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11 July 2018 - HKDSE Results Release

The HKDSE Results Release Day finally arrived after weeks of nervous and excited anticipation among all our S.6 students, as well as their parents, teachers and past students. Parents and students alike came to the school to receive their results, supported by our school Supervisor Sister Pauline, and our Principal Mrs. Green, as well as all the members of the teaching staff who had done so much to guide them up to and through the exams. To calm the atmosphere, it was a good time to remind everyone that although exam results are important, they can never define individuals completely and that confidence and faith in yourself is key, no matter what your level of success at any particular time.

The school was proud to then announce that Cheris Lee of 6F had the best HKDSE results in Good Hope School this year. She achieved 7 5** and wins the Amy Wong Scholarship for her efforts. Ruby Leung and Chloe Cheung, of 6D and 6F, achieved the second best results.

The results of the core subjects are as follows:

% getting level 5 or above



Hong Kong










Liberal Studies



Well done, S.6 students! Cheris spoke of cherishing the Good Hope spirit of love, hope, joy and thanksgiving in her valediction [Content] at this year’s Graduation Day. With this in mind, we hope you can continue to do your best and be blessed by God in all your future endeavours. 
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29 - 30 Jun 2018 - Kaleidoscope

On the 29th and 30th of June, our school proudly presented the very much anticipated show Kaleidoscope to raise funds for the revitalisation of Delia’s Wing. The story was told from two old ladies’ point of view, Margaret and Gertrude, with each scene bringing out how imagination is being stripped from teens by social media and technology.

Commencing with the choir’s wonderful performance, the show guided the audience through a world of creativity and imagination, where Margaret and Gertrude were trying to think back to what they needed in life to be happy. Then, the glimmering-light dance performance and our well-rehearsed actresses showed the audience how our sources of happiness change when we grow up.

The performances that followed revolved around the power of imagination and dreams, as well as a reflection on how kids nowadays are addicted to technology. The scenes were connected by the message of finding happiness in little things. The show motivated the audience to use their imagination and follow their dreams to be capable of doing anything.

The drama club, the backstage team, choir members from all three sections and their dedicated teachers have all been working hard for the show with the school’s support. Having practiced collaboratively for months, all involved worked together to make this show a huge success, and their hard work finally paid off. Kaleidoscope not only raised funds for the revitalisation of Delia’s Wing, but also brought the three sections closer together. It was a remarkable event for the whole school.

27 June - S.2 Project Learning Showcase

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome onboard flight GH 2018!”
The theme of S.2 Project Learning this year was air travel. Special thanks should be given to Air Canada, which was so generous to offer an aircraft visit to our students during March. Together with the information from their research, our students could finally formulate their creative designs of various airline services and products. These included aircraft seating, inflight meals, safety videos and much more.

The highlight of the syllabus this year was when a sim cabin was constructed in the classroom with REAL aircraft fuselage components. S.2 students were all amazed at this “in-house cabin” and very much enjoyed their work in Project Learning.

On 27th June, “47 Airlines” successfully exhibited their fascinating designs through the S.2 Project Learning Showcase. S.1 and S.2 students visited different showrooms to vote for the most popular designs. To give more insight into the airline industry, the school team also invited air hostesses and past student studying aircraft engineering to share their experiences on the front line.

The S.2 Project Learning Showcase was concluded with a prize presentation ceremony. More than 10 winning and outstanding teams were awarded. The school leadership team and our honorable guests from Air Canada and HAECO were present to acknowledge the efforts of our students.

Hong Kong Joint School Music Association Competition 2018

After the senior music teams had finished their tough battles in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, our junior flute and saxophone ensemble also challenged themselves by enrolling into the JSMA Competition 2018. Our musicians never disappoint us and with their hard work and devotion, both the flute and saxophone ensembles got gold awards with high marks of 90 and 95 respectively. Continuation of legacy is an important element of a team's success, so let the legend of Good Hope Music be carried forward!

Congratulations to the two ensembles!

PESA National Conference 2018

The Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) National Conference 2018 was held in Melbourne, Australia, from 11 to 14 April. This year, the theme was ‘connect’. Ms. Jenny Lau and Miss Emma Lau, Values Education Team members, attended inspiring seminars hosted by Dr. Martin Seligman, Father of Positive Psychology, and other experts in the field, such as Dr. Helen Street and Dr. Lea Waters. They were also given the opportunity to exchange ideas with 700+ participants from Melbourne and other places around the world. Apart from attending masterclasses and presentations, our teachers also conducted a workshop, sharing with other educators how positive education was implemented at Good Hope School.

The Conference was eye-opening and thought-provoking. We look forward to launching more innovative ideas to promote wellbeing and boost our resilience in the next school year. Stay tuned!

18 May 2018 - Graduation Ceremony

On the 18th of May, we witnessed the graduation of our Form 6 students as they opened up a new chapter of their lives and stepped out into society as the young, elegant women leaders that our school proudly nurtured them to be. The words of encouragement from Dr. Winnie Tang and our principal Mrs. Green gave our S.6 graduates inspiration to unleash their potential and contribute to society. The melodious performances of the choir and the band were followed by the annual candle-lighting ceremony involving class prefects of all graduating classes, creating a heart-warming scene for the graduates to bid farewell to their school and beloved teachers. This was the perfect ending for the graduation ceremony.

