walked along the Lugard Road trail and enjoyed the panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour. It was a great time to exercise and to take a break from school work. Although it rained in the morning, the weather didn’t affect our determination to finish the walk. It even reminded all that every cloud has a silver lining, and one should never give up when encountering obstacles.


23, 24 and 25 Mar 2015 - Inter-class Mathematics Contest


On the 23rd, 24th and 25th March, S1-S3 students participated in the Inter-class Mathematics Contest. The competition consisted of two parts: the riddle and the game. The questions were both creative and challenging for the students. The competitors enjoyed discussing the problems with their teammates and it was good to see so many of their classmates coming along to cheer them on.


12 and 13 Mar 2015 - S.3 China Study Tour and English Exchange


On 12 -13 March, 2015, our S.3 students went to Shunde, China on an educational and cultural exchange. The highlight of the study tour was the English Exchange. All S.3 students turned into teachers and went to 3 primary and secondary schools to conduct a 60-minute lesson to teach P.5-F.2 students English. Through the English Exchange, not only have the S3 students learnt to be more aware of the needs of others, but they have also learnt more about the Chinese culture. The English Exchange was well received by the teachers and the students in China. A news article regarding the exchange was even published in a local newspaper, which can be retrieved here.


3 & 4 Mar 2015 – Cool Science Day


Every year the Science KLA prepares various entertaining and exciting activities for students to learn outside the classroom. Cool Science Day was organized over two consecutive lunchtimes in March. There were a variety of hands-on experiments involving dry ice and liquid nitrogen, such as the ice hockey and frozen flower. Many food booths applying the science principles were set up, such as liquid nitrogen ice cream and crunchy marshmallow. Not only did the secondary students enjoy the activities, but our sisters from the primary section also participated and found the activities educational.


13 Feb 2015 – Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 3, Finals


Our Good Hope Athletics Team performed exceptionally well on Day 3 of the Inter-school Athletics Competition rounding off a splendid overall performance. Several records were broken by Good Hope athletes; Ellis Wu in 100m Hurdles C Grade, Courtney Lau in Shot Put A Grade, the 4 by 100m Relay C Grade Team and 4 by 100m Relay A Grade Team . It was a credit to the school that the athletics team were so ably supported by so many of their classmates in the spectator’s stand, and by the school MC team who did well to conduct the closing ceremony professionally.

The Overall results were:

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 168 135.5 146 449.5
Rank 2 2 2 2

For Good Hope all as one!



10 Feb 2015 – Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 2


Our Good Hope Athletics Team has performed exceptionally well on Day 2 of the Inter-school Athletics Championships. All the athletes did their absolute best in all the events.

The results of Day 2 are as follows.

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 68 62.5 58 188.5
Rank 2 2 3 2



5 Feb 2015 – Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 1


The Inter-school Athletics Championships (Day 1) took place in Wan Chai Sports Ground on 5th February. Overall, we are in second place today. We are certain that our Good Hope Athletes will do their best on 10th and 13th February.

The results of Day 1 are as follows.

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 38 29 33 100
Rank 2 2 1 2



16 Jan 2015 – S.6 Farewell


The S6 Farewell Day was the most overwhelming day for S6 students. It was their last day at school and time for them to dive into revision for the HKDSE. Each class showed their appreciation to their teachers through a variety of ways: song, dance, and verse. All Good Hopers were moved by their sentimental words. S6 students expressed that without the guidance from their teachers, they couldn’t have walked safely over so many bumps along the road. The school song was sung with great pride at the end of the assembly. The class unity was clearly shown through their tears of joy, thanksgiving, love and hope. The students were blessed with words of encouragement from Sr. Pauline Yuen and Mrs. Green. As the S6 students prepare for an especially challenging time over the next few months, the school wishes them all the best in their DSE exams.


8 Jan 2015 – Swimming Gala


The exciting annual Swimming Gala was held on 8th January at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Everyone from the school was there to see this spectacular event and the house cheering teams did a great job in motivating the crowd. The races were thrilling and all the participants fully deserved all the applause.


