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15 Nov 2015 - Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras (AIP) is one of the city’s largest annual community arts events, held on 15th of November this year. Following the theme of ‘classical music’, our S.4 art students design a set of costumes relevant to the famous musical piece, Scheherazade. They paraded along the crowded busy street in Causeway Bay in glittering gold and with the dazzling colour of the Arabian nights. Together with music, the streets were filled with fun, laughter, and the vibrant colours of the performers.


The Adventure-Ship


After the pinning ceremony, our student leaders headed off to board the ‘Adventure-Ship’: for leadership training held on a ship! Out on the waters, students took part in mini-games, cooked their own meals, and even dived in the sea from 7 meters high. While developing strong team spirit, students gained much courage that will prepare them for the leadership challenges ahead. Though tiring, the exhilarating two-day-one-night journey was certainly the experience of a lifetime.


12 Nov 2015 - "We Are One Family" Assembly


The “We are One Family” Assembly was successfully held on the 12th November. Students from the Primary and Kindergarten sections, as well as past students, came to join us on this warm occasion. It was a valuable chance to enhance the spirit of Good Hope and the bonding between Good Hopers. The assembly ended with a song presentation, performed by students from the different sections, symbolizing the unity of the Good Hope family.


9 & 10 Nov 2015 - Internal Speech Festival


The Good Hope Internal Speech Festival was held successfully on the ninth and tenth of November, with a special Winners’ Recital in front of the whole school on the thirteenth of November. Participants in the upcoming Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival competed against each other in their respective categories. This was a valuable chance to get feedback from teachers as well as get accustomed to performing in front of an audience.


4 - 7 Nov 2015 - S1-S4 learning trip


In the past week, our S1-S4 students have been enjoying and benefitting from whole-form learning tours outside Hong Kong. S1-3 were away on the 6th and 7th November, whereas S4 had a slightly longer trip: from the 4th to the 7th of November.

Students from S1 experienced the Portuguese influence on culture in Macau. They were also impressed by the marvelous buildings and structures built in Portuguese architectural styles.

In the course of the S2 learning trip to Guangdong, students visited three historical sites and also visited the elderly.

The learning trip to Shunde gave our S3 schoolmates the experience of teaching English to local primary students. Students visited historical sites as well, which broadened their horizons and added to their knowledge of Chinese culture.

The S4 learning trip to Taiwan included stopovers in Jiufen and Pingxi, as well as a visit to the elderly.



28 Oct 2015 - Inter-school Swimming Competition 2015


The Inter-school Swimming Competition was a deafening experience with Good Hopers cheering as loud as possible to give support to the School’s swimming team members who have trained very hard to do their best. Cheyenne Cheung (5A) shattered the 200m Breaststroke record with a time of 2:41.15. Congratulations! Overall, the Good Hope Swimming Team finished second runner-up. Well done everyone.



24 Oct 2015 - The S1 Information Day


The S1 Information Day was held on 24th October. It was great to see how so many people were so enthusiastic about our school. Some of our current students shared information about the school, such as the wide variety of extra-curricular activities they engage in, as well as the variety of platforms available for leadership-training.



22 Oct 2015 - The Pinning Ceremony of the Central Board and Prefect Board


The pinning ceremony of the Central Board and Prefect Board was successfully held on 22nd October. Congratulations to our new Head Girl Kirstie Lau, Assistant Head Girl Juana Tam, Head Prefect Yucca Chung and Assistant Head Prefect Haley Yeung. The new leaders made their ceremonial speeches and were officially sworn in, at which time they promised to fulfill their responsibilities diligently in the coming school year.


Future Star of Technology: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau Students’ Open Forum


Kirstie Lau (5F), Arlene Lo (5F) and Lydia Mak (5F) were invited to represent Hong Kong in the “Future Star of Technology: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau Students’ Open Forum” held on 17-18 October 2015 in Shanghai.

The theme of the forum was “future school campus”. Our team built a model demonstrating our vision of a future school. After several rounds of presentations, answering challenging questions from judges, designing and building a tower onsite, and an impromptu presentation without PowerPoint slides, we were honored to be awarded the Grand Prize, the Champion. Congratulations to our “Future Stars”.


Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade - Youth Command (H&K) Inter-Divisional Competitions 2015


The St. John Ambulance Brigade – Good Hope Nursing Cadets Division participated in the annual Inter-divisional Competitions on 13th and 20th September 2015. Our division was the Overall Champion among the Nursing Cadet Divisions.

In addition, we were first runner-up in the Home Nursing Competition. Our team of two cadets tried their best to communicate with patients, offer nursing treatment and take care of their needs. In this competition, our cadets demonstrated their personal qualities of being patient, considerate, observant, cooperative and sensitive to the needs of others.

Moreover, we were winners of the Footdrill Competition. We tried our best in the First Aid Competition and the Uniform Inspection Competition. Above all, we learned the importance of cooperation, team spirit and whole person development that cannot be learned in the classroom.

This is the 16th year we have achieved one of the top three statuses, despite keen competition from schools in Hong Kong. It is completely due to the joint effort, dedicated work and committed spirit of all the personnel involved, including our Officers, our cadet leaders, alumni who come back to help and all of the passionate fellow cadet members. It is always our Good Hope spirit to strive for excellent results every year.


30 Sept 2015 - Walkathon


The annual Walkathon was successfully held on 30th September. The event kicked off with the opening ceremony and speeches from Mrs. Laura Green, Principal and Sr. Mary Olga Lam, former Supervisor and Principal). Walking along the Lugard Road trail, we all enjoyed the stunning view of the Victoria Harbour. All of us savoured the fresh morning air and enjoyed to the fullest. It was certainly enjoyable to take a break from work and get closer with nature. We were all grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity to relax and raise money for a worthy cause.


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23 Sept 2015 - Swimming Gala 2015


The Annual Swimming Gala was held successfully on 23rd September at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. The competitors all did their best, be it from individual to inter-class and inter-house events. Everyone participated in cheering for their respective classes and schoolmates and the atmosphere was uplifting. A new event was added in addition to the Line Throw competition, it was the Inter-house Fun Relay which involved moving a ball whilst swimming.


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17 & 18 Sept 2015 - Central Board Platform 2015-2016


The Central Board Platform was held successfully on 17th and 18th September. This year, a total of 16 candidates ran for posts in 4 different categories – Administration, Activities, Religious and Promotion coordinators.

The candidates showed a great deal of enthusiasm by sharing their vision and how they would bring it alive. All the candidates exhibited passion to serve the school and the student body. The candidates creatively showcased their potential and convinced students through challenging tasks on stage. By the end of the platform, the student body along with teachers exercised it democratic right to vote.


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10 Sept 2015 – Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Amy Wong Award Presentation


We celebrated the start of the new school year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit led by Fr. Devos who asked the Holy Spirit to guide us in the months to come. Father Devos compared the power of Jesus to the force from Star Wars, in order to show us (Jedis) that as good leaders we needed to remember 2 things: Jesus’ power and force was always within us; and that we should always love our enemies.

The Mass was followed by a prize presentation by Ms. Amy Wong (an alumnus) to an S6 student who achieved formidable results in the HKDSE. The High Achiever Award recipient was Chloe Chow who received five 5** and three 5*. This year, Ms. Wong also established a new scholarship, providing more opportunities for students to excel: The Most Improved Award (between S4-S6). The recipient was June Yeung. Additionally, the Lillian Poon Scholarship was awarded to Sherry Fung and Valerie Cheng for outstanding results in the HKDSE.

Ms. Wong reminded us of the significance of Gratitude: through the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5: 22-23); and Confucian Analects to examine oneself by looking into the mirror and reflecting on: faith, sincerity and whether we have mastered instructions from our experiences. Her central message was geared towards the theme of the year: Integrity, Mercy and Gratitude.



Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award


A team of Form 5 and 6 students participated in the Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award 2015 competition and were crowned Champion and received the Most Popular Booth Award.

The team was asked to develop a proposal and a prototype of a technological innovation that solves daily problems in the city. An exhibition booth was set up in Cyberport in late August for public viewing.

Our team proposed the “Easy Easy MTR” system, which aimed at solving common problems related to transportation in Hong Kong. The front-end of the system is a mobile application. This allows users to search for the most convenient boarding location on a station platform, to search for less crowded space inside the train compartment, to get directions to the nearest MTR station exit, and to find directions for bus connections in an MTR station.

The team members are:
Sabina Au (6C), Michelle Hui (6E), Crystal Lam (5C), Yolanda Lo (6C), Vienna Man (6C)


1 Sept 2015 – Start of New School Year


After a fruitful and restful summer, the Good Hope family was reunited for the start of the new academic year. The opening ceremony began with a Bible Service, remembering the tragic explosions that transpired in mid-August. This was followed by Supervisor, Sr. Pauline Yuen, M.I.C, who gave a warm welcome to the new staff members and S.1 sisters. The stage was then taken by our Principal, Mrs. Green, who introduced the school theme: Integrity, Mercy and Gratitude Make Good Leaders. She reminded students of the importance of these three qualities in leadership. Our schoolmates will definitely live out the school theme in the coming year and the years to come.


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Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award

Champion and Most Popular Booth Award

2015 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - Science in English

High Distinction

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2015

First Honour