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23 June 2020 – 2019/20 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award


The Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award 2019/20 organised by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education was completed in May and the results were announced. In the competition, one of our girls weaved her perceptions of mankind with her beautiful and creative use of figurative language. Her work was appreciated and awarded two prizes.


Joyce Yim (S.4A):

The Outstanding Poet Award (Honourable Mention)

The Poet of the School Award






23 June 2020 – Catchwater Break STEM Competition


This year, four of our S.2 girls, Athena Luk, Janice Ng, Vanessa Wong and Chloe Chan, joined the Catchwater Break STEM Competition, organized by The University of Hong Kong and Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden. The competition aimed at raising students’ awareness of the environmental hazard of catchwater to animals, and offered online seminars and field trips to enhance their understanding and knowledge of ecology, sustainability and biodiversity. By applying their STEM knowledge and creativity, our girls designed an innovative catchwater escape using some natural materials. Their design was considered ecologically-friendly with a good understanding of the needs of different types of animals and habitat connectivity, and received the Best Ecological Design Award. Congratulations!




16 June 2020 – Wofoo Outstanding Student Citizen Campaign
Top Ten Outstanding Student Award - Paris Liu (3A) and Andrea Chow (3E)


To promote the idea of being a responsible citizen and student, The Wofoo Outstanding Student Citizen Campaign is an annual and long-term event organised for 500 students from primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.


In the programme, students were offered the opportunity to join different lectures, a two-day-one-night training camp and a visit to the elderly homes. Students were given a chance to socialize with people from different age groups, and also developed a deeper understanding about the responsibilities required to be a righteous citizen.


Out of the 500 participants from primary and secondary schools, two of our students, Paris Liu from 3A and Andrea Chow from 3E were honored to be granted with the Top Ten Outstanding Student Citizen Award. This recognition has also greatly motivated them to further practise their knowledge gained from the programme. They shall carry on the legacy of the values of a responsible citizen - caring, respect, acceptance, politeness, responsibilities and virtues in the future.




8 June 2020 – Welcome Back, Little Sisters


It was raining heavily in the morning but our schoolmates’ emotions were not affected by the bad weather at all, especially the S.1 and S.2 schoolmates, who had been eagerly anticipating their first day back after the long class suspension.



Upon arrival around 7 am, the first group took their temperature in St Joseph’s Hall. To speed up the process on rainy days, temperature taking also took place in the Covered Playground this morning.



Our Central Board executive members greeted their Little Sisters with a big placard – “Welcome Back” – while giving away chocolates and candies! Though everyone was wearing a mask, we could still sense the smiling faces behind.



Lessons were conducted smoothly. All students treasured the learning opportunities and time together. School is finally back to normal. We wish everyone good health and joy







5 June 2020 – Presentation at City University of Hong Kong’s Online Seminar


On 5 June, our school’s Values Education Team was invited by City University of Hong Kong to deliver a presentation during its seminar on “How to Promote Whole School Positive Education at Secondary Schools?”. Owing to physical distancing measures, the event was held online. About 150 attendees, including principals, vice principals and teachers, joined the seminar.



The Team shared how Positive Education is implemented in our school, focusing on both formal and informal curricula. There was also a section on what the Team had done to promote wellbeing among all GHS stakeholders during the class suspension. Feedback from the participants was very positive.





27 May 2020 – Welcome Back to School


Today was a very exciting day for our S.3-S.5 schoolmates! After staying at home for almost four months, we finally came back to our 2nd home and met all our dear teachers and friends.

Some early birds came back as early as 7am. With the help of our teaching and non-teaching staff, they took their temperature in Our Lady’s Hall or St Joseph’s Hall before returning to their classrooms. As time went by, more students and teachers came back. They were so happy to see one another.

It was indeed such a warm gesture for the CB executive members to greet their schoolmates outside the two halls holding a big placard – “Welcome Back” – while giving away chocolates! Though we could not hug one another, we could feel our close bonding.