On this memorable day, emotional farewells could be heard among students and teachers as graduates cherished their last moments of being a secondary school student. Yet, as the saying goes, “Once a Good Hoper, forever a Good Hoper.” No matter where they are and what they do, they will always be part of our Good Hope Family. We wish our graduates all the best as they embark on a new journey in life.

Band Exchange with Shunfeng Middle School

It is with great privilege that the Good Hope Symphonic Band hosted an exchange with the Symphonic Band from Shunfeng Middle School. On the 13th of April, over 50 students arrived at 9am to our school gate. 10 of our band members greeted them with equal excitement. We then proceeded to invite them on a campus tour, where we showed them our school grounds and activities on a normal school day. Our exchange ended off in a mini-concert held in St. Joseph’s Hall, where both teams featured melodic pieces that peaked the interest of our schoolmates who came to enjoy the show. Although our time spent together was short, all of us have undoubtedly created new blossoming friendships that will seem to last for an eternity.

Austrian-Chinese Arts Ambassador: LEE Cheuk-ka

In order to facilitate the ongoing exchange of arts, music and culture between students, artists and professionals in Hong Kong and Austria, the Austrian-Chinese Music and Culture Exchange Association (OCFMK) searches for students or young artists to act as role models and ambassadors, contributing to the sharing of the arts, music and culture of Hong Kong and China with Austrians and other Europeans, and vice-versa.

It is our pleasure to announce one of our students, Michelle Lee from S.5A, has been selected to be the first Austrian-Chinese Arts Ambassador representing Hong Kong. Her selection in this international music and culture exchange showcases her as an excellent role model, possessing a broad variety of music and cultural knowledge that she can now share with international students and artists. Congratulations!

Science Fiction Drawing Competition

This competition is an annual event organized by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association. Through drawing students can express their imaginative ideas about the future. It can also provide opportunity for them to display their artistic skill and scientific knowledge.

This year, our students have achieved excellent results. Phoebe Fong (2B) and Ankie Lau (2D) obtained the 2nd and the 3rd prize respectively while Amber Tang (2A) was the champion, awarded the 1st prize in the Hong Kong Secondary Section.

Let’s congratulate them for their success.

26 Apr 2018 - Science Fair

With the aid of student helpers and science teachers, the Science Fair - with the theme 'Kitchen Science' - was successfully held on 26 April. It aimed to teach schoolmates about science theories applied during the food-making process by giving an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and gain interactive and hands-on experience at various booths. Edible experiments featuring sherbet and coffee attracted hordes of enthusiastic students eager to create their own food concoctions. Overall, through the Science Fair, schoolmates were able to discover how closely related science is to our daily life, enriching our yield of knowledge in the field of science and food.

21-22 Apr 2018 - Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship

Last weekend, the Mock Trial Team competed against 25 other teams in the largest mock trial competition in Hong Kong. Over the course of 4 trials, each around 3 hours long, students acted as barristers and witnesses in a case involving card hacking and theft. After months of preparation, rehearsals after school and late-night script writing we finished in 8th place overall. We all enjoyed the experience and look forward to competing next year!

21 Apr 2018 - Pop-up Card Workshop

The theme of our STEAM curriculum this year is “Connect”: connecting people through the five elements of STEAM. To extend this idea to parents and to share the development and principles of STEAM with them, a Pop-Up Card Workshop was held on 21st April. Parents worked together with their daughters to make a personalized pop-up card, tailored to their particular purpose. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the chance to work together while learning about STEAM.

20 Apr 2018 - The Inter-house General Knowledge Contest

On the 20th of April, our school held the 5th Annual Inter-house General Knowledge Contest, in which the student representatives were tested on their knowledge of geography, history, liberal studies, Chinese history and economics. The Contest aims to help students learn outside of textbooks and increase their knowledge in a range of fields. This year, we were delighted to have students from the primary school join us in this meaningful event.
There were three rounds in total: question sets; questions about Good Hope School; and toss-up questions. During the second round, which involved a lot of audience participation, house members had to retrieve items listed on the screen before their primary sisters could then answer the questions. Everyone was involved and was very eager to support their houses.
The third round consisted of toss-up questions, where student representatives of each house had to press their buzzer to answer. During this thrilling round, members were on the edge of their seats hoping for the best of their house. In the end, Oak House won by a narrow margin. Overall, this was an amazing opportunity for students to learn new knowledge and to build kinship with their house.

11 Apr 2018 - Easter Mass

To mark the beginning of the new season after the Easter Holidays, our annual Easter Mass was held on the morning of April 11th. During the mass, Father Devos blessed us and reminded us that the meaning of Easter is to witness the resurrection of Jesus. He also shared with us the message of “rejoice and be glad”, reminding us to have hope and perseverance to overcome challenges with a positive mindset. We hope that this inspiring mass can fill us all with positivity and help bring out the best of us to contribute to society with empathetic hearts, and so live up to the message of Easter

30 Mar - 6 Apr 2018 - 中文科教師專業發展 Professional Development of the Chinese Panel


Over the Easter holiday, members of the Chinese panel travelled to Beijing to take part in an academic exchange on Classical Chinese teaching with our counterparts at Beijing No. 15 Middle School. During the visit, we observed and engaged in classes taught by core subject teachers at the school. In addition, we all participated in a Classical Chinese teaching workshop conducted by Li Jiasheng, a special-grade teacher. We also exchanged views regarding the education systems and language learning contexts of both mainland China and Hong Kong. The trip was an excellent opportunity to learn from the experience of our opposite numbers in Beijing and to enhance our teaching efficacy for the betterment of our students.

Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition

During the Christmas holiday, two students from the Campus TV Team participated in the Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition organised by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. The video 《霓虹之下》, produced by Rebecca Ku of 5B and Florence Yau of 4F, won a Merit Award in the competition. Congratulations!

22 Mar 2018 - Hunger Meal

The annual Hunger Meal was held on the 22nd of March. On this meaningful occasion, instead of a normal lunch, students were given a small bun to have a taste of famine. A volunteer speaker from UNICEF gave a talk about armed conflict and child refugees in the Third World. After this talk, we understand that it is truly a blessing to be living with protected human rights in a war-free zone.

21 Mar 2018 – “Stay Fruity, stay healthy”

Echo to the slogan, the Joyful Fruit Day was successfully held by the Green Club and Science Club on 21st March to encourage our teachers and students to develop good habit of eating fruit. Same as last year, Joyful Fruit Day was organized in the “Month of Happiness” to spread the message of joy and healthy diet. To kick-start the event, our S1 and S2 students were actively participated in the slogan and poster competitions. The most exciting activities included apple peeling and juice tasting competitions that boosted the atmosphere of Joyful Fruit Day to the peak. On that day, not only class representatives, but teachers were also invited to taste the juice on stage. Fruit Booth was set at the covered playground and students could choose the fruit they like to eat. All teachers and students enjoyed a very fruity and tasty lunch break on that day.

21 Mar 2018 – World’s Longest Span Bridge in LEGO bricks

On 10th March 2018, 10 students from our school were honored to be involved in building the World’s Longest Span Bridge in LEGO bricks, alongside students from 7 other secondary schools and young engineers. Our students took home the Best Team award and received book vouchers of $1000. The finished bridge - constructed from over 260,000 LEGO bricks - is on display in the Metal Zone at Elements Shopping Mall from 21 March to 22 April 2018 as part of the ICE bicentenary celebrations in 2018. Be sure to come and pay a visit to this Guinness World Record-setting bridge!

20 Mar 2018 – International Day of Happiness

To share the joy of the International Day of Happiness, a kaleidoscope-making session was held for all students. During the homeroom period in the afternoon, students got the chance to make a kaleidoscope with their classmates and class teachers. The process was so much fun!

What’s more, the best three kaleidoscopes will be shown in a kaleidoscope exhibition. Students can also bring their own kaleidoscope to the school’s theatrical production – “Kaleidoscope” – in June.

17 Mar 2018 – A Hopeful Day

In order to share happiness and hope with others, our S.1 students are operating game booths for several primary schools in March and April this year. The students have prepared a variety of interesting games and many lovely gifts for the pupils, as well as decorating their booths in a very attractive way. For the first visit on Saturday, 17th March, pupils from Price Memorial Catholic Primary School and Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic School (Primary Section) came to Good Hope and actively participated in playing the games. Our students had a chitchat session with the pupils and introduced our school to them, which seemed to delight the visitors. We believe that these experiences give our girls a better understanding of HOPE and SHARING, in line with our school theme this year: “Give hope through kindness”. We look forward to seeing pupils from other primary schools in April.

SCMP Student of the Year Awards 2017

The SCMP Student of the Year Awards 2017 Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 18th March, 2018. The awards recognize the achievements of senior-level students in nine different categories and hail the brightest young leaders of tomorrow. This year, our students have obtained very good results in 6 different categories.

I am delighted to share with you that Ariel Tam (5E) and Macy Chung (5F) were 1st runners-up of the Visual Artist and Community Contributor categories respectively, while Shirley Lai (6E) was one of the five winners of the Best Improvement Award.

Students shortlisted in other categories in the TOP 8 or TOP 12 among all the nominees were also invited to join the ceremony on Saturday. They are:

- 5F Charlotte Yang - Grand Prize

- 4F Anthea Ma - Linguist (Cantonese)

- 5B Chloe Chan - Sportsperson

- 5F Katie Lo - Community Contributor

Some of the shortlisted students from our school were interviewed by the Young Post. You can find out more at

15 Mar 2018 – Reading Festival

The Reading Festival was held on the 15th March. Game booths were set up by the Chinese, ERE, English, Science, ICT and PSHE panels in St. Joseph’s Hall for students to indulge in a wealth of knowledge. Meanwhile, in the library, exhilarating reading competitions were held, in which students’ knowledge of notable works of literature and bestsellers was challenged. Schoolmates also had the chance to earn stamps in exchange for a custom-made book pouch. We hope both teachers and students enjoyed the activities and grasped the joy of reading!

12-14 Mar 2018 – Inter-class Mathematics Competition

From 12th to 14th March, S.1-S.3 girls participated in the annual Inter-class Mathematics Competition. This year, the theme was ‘Dystopia’. Facing a ‘zombie apocalypse’, competitors deciphered challenging questions in the riddle section, then manipulated numbers in the game. It was surely one of the most remarkable activities of the year for the lower forms!

The Gender Equality Film Competition and Presentation in the United Nations Headquarters

During the Christmas holiday, three students from the CampusTV Team took part in the Gender Equality Film Competition organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Women, which aims to promote The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women and gender equality in society.

The video, Chained Change, produced by Mimmy Yeung (5B), Macy Tai (5F) and Yoey Pun (4D), won the First Runner-up prize in the competition. The three students have been invited to attend the United Nations Women’s Conference in New York, where their winning entry and the current situation of gender equality in Hong Kong will be presented.


9 Mar 2018 – Inter-school Athletics Competition Day 3, Finals

Friday 9th March was the concluding day of the Inter-School Athletics Competition at the Wan Chai Sports Ground. Our Good Hope athletes performed courageously under the proud gaze of their assembled schoolmates to achieve the following outstanding results:
















Congratulations on their brilliant efforts!

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6 Mar 2018 – Inter-school Athletics Competition Day 2

Good Hope Athletics Team continued to perform well on Day 2 of the Inter-School Athletics Competition, proudly representing the school across a range of events.

Our results on Day 2 are as follows:
















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28 Feb 2018 – Inter-school Athletics Competition Day 1

The Inter-school Athletics Competition (Day 1) took place at Wan Chai Sports Ground today. Overall, we are in third place. We are certain that our Good Hope Athletes will continue to do their best on days 2 and 3 (6th March and 9th March). Let's give them our full support! 

The results of Day 1 are as follows:
















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Live broadcast of Inter-school Athletics Championships

On 28th February, 6th March and 9th March, the Inter-school Athletics Championships will take place at Wan Chai Sports Ground. To show support to the Good Hope Athletics Team, our Campus TV Team is working conjunction with La Salle College Campus TV Team to broadcast the competition live! [You can follow all the action here:
Good luck to our Athletics Team!

13 Feb 2018 - Staff Development Day

Mrs. Christine Ma-Lau, Founder and Chairperson of the Character Education Foundation, was invited to conduct a teachers’ workshop on ‘Leveraging Character Strengths Personally, Relationally and in the Classroom’ on 13 February.

Self-reflection questions and discussions were organized to help participants understand how they could enhance their character strengths in their daily lives, build positive relationships and instill them into students during lessons.

Teachers found the workshop very useful and it has inspired them to reflect on the importance of values and character strengths in education.

In the afternoon, teachers could choose from a number of different interest groups to boost their wellbeing, including painting, sports, fitness, cooking and calligraphy. They were totally engaged in these fun activities, which were also good opportunities to bond with their colleagues.

10 Feb 2018 – UNESCO Hong Kong Association 6 th  Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration

On the 10 th of February, ten S.1 to S.4 students took part in the 6th Peacemakers Cultural Celebration and ran a booth with the theme of Gender Equality in Romania. This was alongside over 10 booths from other schools who were responsible for global issues faced by different countries in the activity.

The booth mainly focused on the current situation of gender inequality in Romania and what has been done to help eradicate this problem. Our schoolmates learned about the condition of gender inequality through doing research and preparing the booth. Not only did the students have a fascinating time, visitors of the booth were intrigued by the colourful traditional Romanian decorations and books.

It’s not what the world can do for you, it’s what you can do for the world. The Peacemakers Cultural Celebration provided a chance for all of us to know more about issues happening around the world and to realise that we should be grateful for what we have.

12 Feb 2018 - Chinese New Year Mass and Celebration

As the year of the dog was arriving, the annual Chinese New Year Mass and celebration were held to welcome in the new and give thanks for our blessed past. Through the mass, students learned seven ways to ‘give hope through kindness’, shared by the priest.

Afterwards, the celebration began with a breath-taking lion dance performance by our schoolmates, drawing bright smiles on everyone’s faces as candies flew around the hall. Teachers and students were invited onto the stage to play games related to the Chinese New Year. They had to snatch the ‘lucky cat’ at lightning speed to get a chance to answer the quiz questions. It was exhilarating both on stage and in the audience! A group of brave teachers and students then performed some carefully–choreographed dance moves in front of the whole school, marking the end of this joyous event.

Next, the classroom cleaning campaign commenced. Each class was designated a location in the school to clean. Students worked relentlessly to polish our campus. Having swept away our bad luck and bid farewell to the past, we hope that the New Year will be a great one for everybody. Happy Chinese New Year!

31 Jan-3 Feb 2018 – S.1-S.4 Form Learning Tours 

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” according to the wisdom of Robert Louis Stevenson. From 31/1 to 3/2, our S.1-S.4 schoolmates trekked to different places to explore the world with their own eyes.

Students in S.1 went on a pilgrimage to Macau; those in S.2 visited a number of museums in Zhongshan and Dongguan, where they learned more about our country’s history; and our S.3 students set off on a cultural trip to Guangzhou, where they visited multiple historical sites and museums. The S.4 students visited Taipei to learn about how local environmental conservation efforts are undertaken by both manpower and technology.  

Learning outside the classroom helps equip students with soft skills such as self-management and team-working skills. All of our schoolmates had a spectacular time in these four days and valuable memories and were imprinted on their minds!

1 to 2 Feb 2018 – Visit to Esquel Group, one of the world’s largest shirt maker

Fourteen S.5 BAFS students visited Guangdong Esquel Textiles Co. Ltd., the manufacturing hub of Esquel Group in Southern China. As a global textile and apparel manufacturer with a vertically integrated supply chain, Esquel’s operations include cotton farming, spinning, weaving, knitting, apparel making, accessories and packaging, as well as retail and direct distribution in the Mainland, Hong Kong and world markets.

Through visiting a number of Esquel’s factories and research centres, we learned about the advancement of the textile and apparel industry, including the high degree of automation and quality control in the production process, and the research progress of smart fabric. In addition, we were able to witness how Esquel fulfils its corporate social responsibility by operating its own water treatment plant, turning harmful textile wastewater into clear and safe water systematically using hi-tech yet natural methods so as to minimise environmental pollution caused by its production.

