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22 Feb 2017 – Inter-school Athletics Competition Day 1


The Inter-school Athletics Competition (Day 1) took place at Wan Chai Sports Ground today. Overall, we are in first place. We are certain that our Good Hope Athletes will continue to do their best on days 2 and 3 (27th February and 3rd March). Let's give them our full support! 

The results of Day 1 are as follows:


Grade A B C Overall
Marks 39
45 24
Rank 2


Live broadcast of Inter-school Athletics Championships

On 22nd and 27th February, and 3rd March, the Inter-school Athletics Championships will take place at Wan Chai Sports Ground. To show support to the Good Hope Athletics Team, our Campus TV Team is working conjunction with La Salle College Campus TV Team to broadcast the competition live! [You can follow all the action here: ]
Good luck to our Athletics Team!

6 & 7 Feb 2017 – Visit to Cathay City

Three groups of S.4 and S.5 BAFS students visited Cathay City, the headquarters of Cathay Pacific Airways, in Chek Lap Kok. Ms Wendy Tam, the Assistant People Manager of the Human Resources Department, introduced the company’s background and its career opportunities. Then, she then took us on a tour of the training and welfare facilities on different levels of Cathay City, including the mock-up check-in counters for training ground staff, the mock-up cabin for training flight attendants, the B777 flight simulator for training pilots, and the rooftop organic farm for staff recreation. In the Cabin Crew Operations Department, we saw cabin crew members reporting for work and the captain giving a briefing for all pilots before the crew boarded their flight. Through the Q&A session, in which Ms Tam answered our questions patiently, we learnt a lot more about the marketing strategies and human resources management practices of this listed company. It was truly a precious opportunity for us to see how an airline business is operated in real life.

24 Jan 2017 – Staff Development Day

Professor Magdalena Mok from the Education University of Hong Kong was invited to Good Hope School to conduct a talk on Assessment for Learning.

The talk started off with an introduction on theories about assessment for learning, followed by how these theories can be put into action. At the end, examples of good practices locally and worldwide were shared.

After the talk, teachers could understand a variety of assessment types and how they can be used as tools to facilitate teaching and learning.

23 Jan 2017 – Chinese New Year Mass and Celebration

As the Chinese New Year approached, the school held its annual Chinese New Year Mass and celebration to welcome in The Year of the Rooster. Students were reminded by the priest to take the opportunity to become a new person and to set new goals for ourselves. The celebration began with a lively lion dance performance by our schoolmates, pumping us all up and getting us ready for the exciting games. Teachers and students were invited onto the stage to play games and answer questions related to the Chinese New Year. One game challenged competitors to identify Chinese New Year festive foods blindfolded! Some teachers even danced in front of the whole school, making everyone roar with laughter. What a joyous time we shared! Then, the classroom cleaning campaign started. Everyone was designated a corner of their classroom to clean and wipe and we worked hard to make our classrooms dust-free. Having swept away all our bad luck and bade farewell to the old year, we hope that the New Year will be a great one for everybody. Happy Chinese New Year!

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23 Jan 2017 – Teachers’ Workshop on Positive Emotions

The Positive Education Laboratory (PEL) at the Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong has designed an eight-session curriculum for the Positive Education Programme for five of our S.1-S.2 classes during the 2nd term.

On 23 January, the PEL hosted a training session for all teachers on how to help students develop positive emotions so that they could lead a flourishing life. The workshop started off with an introduction on positive emotions and the strategies to build, express and sustain them, followed by an explanation of the ten types of positive emotions.

Through different activities, participants also had a chance to learn about the 5 languages of love and ways to express gratitude.

After the workshop, teachers could understand more about positive emotions and how to apply these frameworks in their classrooms.

20 Jan 2017 – S.6 Farewell Ceremony

On the 20th January, our form 6 schoolmates bade Good Hope farewell. Over the past 6 years, they have equipped themselves with skills and knowledge from our diligent teachers, and now it's time for them to say goodbye, take study leave and thrive in the DSE. Our DSE fighters will keep the good old memories deep down in their hearts, using them as a motivation to get them through the tough DSE exams and the ups and downs of life they are likely to encounter once they have entered society. Good luck for the DSE, S.6 schoolmates!

12 Jan 2017 – 3rd Positive Education Workshop

According to research, miscommunication is one of the main causes of human conflicts. The 3rd Positive Education Workshop focused on how to build positive interpersonal relationships to resolve this problem. By adopting the strategies suggested in the workshop, our teachers are now empowered to help their students be assertive (rather than aggressive or passive) when they want to stop their friends treating them in an unpleasant way or forgive those who have done something inappropriate or wrong to them.

During the workshop, participants were introduced to an effective communication style and taught how to let go of negative emotions that irritate us. A mixture of practical demonstration and hands-on experience was used to show how to let go of grudges and move on.

The workshop also helped to prepare everyone for the coming of Lent. Forgiveness is a gift that will grant us inner peace. It is an act of strength and encouragement. By forgiving others, we will be forgiven as well.