To maintain personal and environmental hygiene on campus, special precautionary measures have been taken in school, such as putting up eye-catching posters on sanitation, using individual partitions in the library and placing hand sanitizer in each classroom and special room. We were also reminded to stand at the marked distance while queuing up for snacks at recess.

Since it was a half-day of school, we were dismissed at 1.00pm. We pray for the good health of everyone and hope that we can resume our normal life soon.






February – May 2020 - Love and Unity Make a Difference



Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools in Hong Kong have been closed since the start of February 2020. During this period, different stakeholders at GHS have done their best to support our schoolmates academically and emotionally.

Teachers have been working very hard to prepare learning materials and organize live lessons for their students. Knowing that some Little Sisters from junior forms needed extra academic support, the Central Board and some of our past students have also provided them with help.

This year, the DSE examinations were postponed to May. In March, our School gave each S.6 student a DSE bag with chocolates, an energy bar, sanitary handwash, a Lenten Challenge card, and a personal message which reminded them that teachers and parents always stood by them. Teaching and non-teaching staff also sent their best wishes to parents and students via a music video produced by the Values Education Team. The following month, the GHS Choir videotaped and broadcast a song for our DSE candidates. It was such a heartfelt gesture.

The GHS Parent-Teacher Association was so generous to have donated some sanitary products to the School. Between March and May, Class Teachers and Foster Parents contacted students and parents to show their care. Their communication has created a strong bond between them.

After the EDB announced that school resumption would take place on 27 May (S3-S5 students) and 8 June (S1-S2), arrangements have been made to uphold our high standards in maintaining the environmental hygiene of our premises and the academic achievements of our students.

With love and unity, we are ready to welcome everyone back to school!



8 May 2020 - RTHK The Speaker 2020

Organized by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), The Speaker is a highly anticipated English public speaking contest. Aiming to promote the art of English public speaking among the youth, the annual event encourages budding speakers to explore the wide world of public speaking with their peers.

In the preliminary round, students were asked to deliver a 1-minute speech on the theme ‘L.O.L’. As challenging as it sounds, this unique theme allowed contestants to unleash their creativity and discover intriguing perspectives to deliver their speeches. This year, four of our students took part in the Contest, namely Gloria Lee (4D), Karis Ng (4D), Vanessa Yu (4A) and Joy Ng (4A), who all successfully proceeded to the Semi-finals.

Among our four bright candidates, Gloria was able to advance to the Finals and was awarded Speaker of the Year, the Champion of the Contest. This year, finalists were given one week to write and film a 2-minute speech on the topic ‘Virus’. Moved by the hard work of our medical staff and the unity in different communities amidst the pandemic, Gloria dedicated her speech to our frontline warriors and rallied everyone to play their part in combating COVID-19.

The Contest certainly prompted our students to think out of the box and polish their English public speaking skills. As the Contest concluded with excellent results achieved, we hope that Good Hopers can continue to further their interests and talents in English and and become eloquent speakers in the future.

Once again, let’s applaud our students for their accomplishments!

2020年4月28日 – 第22屆香港青少年科技創新大賽 - 科學幻想畫








Prayer Chain (updated on 25 May)


The novel coronvirus has been a global threat. May our Merciful Father bless us with good health, love and strength in the midst of this life-threatening disease.


The Prayer Chain (please click here) aims to spread positive vibes and encourage all of us to combat the contagious virus with love and hope. You are encouraged to share the prayers with 5 of your friends, family members and/or relatives.




Stay Positive Stay Healthy


PART 4 (please click here) 16 March 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created huge challenges to all walks of life in the community. At this difficult time, we need the support from different stakeholders. With love and care, we can overcome all obstacles.

This week, we would like to share how we can enhance our interpersonal relationships. Let's work together to turn a threat into an opportunity!

PART 3 (please click here) 9 March 2020

Lent is a time to examine our lives and understand our limitations better. It is a time to pause from the confusion of life and to reexamine the road we are on. To grow (transform) into a better person, we hope you will continue to share the prayers from the Prayer Chain with 5 of your friends, family members and/or relatives every Monday and Thursday.

How can we be happy? Why do we have to give hope? What should we do to be healthy? You can certainly find the answers from the Quotes of Inspiration. Which quote(s) do you like the most?

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and fruitful life!

PART 2 (please click here) 2 March 2020

The Month of Happiness has just begun! Let's make good use of our time to spread positive vibes around us and support one another.

This week, we will focus mainly on how to maintain our positive physical and emotional wellbeing. Read the tips and practise them in your daily life.

Wishing you and your family a healthy and fruitful week!

PART 1 (please click here) 24 February 2020

In view of boosting more positive energy during the outbreak of COVID-19, the Values Education Team has made a 4-part leaflet which aims to provide everyone with some tips on how to lead a healthy and positive life.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy life!



LENTEN CHALLENGE (28 February 2020)


The Month of Happiness in March aims to acknowledge the joy of sharing and wellbeing


To celebrate this meaningful event, the Lenten Challenge card is to remind everyone of the importance of giving and health. It consists of good acts focusing on LOVE (compassion and empathy), MOVE (physical wellbeing), SELF (personal development) , GREEN (environmental conservation). All stakeholders of the school are encouraged to complete at least one of them every day in March.


The Lenten Challenge card also serves as a reminder about the 3 Pillars of Lent, including praying, fasting and almsgiving. (please click here)





Good Hope School has recently become aware that the names of the school and some of its staff have been identified as providing support to a website which publishes personal data on Hong Kong citizens.


The use of the name of the School and its staff is completely false. The School and all its members respect and comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


Unfortunately as mentioned in the past, Good Hope School's name has been erroneously used on different social media platforms. Please disregard any reference to Good Hope School unless it is issued by the School.


Mid-March to May 2020 - Central Board E-tutorial Groups

During class suspension, e-learning has become the main approach for learning. In view of this, the Central Board is organising e-tutorial groups to provide extra help for our S.1-S.4 students. Some S.5 Big Sisters have volunteered to be their tutors.

Every week, tutors and tutees come up with a 1-1.5 hour time slot that can accommodate the schedules of all attendees. They can choose applications like Zoom, Google Meet or Skype based on their preferences to conduct online video lessons. Each lesson, tutors will address the questions received from their tutees earlier in the week. It is hoped that the tutorials will help our Little Sisters to consolidate what they have learnt.

The Central Board sincerely hopes that these tutorial groups will provide an opportunity for students to show their love and care for each other, especially in times of adversity, as well as creating stronger bonds among the students.

Let us continue to learn proactively.

Stay healthy, everyone!

11 March 2020 - A Confidence Boost for Our S.6 Students

Our S.6 students are going to fight their long-awaited combat - the DSE exams - soon. On 11 March, they came back to collect their exam admission slips, surgical masks and graduation gowns.

To give them a confidence boost, each student also received a DSE bag. We would like to delight (chocolates), support (energy bar and sanitary handwash) and encourage (Lenten Challenge card and personal message) them when they are facing challenges ahead. The gift reminds them that the school, teachers and parents always stand by them.

The 1st DSE exam paper will start on 27 March 2020. We wish all our S.6 candidates all the best!

25 February 2020 - PTA Community Service

There has been a shortage of surgical masks in the community since the Covid-19 epidemic started in January.

In view of the difficult situation, the GHS PTA has bought 2,500 masks for the underprivileged. On 25 February, representatives came back to school to pack the masks and greeting cards. They were distributed mainly to low income families, street sleepers, subdivided households and ethnic minorities via NGOs and a primary school.

We hope everyone will stay strong and healthy in times of adversity.

13 - 17 January 2020 - To Care is To Share

Global climate change and long-term drought in Australia have led to an intense fire season since November 2019, resulting in approximately 12 million acres of land being burnt and more than half a billion animals being killed. The critical conditions in Australia urged us to take action to fight climate change and support those who are currently suffering.

Australian Bushfire Fundraising Event - Central Board

In response to this natural catastrophe, the Central Board held a 3-day fundraising event on 13, 14 and 17 January 2020, with the hope of calling on all stakeholders of Good Hope School to extend a helping hand to the victims of the bushfires in Australia by donating to the Australian Red Cross (ARC), a non-profit organization. Thanks to the generosity of all parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff, we have raised a total amount of HK$7,578.

Australian Bushfire Sharing Session - Animal Welfare Club and Green Club

To increase students’ awareness of animal welfare and global issues, the Animal Welfare Club and Green Club organised an Australian Bushfire Sharing Session on 17 January 2020. Miss Lilian Cheung shared her insights into the bushfires in Australia with students who attended the sharing session. In addition, a video highlighted the advice given by a local resident on how to help animals being affected by the bushfires. Students were able to know more about what’s happening currently in Australia. In the 2nd session, a firefighter shared some information about the bushfires in Hong Kong and his experience of this work. It was a precious chance for our students to learn more about global issues and raise their awareness about animal rights and protection.

10 - 14 January 2020 - Harvard Model Congress Asia (Japan)

Have you ever imagined being in the United Nations? In mid-January, a group of S.4 and S.5 students were given this chance by attending the Harvard Model Congress Asia at the University of Tokyo. The students represented individual countries on committees such as the UN Security Council and World Bank. The conference tasked delegates to debate and propose solutions to global issues such as ‘Migrant Domestic Workers’ and ‘The Crisis in Venezuela’. This conference was a fantastic chance to interact with elite English-speaking students from across Asia through intellectual discussion.

13 January 2020 - Grantham Scholarships— Grantham Visual Arts Awards

To acknowledge the ability and achievements of young people’s creativity, the Grantham Visual Arts Awards are presented to 20 artists in Hong Kong every year. The awards also aim to build a platform for the presentation and exchange of ideas, so as to spread awareness among the general public regarding the positive impacts Visual Arts have in schools.

Each school could nominate one student for the junior group and senior group respectively. Apart from providing their personal information, a list of Visual Arts awards received, events participated in, and art-related services conducted both inside and outside school, nominees also needed to submit a statement regarding his or her view regarding the significance of creating art. Nominees were also required to submit images and descriptions of 6 to 8 pieces of artwork using at least 2 different media. After months of preparation and hard work, nominees could submit their works to the Hong Kong Society For Education In Art (HKSEA) for further selection.

After selection by a professional judging panel, Amber Tang from 4F has been granted one of the Grantham Visual Arts Awards 2019 in the category of junior group.

In addition, two of her artworks were chosen for display at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Festival, which was successfully held on 12-18th December 2019. In light of this, she would like to continue to strive for her best and hope to reach even higher for herself as well as the school.

11 January 2020 - S.6 Interviewing Skills Workshop

To better prepare for the coming university admission interviews of our S.6 students, the Past Students Association and Careers Guidance Team organized an Interviewing Skills Workshop on January 11. The workshop gave students tips on university interviews and allowed students to understand their strengths through personality tests. Mock interviews were also conducted according to students’ interest in different disciplines. After showcasing their attributes, participants’ interview skills were evaluated and past students gave them feedback on how to improve on their weaknesses. This valuable experience equipped our S.6 students with confidence for the upcoming interviews.

20 December 2019 - Christmas Mass and Celebration

With the conclusion of the mid-year exams, the annual Christmas celebration paved way for the much-anticipated Christmas holiday. Father Jay Flandez led the Christmas Mass with solemn reminders and words of wisdom detailing the meaning of this important festive season, in addition to how we have been forever changed by the good graces of God. Songs and prayers were also offered to give thanks for our many blessings, and for the hope of a brighter year ahead.

After the Mass, the choir kicked off the Christmas Celebration with amicable renditions of Christmas classics. A wonderful sense of celebration could be felt as all students and staff indulged in heartwarming tunes of musical goodness. The Central Board then offered a special performance with teachers taking part in various roles to cap off what was a memorable day. We wish everyone glad tidings of joy and happiness in the new year of 2020!

October 2019 - Ikani Community Events

After months of preparation, the Ikani Organising Committee and Ikani Ambassadors organised a community event at Lok Fu Plaza on 12th October, aiming to spread positivity to the public through making Ikani Bulbs, a lightbulb-shaped terrarium.

The event was a huge success, with parents, teachers, schoolmates from Good Hope and members of the community making more than 500 Ikani Bulbs that day. Participants were able to practise mindfulness and experience the benefits of horticultural activities. They also had a chance to learn more about the background of the project and appreciate Ikani Bulbs made by Good Hopers in previous workshops during the event.

It is hoped that participants will continue to spread positivity to their family and friends and brighten up people’s lives.

19-20 October 2019 - "Choose Happiness, Live Simple - Encourage Teenagers to build Positive Emotions” Exhibition (簡.生活腦震盪比賽成果展覽)

On 19th October, the Ikani Organising Committee attended the "Choose Happiness, Live Simple - Encourage Teenagers to build Positive Emotions” Exhibition (簡.生活腦震盪比賽成果展覽)at D2 Place to showcase their project to the public. In the past few months, they have organised six workshops and a community event to spread positivity to the public through making Ikani Bulbs, a lightbulb-shaped terrarium.

During the exhibition, Ikani bulbs, photos and videos of the project were exhibited. Members of the public were able to learn more about Ikani and the benefits of horticultural activities. It was a great way for our schoolmates to interact with like-minded teenagers and learn from each other.

The Ikani team would like to express their sincere gratitude for your support throughout the project. It is hoped that the spirit of Ikani - ‘to ignite’ will be continued.

7 November 2019 - Reunion of 1968-1969 Graduates and 4-Generation Assembly

On 7th November, 13 graduates of the year 1968-1969, with the accompaniment of their husbands, returned to GHS for a special reunion to reminisce memorable moments of gratitude and bliss as they once again stepped into their alma mater which they proudly call home. A welcome lunch was held with the Principal, Vice Principals, and 4 Student Heads to mark this joyous occasion.

The Secondary, Primary, and Kindergarten sections were also united in the School Hall to celebrate the closeness and goodwill of the Good Hope family with the commencement of the 4-Generation Assembly. With the presence of our adorable Kindergarten and Primary Sisters, heartfelt performances were given by student representatives who gracefully attested that we are one school with an eye single in purpose, mission, and vocation.

In addition, campus tours of the 3 sections were organized as a solemn reminder of the marvellous journey the school has embarked on to attain the respect and admiration we proudly adore in humble gratification. We hope that through the test of time, our dear school will continue to, as done so for many years, nurture choice individuals of great influence to our society.

2 November 2019 - 65th Anniversary Gala Lunch

To mark the remarkable history of the establishment of our dear school, the Good Hope 65th Anniversary Gala 2019 was successfully held on 2nd November at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre. It was a glorious occasion with more than 1500 in attendance to take part in the grand celebration, including a host of honourable guests, current and past students and staff, and all those who have been closely in tie with the Good Hope family throughout the years.

The event was in no shortage of splendour and performances, with a Lion Dance and Eye-dotting ceremony paving the way to start off the day with a bang. A special tribute to the school was then offered by the School Choir, accompanied with a video detailing the perquisites and intricacies of life as a Good Hoper in impressive artistic fashion. The choir then treated the guests with a stunning live performance of their most recent rendition. A toast was then brought forth by the MIC Sisters to mark the beginning of the banquet.

Performance after performance was tastefully enjoyed as the banquet took place, including a Sand Painting performance to commemorate the history of the MIC and Good Hope offered by Ms Edith Wu, followed by a slideshow displaying the transformation of the school from MIC Hong Kong. Videos were then shown of families with 3 generations of Hopers and a special greeting from the MIC Sisters in Canada. One of the highlights of the day – the Silent Auction and Raffle, took place while special performances were offered by Dr Raymond Chan, Mrs Angela Lee, Ms Celestine Ng, and the MIC Sisters.

The Raffle Ticket Lucky Draw and the Silent Auction Winners Announcement brought a satisfying close to what was an emotional yet memorable afternoon. It is our sincere hope that we will see many years of fruitful success as our students - past, present, and future, continue to carry on our legacy of Love, Hope, Joy, and Thanksgiving.

13 October 2019 - The 12th Wong Tai Sin Outstanding Students’ Selection

The 12th Wong Tai Sin Outstanding Students’ Selection Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 13th October, 2019. Four students of our school were awarded. The awardees are as follows:

Junior Section

Yoyo Kong of S.4D—Outstanding Student Award

Senior Section

Abbie Chan of S.6D—Award for Outstanding Achievements in Arts and Sports

Hannah Yu of S.6D—Outstanding Student Award

Anthea Ma of S.6F—Outstanding Student Award and Award for Outstanding Leadership

The East Kowloon Youth Society holds the selection every year to celebrate the success of outstanding students in the district. It is meaningful as the selection does not only focus on students’ academic performance: their conduct and involvement in community service are also considered.

Our girls take pride in serving the community and striving for excellence. The recognition they gained will motivate them further to reach higher in the future.

12 October 2019 - Mentorship Programme Kick-off Ceremony

On 12 October, the kick-off ceremony for the Mentorship program was held successfully. The Mentorship program is organised by the School's Careers Guidance Team and Past Student Association, and aims to provide Secondary 4-6 students with a deeper understanding of their future career paths. 62 students are matched for the whole school year with 21 past students working in different careers, the past students acting as mentors. Throughout the school year, they will share details about their jobs, insights to help in choosing a career, and even university admission procedures with their group. The Mentorship program is undoubtedly a meaningful event that can help students decide on their future paths, both in choosing a university degree and a career.

10 October 2019 - UBS: Women in Finance

On 11 October, 25 of our students visited UBS, a prestigious investment bank. They were honoured to listen to the chief executive of UBS Hong Kong, Ms. Amy Lo, share her insights into finance and taking up a leadership role. Our students actively raised questions after the sharing and gained many invaluable ideas.

Students also took the opportunity to talk with alumni working in areas of global business, human resources, private banking and wealth management, discussing how to choose their future career path and what they can do to prepare themselves well.

It was a precious chance for our students to explore the many possibilities in finance and gain greater insight into this important sector.

9 October 2019 - CB and PB Pinning Ceremony

The Central Board and Prefect Board 2019-2020 Pinning Ceremony was successfully held on the 9th of October in the School Hall. We offer our heartiest congratulations to new Head Girl Rachel Wong, Assistant Head Girl Jasmine Chan, Head Prefect Janice Choy, and Assistant Head Prefect Lorraine Chan as new leaders of our school. We would also like to recognize the newly appointed members of the CB and PB, and wish them all the best of luck with their responsibilities and endeavors.

The newly-appointed school leaders then swore their vows and expressed fervent dedication in their speeches, to serve the school and the entire Good Hope Family wholeheartedly. We look forward to the guidance and direction of our new leaders and hope for a fruitful school year.

20-21, 27-28 September 2019 - S1 Orientation Camp

The annual S1 Orientation Camps were successfully held on the 20-21 and 27-28 of September. During these special two-day events, S1 students had a memorable time participating in numerous activities and challenges both at school and at the Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp. The activities were all designed to help students strengthen their bonds and develop important skills and attributes in the areas of communication, teamwork, and leadership.

In addition to having fun and building better relationships with each other, students were also able to explore their talents and identify their personal weaknesses and strengths. We hope that these unforgettable experiences will pave the way for our girls in becoming successful leaders of the future.

28 September 2019 - Ikani Parent-child Workshop

Ikani is a project initiated by four form 5 students, aiming to promote the importance of love, respect, acceptance and thanksgiving. Through a series of workshops and events focusing on the making of the “Ikani Bulb”, participants will have a chance to experience mindfulness and learn about the importance of wellbeing.

On 28 September, the Ikani Organising Committee organised an Ikani Bulb workshop for schoolmates and their parents. During the workshop, participants learnt more about the aim and goals of the project, the benefits of horticulture and gained hands-on experience in making the Ikani bulbs. It was an invaluable opportunity for schoolmates to spend quality time with their family and recognise the importance of wellbeing.

The Ikani Organising Committee will be holding a community event on 12 October (Sat) at Lok Fu Plaza. We sincerely invite you all to come and learn more about the project.

21 September 2019 - Wong Tai Sin Man Chi Scholarship 2018 – 19

The prize presentation ceremony of the Wong Tai Sin Man Chi Scholarship 2018 – 19, co-organized by Wong Tai Sin Man Chi Fund, Wong Tai Sin Industry and Commerce Association and Wong Tai Sin District School Liaison Committee, was held on 21 September.

We are delighted that Jasmine Tang, Katie Lo, Charlotte Yang and Ivonne Ho (Graduates of 2019) were awarded the Outstanding DSE Performance Award, and Herbie Chiu of 3B was awarded the Most Significant Improvement Award. The graduates also shared their study habits and the experiences they had during the public exams in the ceremony.

Let’s congratulate our graduates and Herbie on their outstanding achievements!

20 September 2019 - The Harvard Book Prize and Harvard Summer Scholarship Competition 2019

The Harvard Book Prize Ceremony 2019 was held on 20 September, 2019. Three senior students were awarded the Harvard Book Prize 2019. One of them outshone the other 143 candidates and won the prestigious Harvard Summer Scholarship Competition. The awardees are as follows.

Genevieve Kam (S.6B)—Book Prize, Mentorship Program

Jocelyn Cheung (S.6D)—Book Prize

Queena Lau (S.6F)—Book Prize, Scholarship

The Harvard Book Prize is awarded annually to sophisticated readers in the next-to-graduating class who have remarkable language proficiency and possess exceptional personal qualities. While all the three students were awarded the Book Prize, Genevieve Kam (S.6B) earned a special mention and was invited to join the Harvard Mentorship Program, meeting and learning from Harvard alumni in Hong Kong. Queena Lau (S.6F) demonstrated her wit and charm to the selection committee and won herself the honour of studying at the Harvard Summer School upon finishing her HKDSE in 2020.

Let’s celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students together!

18 September 2019 - Annual Swimming Gala

On the 18th of September, the Annual Swimming Gala was held at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. It was an exciting occasion in which students competed in a wide range of events, among those was the exciting inter-class and inter-house swimming competitions. Throughout the day, students from different houses gave their all in cheering for their houses in an effort to support their house members. It was truly a day of unity and unwavering sportsmanship.

17 & 19 September 2019 - Central Board Platform 2019-2020

With the conclusion of this year’s Central Board election, we are excited to see what the newly elected student leaders will have in store for us. During the event, 21 well-qualified students possessing the desire and ability to serve, gave their all in pledging their promises and future plans with confidence in the capacities of Administration, Promotion, and Internal, External, and Religious Activities.

The platform allowed for the running candidates to showcase their abilities and talents in a variety of ways, including the completion of duty related tasks in addition to answering questions aimed at assessing their awareness and wit in terms of problem solving. The candidates also demonstrated excellent social intelligence when presented with floor questions from the audience. Teachers and students were then given the time to cast their votes to select their choice candidates for each particular role.