The visit showed us how Esquel upholds its 5E principles – Ethics, Excellence, Environment, Exploration, Education – and the reasons why it has become one of the world’s largest woven shirt maker with over 50,000 employees, making more than 100 million shirts annually.

25 Jan 2018 - We’re the PEAs!

Eight Positive Education Ambassadors just took up their new roles in 2018. They will help to pass on positive energy and spread happiness to everyone at the school.

During the morning assembly on 25 January, 4 of the representatives introduced themselves to the whole school and shared how positive education is practised at GHS. They also encouraged all students to join the Positive Education Logo Design Competition. The winning logo will be printed on all positive education learning materials and products.

Everyone then started the day with a positive mindset!

16-18 Jan 2018 - Book Fair

“Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.” Mason Cooley once said. To further encourage the reading habit within the campus, a three-day book fair was held from 16th to 18th January. Schoolmates flocked to the book displays as they were enthralled with the diverse genres of books. Enthusiastic staff were also on hand to promote good reads for the enchanted readers. While flipping through the pages, schoolmates enjoyed a restful time immersing themselves in the beauty of tales and knowledge. The contented smiles hanging on their faces proved the blissfulness reading had brought about. Special thanks should be given to the dedicated staff who for the smooth running of the book fair!

8 Jan 2018 - Positive Education Presentation at La Salle College

On 8 January, the Values Education Team delivered a presentation on “Nurturing Students’ Character Strengths Through Other Learning Experiences” to more than 20 teachers from different schools at La Salle College.

The presentation focused mainly on the core values of Good Hope School and how students’ character strengths are nurtured through different activities and special events in our school. Apart from the presentation, everyone did some stretching exercises and practised the PET dance. Participants enjoyed the activities very much.

We will continue to spread positive vibes to those around us.

8-9 Jan 2018 - Annual Sports Day

The annual Sports Day was successfully held on the 8th and 9th January at Wan Chai Sports Ground in the chill of winter. Although the weather was frigid, hardly did it put a damper on the event as our schoolmates displayed their unwavering sportsmanship as well as enthusiasm for sports. A big round of applause to athletes who endeavoured to surpass their personal best records. The sports ground reverberated with clamorous cheering and rapturous chanting. The highlight of the two days was the Run to Tokyo event, in which schoolmates ran 800m in support of the upcoming Olympic Games, which will be held in Tokyo in 2020. Our Guest of Honour, Ms Cheung stated, “One day we will see the finishing line and cross it.” It was our tremendous pleasure to see each and every student participating in the events joyously.
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5-7 Jan 2018 - Harvard Model Congress Asia

Sixteen students from forms 4 and 5 had a rewarding experience at HKU participating in Harvard Model Congress Asia. Run by students from Harvard University, students took part in committees such as the U.S. Presidential Cabinet and UN Security Council. This was a great opportunity to practice public debating skills and interact with students from across Asia.

5 Jan 2018 - Positive Education Workshop - Teachers' Wellbeing

On 5 January, our teachers spent a joyful afternoon after school attending a workshop on ‘Teachers’ Wellbeing’. During the one-hour session, they could enjoy some snacks while chatting with one another on how they spent their Christmas holidays.

The workshop focused mainly on the importance of mindfulness and good health. Apart from practising mindfulness, teachers also did some stretching exercise. The climax was when everyone took part in the PET dance which really added spice to the whole event. There was so much fun and laughter in St Joseph’s Hall.

Our dedicated teachers work hard and for long hours. The workshop provided them with strategies to take a break and recharge their batteries. In the coming year, let’s wish all of them good health.

4 Jan 2018 - New Year Resolutions

As the New Year has just begun, it is time to make plans and develop good habits so as to flourish.

On 4 January, our 4 Student Leaders welcomed the New Year together with all teachers and students by announcing their resolutions during the morning assembly. Each of them shared with us their goals for the year.

Through their presentation, we were reminded how we could lead a happy and positive life. We can always feel thankful, take part in community service, be proactive, maintain a healthy diet and develop dedication to a hobby.

Have you come up with your New Year resolutions yet? We can always start with a small change. Initial success will encourage us to move forward. Let’s work together for a better and healthier self in 2018.

3 Jan 2018 - CB & PB Camp

Our Prefect Board and Central Board members rose early in the morning and arrived at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village for our annual leadership training camp, which was co-organized by the two boards. After some exciting ice-breaking games, we completed a variety of tasks at different checkpoints around the campsite, learning how to communicate and facilitate the division of labour effectively. After lunch came the mass game session. From being one of the pieces in Chinese chess to experiencing the prisoner’s dilemma, campers understood the importance of teamwork and identifying their goals clearly before carrying out certain tasks. Not only did the camp strengthen the bond between the two boards, but also brought participants a step closer to being outstanding future women leaders!

1-2 Jan 2018 - New Year Concert

Passing down a tradition among Good Hope musicians, our Annual New Year Concert once again successfully took place at the start of the New Year. The French theme “Mélomanie” conveyed the burning passion for music deep in our musicians’ hearts. Talented instrumental musicians and choristers from the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary sections, as well as alumni, doubtlessly impressed the audience with their marvellously uplifting performances. A big round of applause to all musicians and those who spared no effort in ensuring the smooth flow of the programmes on both days. What a wonderful way to kick-start the New Year!
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22 Dec 2017 - Christmas Mass & Celebration

Christmas is an exhilarating festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time of joy, love and thanksgiving. On 22nd, December, Good Hopers gathered for the Christmas Mass, reflecting upon the significant meaning of Christmas. The joyous atmosphere was extended by the highly-anticipated choir and drama performances, as well as “Frosty Voicey Christmas”, a masked singing contest hosted by the Central Board. Both the contestants and the audience were over the moon. The highlight of the day was the Christmas Party. Laughter filled the corridors as schoolmates played thrilling mass games, had scrumptious Christmas treats and took numerous pictures with their peers. Everyone was definitely having a whale of a time. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Learning and Teaching Expo 2017

The Learning and Teaching Expo 2017 was held from 13 to 15 December at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This paramount education event provides a useful platform for school leaders, teachers and educators in Asia to share their innovative educational resources, including the latest in Information Technology and teaching methodology.

