What is the InterMission: Delia Wing’s Revitalisation?
The revitalisation of Delia’s Wing supports the enhancement of educational programs offered at the School in the areas of academics, athletics and aesthetics. The new Delia’s Wing will be a hub for developing students’ creativity, innovation, skills for critical thinking, communication and collaboration, all of which are necessary attributes to succeed at school and beyond in the complex and rapidly-changing world we are experiencing in the 21st century.
Why do we have to revitalise the campus?
The new Delia’s Wing building will comprise upgraded facilities for cultivating the talents of Hopers. The design of Delia’s Wing includes state-of-the-art technology, granting opportunities for creativity through visual and performing arts.

Additional space for athletic training provides the potential to develop each girl in the Good Hope tradition. Student dormitories facilitate the development of independence and self-reliance and constitute an excellent advantage in offering international experience here in Hong Kong.

We envision the new Delia’s Wing will provide enriched and diverse learning experiences for Hopers to develop their potential, boost their confidence and enhance their abilities.

Does the school have a timeline of how the funding priorities will be determined?
Definitely! Good Hope School has invested an endowment provided by the M.I.C. Sisters to kick-start the redevelopment in 2016. The existing funding will be sufficient for the first phase of the project. Good Hope School will be actively engaged with stakeholders to raise funds for our intention to complete the redevelopment by end of 2019.
Why don’t we just raise the school fees or apply a capital levy for this project?
Obviously, the School does not want current students and their parents to be the only ones to shoulder this financial burden. The 3-year fundraising campaign not only aims at revitalising Delia’s Wing to provide a more advanced learning environment for Hopers, but also undertakes the mission of building closer bonds among the Good Hope family by engaging the many stakeholders of the school community, including alumni, teaching and non-teaching staff, and friends of Good Hope.
How will the money be spent?
The funds raised for the revitalisation of Delia’s Wing will be used for the construction of the infrastructure as well as the facilities. We are certain that current and future students of Good Hope will greatly benefit from the revitalisation of Delia’s Wing, bringing their enriched learning experience beyond the school and influencing others positively in society. This is indeed a very costly but meaningful project. With your support, we believe that many more of our students will benefit.
How will the funds raised be overseen?
The funds raised will be overseen and closely monitored by the School Management and the Fundraising Committee. Annual updates will be shared with all stakeholders as well as the public via the Revitalisation of Delia’s Wing website.
Can I designate my donation to a specific area?
Yes, there are a varity of donation schemes available for donors. Please click here for the details of the options.
How much should I give to the Delia Wing’s project?
We hope to engage all stakeholders of the Good Hope community, and ideally have full participation from everyone to support our goal. Raising HK$100 million within three years is a challenging mission, but with your support we have the faith to make this possible. Donations of all sizes will be much appreciated. If you have a preference for the designation of your gift, please refer to the donation scheme here that has details of the various giving levels.
Who can contribute to the Delia Wing’s project?
We invite anyone who wants to bring hope to our students and the Good Hope community to make a contribution. We would like to cordially invite our

  • alumni and/or their parents who want to express their gratitude for what the School has done for them.
  • current students and their parents who want to bring joy to the young Hopers.
  • friends of Good Hope who love to support the mission of the School.
Why is participation so important?
Your participation will be crucial to this meaningful project. It is only a great opportunity for our past students and friends to engage in and re-establish a close relationship with the School community, but also help our Hopers to pursue their dreams. With the new infrastructure and facilities in the Good Hope campus, current and prospective students will be better equipped to develop their creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills, such as are necessary for success in the 21st century.
How do I donate?
If you have any questions, please contact the school at dw@ghs.edu.hk or +852 2321 0250.
Does Good Hope School accept matching gifts?
Our School welcomes anyone who has connections with or access to matching gifts from any corporations. Please contact us at dw@ghs.edu.hk for further discussion.
Will the amount my family gives be made public?
All donors will be acknowledged in a special Intermission: Delia’s Wing Revitalisation Anchor to be published at the conclusion of the campaign, when the new Delia’s Wing school building will be launched and ready for use. We will acknowledge donors by level and, of course, all donors have the option to be anonymous.
Is my donation tax deductible?
All donations over HK$100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong.