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8 Oct 2016 – S1 Information Session

The Secondary One Admission Information Session was held on 8 October, 2016. Speakers at the event introduced the School’s mission, its curriculum and its achievements to P.6 students and their parents. Some of our current students shared their experiences of the school, such as the wide variety of extra-curricular activities they are engaged in, as well as the variety of platforms available for leadership training. With so many parents requesting tickets and Delia's Hall under redevelopment, the venue this year had to be moved to the Primary School Hall. It was very encouraging to see such a good turnout and high level of interest in the school.

九月二十二至二十三日 – 中文辯論隊迎新營


28 Sept 2016 – Swimming Gala

The Annual Swimming Gala was held successfully on 28th September at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Competitors endeavoured to win the victory for themselves as well as for their respective houses, while spectators proudly cheered at the top of their lungs. Hazel House emerged as the overall champion. Congratulations!

This year, a primary school invitation relay was organised. PLK Grandmont Primary School came third, SKH Fung Kei Millennium Primary School came second and our own primary section finished first. The atmosphere was uplifting and jubilant. Finally, all competitors participated actively in the swimming gala and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship.

2016 International Physics Olympiad in Zurich

MAK Ho Yi, Lydia (6F) has been demonstrating outstanding competency in Physics recently. Her interest in Physics started in 2012 when she joined the Physics Enhancement Programme organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE).

Since then, Lydia has pursued her passion by taking part in a number of physics-related courses and competitions.  In July 2016, after competing with students from 26 countries and regions in the 17th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO), she was selected to be the only female representative among the 5 members of the Hong Kong team to contest the 47th International Physics Olympiad in Zurich, Switzerland.  This international event involved students from 84 countries from all over the globe.  The competition consisted of five-hour experimental and theory exams formulated by a team of physicists from the University of Zurich.  In this vigorous and demanding competition, Lydia was awarded a silver medal!

This is a remarkable achievement and the result of many years of hard work. Please join us in congratulating Lydia on her success! 

21 & 22 Sept 2016 – Central Board Platform 2016-2017

The annual Central Board Platform was successfully held on 21 & 22 September. A total of 19 candidates ran for posts in four main categories: Activities, Administration, Promotion and Religious Coordinator. During these two days, candidates demonstrated their passion and vision for serving the school and the whole student body.


After watching the candidates’ energetic self-promotion, creative videos and intelligent engagement with challenging tasks on stage, the student body then exercised its democratic right to vote for their preferences. We eagerly await the results.
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2nd runner-up of Harmonious School Campus

We are delighted to announce that our school has been declared the 2nd runner-up of the 'Harmonious School Campus - No Bullying' Campaign organised by the Restoration Integrated Family Services Centre.


Let's continue to spread joy and love in school.


Microfilm Training Program

This summer, Christine Cheung of 6C and Sammy Yau of 6D were selected to join a microfilm training program organized by The Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod. During the program, different stages of video production were taught, including the techniques of video shooting, video and audio editing, and lighting. Not only did they learn the skills and techniques of making a microfilm, but they also had a go on an aerial camera!


Through their productions, they hope to spread love and care throughout the community, to raise the public’s awareness of drug abuse, and to highlight the importance of perseverance and following your dreams. Schoolmates are encouraged to join this meaningful program in the coming year to show their love and care to society and to spread the Good Hope values around the community!

5 Sept 2016 – Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Amy Wong Award Presentation

The Mass of the Holy Spirit this year was led by Father Devos. All students and staff prayed sincerely for love and peace in the new school year. Father Devos delivered a homily reminding us that we should always give and receive love. This was a response to our school theme this year: Love is what binds us all together in perfect harmony.


After the mass, Ms. Amy Wong, a past student, presented the Amy Wong Award and the Most Improved Award to some of our outstanding graduates. The recipient of the Amy Wong Award this year is Stephanie Moy, who got 5** in five subjects and 5* in her other three subjects. Stephanie also earned the Most Improved Award, alongside Deborah Tsun, the other recipient. Standing on the stage, Stephanie thanked her parents, Ms. Wong and all the teachers, while Deborah shared some of her experience with us and her advice that a clear goal will lead to good results. Before leaving the stage, Ms. Wong also reminded us to create a culture of sharing and giving as she believes that those two elements are not only the privilege of the rich.
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Wool4School Fashion Design Competition
Organized by The Woolmark Company, this fashion design competition encourages Hong Kong secondary students to design an outfit made from at least 70 percent Australian Merino wool for their favourite sports team.


We are delighted that Rachel Ho (2015-2016 2B) and Yung Sin Lam (2015-2016 2E) were declared champion and first runner up respectively for their designs in the junior section. Congratulations!

2-3 Sept 2016, 9-10 Sept 2016 – S1 Orientation Camp

Recently, our S1 students have been enjoying and benefitting from an Orientation Camp in Sai Kung. S1A, 1C, 1E were away on the 2nd and 3rd September, whereas S1B, 1D, 1F went on the 9th and 10th of September. They took part in adventure training, including group games, a blind walk and “mini society”. Debriefings were conducted by experienced trainers after the activities.

Through these activities, students learnt how to communicate effectively with their classmates. They now have a better understanding of their classmates and the meaning of team work. They were also immersed in lots of fun. The camps were definitely an unforgettable way for the girls to spend their weekend.
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Exchange and Excursion Programmes 2016-2017




1 Sept 2016 - Start of the New School Year


The wheel of time keeps moving ahead and today marked the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017. The opening ceremony was held at Holy Spirit Hall and our Supervisor, Sister Pauline, took to the stage to introduce the school theme this year: Love is what binds us all together in perfect harmony. Good Hopers were reminded to accept each other’s differences in order to build a harmonious learning environment. Our Principal, Mrs. Green, then warmly welcomed our new Vice Principal (Academic Affairs), Ms. Helen Yu alongside the new teachers joining our Good Hope family this year. Finally, we are all now eagerly looking forward to the revitalized Delia's Wing after watching a short video presented during the ceremony. Happy new school year!
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The Student of the Year Awards

First runner-up

EMI Drama Fest 2016

The Award for Outstanding Directing
The Award for Outstanding Spoken English
The Award for Outstanding Overall Performance

Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad (HKMO)

Regional Winner in Kowloon Region 1 section

2015/16 Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem Solving Competition


愛鄰舍 We Concern Others 社區友愛文件夾封面設計比賽


Mathematics Competitions

Second Class Award

67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First with Honours

HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest 2016

Second Place Winner

Youth Leadership Programme Prepared and Table Topics Speech Contest






中學生視覺藝術創作展 2015/16


Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2015

High Distinction



True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest 2015

Second runner-up

The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2016 - Hong Kong Screening

Third Class Honours

Share the Stage with the HK Phil

Harp Performer

Future Star of Technology: Students Open Forum

Grand Prize

BE BORN- International Asian Children Art Drawing Competition

Gold Award in Group 9-12

Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award

Champion and Most Popular Booth Award

All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Table Tennis Tournament 2015-2016, Girls Doubles


8th Asian Age Group Championships 2015

Silver Medal in 50m Breast Stroke

FINA/airweave Would Swimming Competition

Bronze Medal in 50m Breast Stroke

Invitation relay


Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command (H&K) Inter-divisional competition for Nursing Cadet Divisions

1st Runner-Up in Home Nursing,Winner of Footdrill Competition & Overall Champion