5 & 6 Jan 2015 – Annual Sports Day


The annual Good Hope School Sports Day was held at Wan Chai Sports Ground on the 5th and 6th of January. The spectators cheered itself hoarse as it urged the competitors on, and the Sports Ground was filled with the joy and happiness of the Good Hope family.



1 Jan 2015 – Les Voix de Lamitié (Voice of Friendship), the New Year Concert, 2015


On 1 January, 2015, Good Hope School welcomed in the new year with her traditional New Year Concert. Mr Tobias Cole, Mrs Katie Cole and their children Marcel and Gabriel from Australia trained and even jammed on the night. In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the school, Julie Kwok, a skilled pianist, wrote and performed Birthday Dada and played a special piece entitled Say Thanks Say Yes. The choirs from the Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and alumni filled the air with joyful music. May the year ahead be as wondrous and full of harmony as this glorious New Year Concert.


23 Dec 2014 - Christmas Celebration


Christmas marked the beginning of great things especially the sense of unity during Good Hope School's 60th Anniversary. All Good Hopers spent their last school day of the year celebrating. Fr Devos led the Mass inspiring all to reflect upon the meaning behind Christmas and the significance of how this important period brought all people on earth to unite. Following the Mass was entertainment organised by the Central Board: dances, games and prizes. Then students went to their respective homerooms for more celebrations. There was so much joy and laughter abuzz throughout the campus. Happy Christmas everyone!


3 Nov 2014 – Education Symposium


The Diamond Jubilee events continued in the very first Good Hope Diamond Jubilee Education Symposium on “Nurturing women leaders of tomorrow”. Renowned speakers: Dr Rosanna Wong Yick-ming and others gave riveting talks and inspiring seminars on exploring a broader understanding of leadership, in particular, women in leadership in the 21st Century. Schools around the territory also partook in the discussions through presentations, namely: Maryknoll Convent School, St. Mary’s Canossian College and Tak Oi Secondary School. One of the highlights of the Symposium was the concluding speech by Sr. Mary Olga Lam, MIC (former Supervisor and Principal) on her candid experiences in GHS, the future and her vision, along with her former students including Sr. Pauline Yuen (current Supervisor and Principal of the Primary section).



30 & 31 Oct 2014, 1 Nov 2014 – Alice in Wonderland Jr. Musical


The Alice in Wonderland Jr. musical was held in the Good Hope Primary-cum-Kindergarten School Hall over 3 performance nights. The kindergarten, primary and secondary sections collaborated to breathe life into Alice for a sell out crowd for all three performances. The aim of the musical was to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Good Hope School. The costumes and makeup were amazing and professional. The stage was beautifully decorated with checkered floors and a rotatable stage. All characters were well portrayed and students shone brightly on stage. Besides the musical cast, the band also performed wonderful Disney pieces. The hard work of those on the stage and those who assisted off stage definitely paid off. Keep the music playing.


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25 Oct 2014 – Secondary One Admission Information Session


The Secondary One Admission Information Session was held on 25 October, 2014. Parents and students from all around Hong Kong learned more about the mission and vision of Good Hope School. The emphasis on the Christian values of Love, Hope, Joy and Thanksgiving were elucidated by Sister Pauline. The Principal, Mrs. Laura Green, shared about all the recent accomplishments of the students and identifying that the School was keen on nurturing graceful, reflective young ladies and capable leaders of tomorrow. Miss Cynthia So highlighted how learning and teaching was carried out along with how this brought about excellence in academics. Miss Grace Pow elaborated on the importance of the girls having a clear awareness of themselves and the community around them.



24 Oct 2014 - Inter-school Swimming Competition 2014


The Inter-school Swimming Competition was a deafening experience with Good Hopers cheering as loud as possibly to give support to the School’s swimming team members who have trained very hard to do their best. Cheyenne Cheung (4A) shattered the 50m Breaststroke record with a time of 32.95 seconds. The previous record was broken in 2007. Congratulations! Overall, the Good Hope Swimming Team placed second runner-up. Well done everyone!