This year, our school’s Values Education Team delivered a presentation on ‘How to Practise Positive Education Using a Whole-school Approach’. We received very encouraging feedback from the audience.

In the coming years, we will continue to focus on the wellbeing of our students and staff to enable everyone to flourish.

15 Dec 2017 - Visit of the Jiangmen delegates

On Friday 15th December, the school was honoured to receive 29 delegates from the Jiangmen Bureau of Education. Teachers from Good Hope were given the opportunity to present various aspects of our education philosophy to the visitors, who replied in kind. A group sharing session then allowed for a more informal discussion of the similarities and differences in teaching and learning. Finally, our guests were treated to a tour of the campus and school facilities. Everyone involved enjoyed the chance to gain a new perspective on their mission while making useful connections for the future.

07 Dec 2017 - The Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception Bible Service

The Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception was celebrated on 7th December during the morning assembly. It is one of the most important Marian feasts celebrated in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. This feast day is also the feast of our MIC sisters who give special honour to Mary and who have been named after her: MIC - The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. The sisters regard Mother Mary as their role model in their missionary work.

Following the Bible Service was an exciting inter-class Kahoot competition. Each class sent a representative to answer questions about Mother Mary. Everyone enjoyed the game so much!

30 Nov 2017 - Advent Bible Service

Advent is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The first week of Advent at our school commenced with a bible service. Schoolmates prayed for the church, the school and their loved ones while the choir members sang beautiful songs of praise to hail the return of Jesus. Our principal, Mrs Green lighted the first candle in the Advent Wreath: Forgiveness. May God bless all of us to anticipate and celebrate his arrival with a faithful and joyous heart.

27 Nov 2017 - Class of 1967 Golden Jubilee Reunion cum The Four Generations Assembly

On the morning of 27 November, the school campus was filled with joy and laughter. Twenty-four alumnae from the Class of 1967 - some accompanied by their spouses - came back to school to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation. Some had purposely flown back from the United States and Canada for this memorable occasion.

Upon arrival, our special guests took a few group photos at the main entrance. Many of them had even attached their student photos taken 50 years ago to their name tags. It was amazing to find that they hadn’t changed much.

Touring around the campus, our Big Sisters were impressed that the school is equipped with a lot of advanced teaching facilities and technology. At around 10.15 am, everyone started to head towards the primary school hall where the Four Generations Assembly was to take place.

This special event aimed to celebrate the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the Class of 1967, as well as strengthening the bond among the 3 sections at Good Hope. It was so impressive to see students from the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary sections alongside our alumnae on stage as one. The assembly unfolded with a heart-warming sharing by Angie, Amelie and Ashley Lau, adorable sisters studying in each of the three sections. They gave us an overview of their fruitful school lives

Ms. June Teng, the Class Prefect of 1966-1967 and organizer of the reunion, then delivered a speech to thank the MIC Sisters for nurturing them. She stressed the importance of cherishing precious memories and close bonds with our dearest companions at Good Hope. She also shared with all Good Hopers the life-long friendships that she and her schoolmates made at Good Hope. Speeches from our Principal Mrs Green and Supervisor Sr. Pauline, herself an alumna, echoed the school's core values of “love”, “hope”, “joy” and “thanksgiving.

To support the redevelopment of Delia’s Wing, our Big Sisters have donated $140,000 to the Seat Dedication Scheme of the Grand Auditorium. We are really thankful for their generosity.

School is our second home. We’re so happy that our Big Sisters came back for their Golden Jubilee reunion after having been away for so many years. Our Big Sisters are great role models for us to learn from. Before the assembly ended, all of us joined together to sing the school song, which symbolises the unity and close bonding among the generations. It was such a touching moment.

Once a Good Hoper, forever a Good Hoper!
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Z Club of the Year Award

The annual Zonta Z Club Installation Ceremony was held at Dalton School on 18 November.Members and Teacher Advisors from Good Hope School, Hong Kong International School, St Mary’s Canossian College, St Paul’s Covent School, St Stephen’s Girls’ College and True Light Girls’ College attended the event.

To recognize the outstanding achievements of member schools, the Zonta Club of Hong Kong selected winners of the Best Project Award, the Outstanding Social Service Award, and the Z Club of the Year Award.

On this special occasion, the GHS Zonta Z Club was so delighted to have won the Z Club of the Year Award after their excellent work paid off, promoting gender equality through a wide range of activities in and outside school. All the club members are more than thankful for the tremendous support given by the Mother Z Club and the Z Clubs of other schools throughout the year.

Positive Schools Conference Asia 2017

The Positive Schools Conference Asia 2017 attracted almost 400 dedicated educators and school leaders interested in students’ wellbeing, including representatives from Australia and those from international and local schools in Hong Kong. The event was held from 16 to 17 November at Renaissance College.