The workshop ended with a hugging session. Participants embraced one another, saying, ‘I feel good because I forgive and forget’. This was the most important lesson we had learnt.

9 Jan 2017 - The Opening of the Legal Year Service

Each year, the school choir is invited to perform at the Opening of the Legal Year Service, this year being no exception. The Service gathers together members of the legal profession in Hong Kong to ask for God's guidance, and that He grant them wisdom and justice for their work in the coming legal year. The Senior Choir conferred their blessings on Hong Kong's legal profession by singing two lyrical yet dramatic pieces, namely Omnia Sol and I Will Lift Up my Eyes, both composed by the renowned Z. Randall Stroope. The mesmerising acoustics at St. John's Cathedral were seen to add a noticeable spark to the choir's performance.

Our belief is that singing is praying twice. We are therefore grateful to have the chance to spread blessings from God through our music.

3 Jan 2017 – Be a leader, not a follower (CB & PB Camp)

Our school prefects and Central Board members rose early in the morning on 3rd January for the leadership camp – a new start in their leadership development to match the start of the New Year. The first activity was campus tracing, where the participants’ physical strength was tested. They had to complete a variety of highly difficult tasks, teaching our leaders how to formulate strategies. They were able to enhance their communication skills and their methods of interaction with others. After lunch, campers had to put together clues to complete a mission, while acquiring listening skills and practicing effective division of labour. During the camp, campers were able to assure themselves of their strengths and reflect on their weaknesses. For all participants, the camp was the latest step on the journey towards becoming future women leaders!

1 Jan 2017 – New Year Concert

Our school kick-started 2017 with the annual New Year Concert, where the secondary, primary and kindergarten sections sang together in harmony. The concert was held in the Holy Spirit Hall of the primary section, aiming to raise money for the revitalization of Delia's Wing. The mesmerizing music created a joyous atmosphere in the hall, perfect for the start of the year. "Click clack" - the step dance performed by the secondary senior choir reminded us to stay lively and rhythmic after a year's hard work. Happy New Year and live 2017 to the fullest!

17 Dec 2016 – PTA: Delia’s Wing Fundraising Dinner

With the joint efforts of the GHSPTA and GHPScK (PS) PTA, the Delia’s Wing Fundraising Dinner was held successfully on 17th December 2016. Parents and their family members from our kindergarten, primary and secondary sections were very supportive of the event: within a week, all tickets had been sold out.

Before dinner, guests were attracted by the rich array of souvenirs at the sales counter - including Delia’s Wing postcards, folders, tumblers, GHS dolls and red packets - as wonderful performances by students from all 3 sections and a past student garnered enthusiastic rounds of applause from the audience. Special thanks must be given to parents who donated stand firm cups, piano figurines, clothes and iPhone cases for sale or as table prizes, as well as the parent who sponsored the balloon decorations in the Covered Playground and Our Lady’s Hall, which created such a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

Mrs. Laura Green, our Principal, then showcased the infrastructure of the new Delia’s Wing to the assembled parents and informed them how they could support the ‘InterMission: Delia’s Wing Revitalised’ Campaign to benefit the learning of their daughters.

Some of the parents in attendance were past students of the School. It was really such a touching scene to see them supporting the School with their daughters, who are now studying in one of the 3 sections. In addition, the parent-daughter Masters and Mistresses of Ceremony formed 3 perfectly-matched pairs who brought a lot of happiness to the guests.

All the hard work paid off. The Delia’s Wing Fundraising Dinner raised a net total of $859,287.

Our heartfelt gratitude must go to the GHSPTA and GHPScK (PS) PTA, as well as the parents who gave their full support to this meaningful event. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


2016 International Physics Olympiad in Zurich

Silver Medal

The Student of the Year Awards

First runner-up

EMI Drama Fest 2016

The Award for Outstanding Directing
The Award for Outstanding Spoken English
The Award for Outstanding Overall Performance

Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad (HKMO)

Regional Winner in Kowloon Region 1 section

2015/16 Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem Solving Competition


愛鄰舍 We Concern Others 社區友愛文件夾封面設計比賽


Mathematics Competitions

Second Class Award

67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First with Honours

HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest 2016

Second Place Winner

Youth Leadership Programme Prepared and Table Topics Speech Contest






中學生視覺藝術創作展 2015/16


Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2015

High Distinction



True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest 2015

Second runner-up

The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2016 - Hong Kong Screening

Third Class Honours

Share the Stage with the HK Phil

Harp Performer

Future Star of Technology: Students Open Forum

Grand Prize

BE BORN- International Asian Children Art Drawing Competition

Gold Award in Group 9-12

Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award

Champion and Most Popular Booth Award

All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Table Tennis Tournament 2015-2016, Girls Doubles


8th Asian Age Group Championships 2015

Silver Medal in 50m Breast Stroke

FINA/airweave Would Swimming Competition

Bronze Medal in 50m Breast Stroke

Invitation relay


Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command (H&K) Inter-divisional competition for Nursing Cadet Divisions

1st Runner-Up in Home Nursing,Winner of Footdrill Competition & Overall Champion