8 Oct 2014 - S.6 Stress Release Workshop


With the countdown having begun towards the first exam in the HKDSE, the pressure is building. A stress release workshop for all S6 students was held on 8 October. The school Social Workers and the Student Growth Committee shared experiences of how to manage stress on an individual basis and as a group. Students engaged in sharing their thoughts, partook in relaxation exercises and wrote messages of encouragement to one another. All S6 students symbolically released their worries and anxieties by releasing balloons from the rooftop of the Sacred Heart Wing.


6 Oct 2014 - Club Promotion Day


The Club Promotion Day was held in the covered playground. Students learned more about the activities held by the different clubs in school. Many were eager to sign up for clubs as it represented membership towards interests apart from co-curricular activities. Some clubs designed beautiful stickers and posters while others had propaganda plastered all around the campus. There even was a promotion dance from the Dance Club, which drew the most interest. It was a wonderful day for all Good Hopers to engage in learning more outside the classroom.



18 & 19 Sept 2014 - Central Board Platform 2014-2015


The annual Central Board Platform was held on the 18th and 19th of September. A total of 21 candidates were determined to exhibit their vision and passion to serve the school in the following 4 key areas: Activities, Administration, Promotions and Religious Coordinators. Over the two days, the student body was given several opportunities to make an informed decision by witnessing candidates promotions, videos and involvement in challenging tasks on stage. All candidates rose to occasion with eloquence, grace and poise. The student body then exercised its democratic rights by voting both knowledgeably and rationally.


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11 Sept 2014 – Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Amy Wong Award Presentation


Fr Jay Flandez led the Mass of the Holy Spirit at Delia’s Hall. All students and staff prayed for a peaceful start to the new school year.

Father Flandez invited all to welcome the Holy Spirit into our lives as it was our guide accompanying us, empowering us, and guiding us. Through the Holy Spirit we would have confidence in accepting and solving the problems ahead; through the Holy Spirit we would live in peace and without selfishness.

The Mass was then followed by the prize presentation by Amy Wong, a past student, for the Amy Wong Award. Ms Wong reminded all students the importance of self-care, knowledge and maintaining the culture of sharing and giving through the simple motto: Think and Act. This year the recipient was Joyce Mok who attained the best results in the HKDSE: six 5**, one 5* and 5* in M1. Joyce advised all students to enjoy the journey in their education and to make it memorable.



1 Sept 2014 – Start of New School Year

Today marked the start of the academic year 2014-2015. The school year began with a warm welcome by the Supervisor, Sister Pauline, who reminded students to embrace the challenges ahead in the coming year. The new school leaders all greeted the student body for the first time. Mrs Laura Green, the Principal, presented the student body with two challenges: (a) to amaze her with their achievements; (b) to be amazed by their own achievements reaching new heights. The students were reminded to “Aim high, soar high, and touch the sky”. Students must all unite as one to carry on the spirit and tradition of Good Hope. This academic year (2014-2015) would surely be a year to look forward to.


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True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest 2014

Group and Individual Champion

中國青少年文化藝術交流大賽 - 普通話詩詞集誦


St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command Inter-Divisional Competition For Nursing Cadet Divisions First Aid


The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education

Award of Active Participation

2014 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - Science in English

High Distinction


Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2014

Second Honour

Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2014


High Distinction




High Distinction




High Distinction


Wofoo14th Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme

Merit award

C&M Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School Toastmasters Club Contest 2013-2014

3-min Prepared Speech - 1st place

3-min Prepared Speech - 2nd place

1-min Impromptu Speech - 1st place

1-min Impromptu Speech - 2nd place

Interschool English Radio Drama Competition

Silver Award

7th Hong Kong Students Open Speech Competition

Honorable Mention

9th Inter-Gavel Club and Youth Leadership Programme English Public Speaking Contest

7-min Prepared Speech - 1st place


普通話古詩獨誦 銀獎

粵語古詩獨誦 銅獎

普通話詩詞獨誦 金獎

普通話古詩獨誦 銀獎

粵語古詩獨誦 銅獎



普通話古典詩詞 冠軍

普通話詩詞(高中組) 季軍

普通話詩詞總決賽(中學組) 第五名

宋立揚盃- 「全港兩文三語拔尖挑戰賽」

高中組 亞軍

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2013-2014

Commendable Overall Performance Award

Outstanding Cooperation Award

Outstanding Director Award


Second runner up

2013-2014 中國中學生作文大賽(香港賽區)