In addition to attending the event, our school’s Values Education Team delivered a presentation on ‘Positive Education at Good Hope School’. There was also a display board introducing activities and events that help students to build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, further strengthen their relationships and lead a healthy lifestyle.

15-16 Nov 2017 - Internal Speech Festival

As the 69 th Hong Kong Speech Festival is just around the corner, the Internal Speech festival was held to help student better prepare themselves for their upcoming competitions. During this two-day contest, schoolmates were given a platform to demonstrate their passion and talents for English. They also enjoyed a precious opportunity to learn from good role models around them and to reflect on their own performances. Special thanks should be given to all teacher judges who provided valuable comments for improvement. Well done competitors, and good luck to all of you!

Media 21 Annual Campus Video Competition

During the busy month of September, seven of our schoolmates – Florence Yau from 4F, Erica Kwan from 4D, Kimberly Tam from 4E, Claudia Lam from 4F, Tammy Tam from 5F, Sally Hui from 5F and Micaela Leung from 4F – formed a team and took part in the Media 21 Annual Campus Video Competition (M21年度校園影片大賽). Their video was awarded with the prize of Outstanding Drama Group. Congratulations to these schoolmates!

Canon Photo Marathon 2017

Among all 7000-8000 pieces of work, Sharpay Tsang of 5E received a merit award at the Canon Photo Marathon 2017 held on October 8th. This is the first time the Campus TV Team has taken part in this event. Congratulations!

The 10th Wong Tai Sin District Outstanding Students Election

Congratulations to Winsome Chan (6F) and Anthea Ma (4F) in the election! With their well-rounded backgrounds and impressive performances in the interviews, Winsome was awarded ‘Excellent Student (Senior Section)’ and Anthea ‘Outstanding Student (Junior Section)’ and the ‘Physical and Aesthetic Award’. Anthea was also chosen to join the regional election to become one of the Distinguished Students in the 9th Kowloon Regional Outstanding Students Award.

29 Oct 2017 - Those Were the Days …

Following the great success of Starry Night, the PSA continued by organising another memorable occasion: 與那些年 Party, Happy Together on 29 October 2017. The event offered past students and friends of Good Hope another precious opportunity to reminisce about happy moments during the good old days at GHS.

Guests started arriving around 6 o’ clock in outfits featuring styles from the 50s to the 80s. Everyone was so delighted to see their long lost friends. A group of young mother Hopers also brought along their daughters who are now studying at our kindergarten. The restaurant was filled with joy and laughter. Highlights included song dedications, an auction, souvenir sales, plus band and singing performances.

Apart from getting together with schoolmates, teachers and friends of Good Hope, another goal of the event was to support the redevelopment of Delia’s Wing. We’re so thrilled that the net proceeds amounted to $882,638. The establishment of the new infrastructure will be a great benefit to current students and Hopers-to-be with its state-of-the-art technology and well-equipped facilities.

Thanks should be given to the Organising Committee as well as everyone who has helped to make the impossible dream possible.

18 & 27 Oct 2017 - Inter-school Swimming Competition

Our Good Hope swimmers participated in the Inter-school Swimming Competition and attained outstanding results. Schoolmates enthusiastically cheered for our School’s swimming team members who did their utmost in each and every race. Overall, the Good Hope Swimming Team placed second runner-up. Well done everyone!

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Economics Analysis Competition

The Economics Analysis Competition (語出經人-經濟分析比賽), organized by the Hong Kong Association for Economics Education and EconSchool, was held on 14 October 2017. During the summer holiday, 4 of our schoolmates - Tiana Tsang from 6A; Ruby Leung, Clarissa Wong and Priscilla Yeung from 6D - formed a team to submit a report on the topic ‘whether the People’s Republic of China should issue currency with larger face value’. They successfully reached the final out of 101 teams. After a challenging presentation and Q&A session, the team came second in the competition. Congratulations!

21 Oct 2017 – The One Family Walkathon

The One Family Walkathon was successfully held on 21 st October at Tai Po Waterfront Park. This year,we were delighted to have Mr. John Tsang GBM JP, Dr. Joseph Lee GBS JP, Ms. Sandra Lee and Ms.Helen Kong joining us at the opening ceremony.The Walkathon was held to raise funds for the revitalization of Delia’s Wing. It provided us with a greatplatform to bond with our little sisters from the Primary and Kindergarten sections. With wonderful weather conditions, everything ran smoothly. It was fantastic to see the smiling faces of our schoolmates at this joyful event!

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11 Oct 2017 — CB and PB Pinning Ceremony

The pinning ceremony of the Central Board and Prefect Board was successfully held on 11th October. Congratulations to our new Head Girl Bonnie Cheung, Assistant Head Girl Audrey Ng, Head Prefect Phoebe Chan and Assistant Head Prefect Patrina Wong. The newly-appointed leaders made their ceremonial speeches and were officially sworn in. They expressed their dedication to serve the school and promised to serve the Student Body wholeheartedly. We look forward to working with our new leaders in the coming school year.

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The 30th Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students Selection

After several rounds of interviews among hundreds of competent applicants, Priscilla Yeung of S.6D was selected as one of the Top Ten outstanding students in the 30th Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students Award.

Organized by JCI Yuen Long and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union, the Award has been one of the most long-standing and renowned recognitions of secondary school students in Hong Kong since 1988. The Award recognizes senior secondary school students with development balanced among academic performance, extra-curricular activities, leadership, community service, and self-awareness.