背誦先鋒獎 (九龍區高中組)





C & MA Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School Toastmasters Club Contest 2013-2014

Prepared Speech - 1st place

Prepared Speech - 2nd place

Impromptu Speech - 1st place

Impromptu Speech - 2nd place

EMI Drama Festival

Outstanding Performance Award



2013 International Drawing Competition: Food for a Healthy World

First place

Ocean Pals 2014 International Poster Contest (Theme: Pollution Hurts: Octopus at Risks)

First place

The Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Open

Gold Award

Silver Award

Bronze Award

Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students 2013/14

Third Prize for the Junior Section

Distinguished Prize for the Junior Section

Distinguished Prize for the Senior Section

HKSSF Inter-School Basketball Competition

2nd runner-up

3rd runner-up

Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Invention Competition – Science Fiction Drawing

Merit Award

2014當代青少年及兒童藝術節 新春繪畫比賽

漫画组 冠軍

油畫组 冠軍

水粉/水彩/粉彩组 亞軍

13th Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition

Silver Award

Bronze Award

Merit Prizes

第48 屆工展會 全港中學生廣告短片創作比賽


Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award 2013

Merit Award

Web Design Competition 2013

Merit Award

10th FHS Best Buddies Hong Kong Movement Electric Cooking Competition

Gold Award

第九屆仲夏夜之夢Crossover 2013全港中小學暑期網上寫作計劃



66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Intermediate Girls’ Choir

Intermediate Mixed Voice Choir


HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest 2014

Junior Division semi-finalists

Senior Division semi-finalists

SCMP's Junior Writers Award 2014

TOP 100 Writers of the Year

31st Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad

Group Award (50 finalists out of 280 schools)

Regional Winner in Kowloon Region 1 section

Onsite Inter-School Public Sketching Contest

Excellent and Creative Award


iCity Mobile Apps Development Competition


The Road Safety Patrol - Annual Regional Footdrill Review(Kowloon East)

2nd runner-up

Hong Kong Biology Olympiad for Secondary Schools 2013/2014

School Merit

First class honor

Second class honor






Australian Mathematics Competition

High Distinction


Prudence Award

The Hong Kong Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest

Group Award (Rank 19 out of 275 schools in Hong Kong)

First Class Award

Second Class Award


粵語古詩 銀獎


First Class Award

Second Class Award


粵語詩詞-師生組 銀獎

普通話古詩 銀獎

粵語古詩 銅獎

宋立揚盃古詩 亞軍

冠軍挑戰盃詩歌散文 季軍

普通話詩詞 金獎

粵語古詩獨誦 銅獎




Let’s Colour校園添色彩計劃2013-14


65th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

S.1, S.2, S.5-S.6 Girls Choral Speaking

S.1-S.3 Words and Movements



中一、中二級集誦隊 詩詞集誦 (普通話) 冠軍

二人對話朗誦 冠軍, 亞軍, 季軍

詩詞獨誦 (普通話) 冠軍, 亞軍, 季軍

詩詞獨誦 (粵語) 冠軍, 亞軍, 季軍

散文獨誦(普通話) 冠軍, 季軍

散文獨誦(粵語) 季軍

歌詞朗誦 季軍

True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest 2013

Group Champion

Individual Champion

二零一三年「青年家書」寫作比賽作 高中組



普通話新聞播音 - 冠軍

普通話演講 - 冠軍

普通話二至五人合誦 - 季軍

普通話演講 - 季軍

普通話集誦(高中組) - 冠軍

普通話集誦(初中組) - 冠軍



St. John Nursing Cadets Inter-divisional Competitions

The First-runner-up of Uniform Inspection

The Second-runner-up of Home Nursing

International Junior Science Olympiad – Hong Kong Screening 2013

First class honour

Second class honour

Third class honour

Global Teen 2013

Third Place





China Girls' Mathematical Olympiad 2013

Bronze Medal

Mathematics Resources Contest

Bronze Award

Statistics Creative Writing Competition for Secondary School Students

Distinguished Prize

Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students

Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited Third Prize for the Senior Section