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme (HKSES)

Arlene Lo (Graduate of 2017) was awarded as part of the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme. Arlene faced keen and rigorous competition in the past few months. Apart from academic achievements, selection was also based on non-academic attributes such as leadership potential, as well as the applicants’ commitment and contribution to Hong Kong. Among 856 students vying for the honour, Arlene successfully impressed the judging panel and proved her worth, proudly receiving her award from the Chief Executive, Ms. Carrie Lam.

19 & 21 Sept 2017 – Central Board Platform 2017-2018

The Central Board Platform was held successfully on the 19th & 21st of September. A total of 18 candidates were determined to exhibit their passion and devotion to serve the school in the following 4 key categories: Activities, Administration, Promotion and Religious Activities.

During the Platform, the candidates enthusiastically completed various challenging tasks, showcasing their abilities, talents and creativity as future women leaders. The Student Body then exercised its democratic rights by casting votes wisely and rationally in accordance with the belief, “Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students.” We hope that the newly- elected student leaders will add vibrant colours to our school life.

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20 Sept 2017 - Annual Swimming Gala

The Annual Swimming Gala is the first Inter-House activity in the year, providing a golden opportunity for students and their housemates to build strong bonds with each other. Not only did our P.6 little sisters to participate in this exciting event with us, but also talented swimmers from several secondary schools as well as exchange students from the Netherlands. The swimming pool reverberated with exhilarating cheering and chants of support. All the competitors tried their best with enthusiastic backing from both their housemates and classmates.

During the closing ceremony, our Guest of Honor, Mr. Dickson Tam, delivered an inspiring speech that told us about the importance of perseverance based on his own experiences as an athlete. The results of the Swimming Gala were then announced, with 4 new records broken. This year, Redwood House was crowned the Cheering Award champion and Hazel House was declared the Overall Champion. Congratulations!

Through this event, schoolmates could build a deeper connection with their housemates and experience the significance of sportsmanship. See you all at the pool next year!
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16 Sept 2017 Youth Conference

Four groups of students took part in a Youth Conference organized by Plan International, a development and humanitarian organisation that advances children's rights and equality for girls. Students attended workshops in the summer and conducted research on Sanitation and Hygiene in Malawi, City Safety in India, Child Marriage in Niger, and Conflict and Famine in South Sudan. We are delighted that Sainju Asra (4F) won the Best Speaker Award. The most rewarding part of this programme was that students were able to reflect on issues threatening girls in developing countries through their self-directed projects.

13-23 Sept 2017 - International Festival

Our first ever International Festival is currently underway, lasting from 13th to 23rd September. Through the organisation of cultural exchange activities like the Education Symposium and Cultural Night, we hope to promote an in-depth exchange of ideas and culture with our sister schools from Shanghai, China; Sydney, Australia; and Gulpen, The Netherlands; as well as our local sister school Tak Oi Secondary School and La Salle College, our partnering school for the Netherlands programme.


8-9 Sept 2017, 15-16 Sept 2017 – S1 Orientation Camp

Recently, our S1 students have been enjoying and benefiting from an Orientation Camp in Sai Kung. They took part in adventure training, including group games, a blind walk and “mini society”. Debriefings were conducted by experienced trainers after the activities.

Through these activities, students learnt how to communicate effectively with their classmates. They now have a better understanding of their classmates and the meaning of team work. They were also immersed in lots of fun. The camps were definitely an unforgettable way for the girls to spend their weekend.





1 Sept 2017 - Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Amy Wong Award Presentation

Welcome back everyone! After a relaxing summer, students were very excited to return to school, arriving at the primary hall in the early morning to attend the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Students and teachers prayed sincerely for a great new school year.

After the Mass, past student Amy Wong took to the stage to present the Amy Wong High Achiever Award and the Most Improved Award. Lydia Mak, who achieved seven 5** and one 5* in the HKDSE, was given the Amy Wong High Achiever Award, in recognition of her excellent results in the public exam. Jessica Wan was also honoured with the Most Improved Award, as a reward for her efforts. Congratulations Lydia and Jessica!

This year, the school theme is "Give Hope through Kindness". Good Hopers were reminded to bring hope to one another and build a harmonious learning environment. Schoolmates: let's start to paint our school lives with hope in this new school year!
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The 2nd 3D stop motion animation design competition

Best Shooting Award

EDB Business-School Partnership Programme

Outstanding Activities Report Award

2017 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - Science in English

High Distinction





The 12th Inter-Gavel Club and Youth Leadership Programme English Public Speaking Contest 2017

First Place

English Public Speaking Contest with C&MA Sun Kei Secondary School

First Place

Make Our Seas Come BLUE Eco-arts Parade

Group 3&4
Group 1&2

Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2017





HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest

Third Place Award

Hong Kong Flower Show 2017- Student drawing Competition

Second Runner Up

Pinkart Gallery – Students’ Visual Arts Drawing and Painting Competition 2017

Overall Champion



69th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First Place
Second Place
Third Place





18th International Meeting of Juvenile Art 2017

Second Place

The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection

Top ten outstanding students

The 15th CILTHK Essay Competition

First runner up

Canon Photo Marathon 2017

Merit award

Media 21 Annual Campus Video Competition

Outstanding Drama Group

Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2016/17


International Junior Science Olympiad 2017 Hong Kong Screening

2nd Class Honour
3rd Class Honour

Xu Beihong Cup International Arts Competition 2017

First Class Award



Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

HKSSF Table Tennis Competition (Division One) Girls A Grade