As every position in the Central Board is critical in setting the tone for the school year, we look forward to the leadership and direction in which the newly elected body of students leaders will take to ensure an enriching and fruitful school life for the Good Hope Family.

13 September 2019 - Club Promotion Day

TThe Good Hope Club and Team ExCo members were proud to once again take part in the annual Club Promotion Day. Students gathered in the covered playground to determine how and where they would like to pursue their talents and interests this academic year. During the event, ExCo members and teachers alike put in the effort to draw the attention of the huge turnout with hopes of amassing new membership. The crowd was also treated with two blistering performances by the Dance Club, which was well received and was sure to amp up the excitement overall. With the enthusiasm felt throughout the promotion, it is our hope that all students will have a much enjoyable and rewarding experience with their extra-curricular activities this school year.

6-7 September 2019 - Catholic Retreat

The Catholic students went on their annual Catholic Retreat at the start of the school year to reconnect with God and their faith. The much anticipated camp started with numerous team building and faith sharing activities. Upon arriving at the Y.M.C.A. Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, a few new Catholic students shared their journey of joining the Catholic community. Through them, students learnt that God truly works in wonderful and unpredictable ways. After the barbecue, a special type of prayer was ministered - the taize prayer, where prayers were offered by the candle light with portraits of Jesus in the front of the hall for the people and social issues of our society. After the morning mass on the second day, one of our past Catholic students shared her life-changing experience in MARGIS and Palama's World Youth Day.

We are reminded to always count our blessings and to not take things for granted. This year's Catholic Retreat was definitely the perfect way for students to reconnect with God as well as prepare for the many challenges ahead in the coming school year.

5 September 2019 - Mass of the Holy Spirit

The annual Mass of the Holy Spirit was held on the morning of 5 September. Per tradition, students arrived early to the hall to sing hymns in unison preparatory for the service. Our School Chaplin Fr. Mark Anthony Sernaimpressed in our minds the notion that we all bear unique gifts, and that when we are one, our gifts combine to lift and take our school to even greater heights. He also reminded us to pray often for those who are in distress, for our society, and for those we love and care about. The service closed with the Liturgy of the Eucharist, where the thoughts and feelings of students were collected in small notes of paper and offered to the alter in reverent prayer. It is our sincere hope that we will all treasure up in our hearts the many blessings we have, and always remember to be grateful.

3 September 2019 - Opening Assembly and Presentation of Amy Wong Awards

With summer drawing to a close, sparkles of effervescence once again filled the hallways of the school as the Opening Assembly for the new academic year paves way in great anticipation towards what lies ahead.

Sister Pauline and Mrs Green set the tone for the occasion by introducing the new theme of the year – “Gratitude Unlocks the Fullness of Life”. Students were reminded to always remain thankful despite the ever-present challenges we may face in life be it now or in the future, and that even though as individuals we may uphold different beliefs or values, above all else, being respectful and accepting is of utmost importance.

The Amy Wong Awards then followed as the entire school joined to celebrate Charlotte Yang of 6F for receiving the Amy Wong High Achiever Award for her outstanding performance in the HKDSE. In addition, Stephanie Kam and Jasmine Tang earned the Most Improved Student Award for their efforts. We offer our heartiest congratulations to our fellow Hopers and wish them, and to our fellow schoolmates, the best of luck in all future aspirations and endeavors!

23 August 2019 - Remarkable Achievement of Our Graduates of 2019

It is indeed a great honour that Charlotte Yang, Karina Chu and Vera Shek (Graduates of 2019) were awarded under the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2018/19 (HKSES). The Scheme was launched by the Education Bureau to support outstanding local students to pursue undergraduate studies in world-renowned universities outside Hong Kong. Karina and Vera are going to study at Imperial College London whereas Charlotte will further her studies at the University of Oxford.

Macy Chung (Graduate of 2019) was awarded a Prince Philip Scholarship. With the support of many generous donors, The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong has funded and managed the Prince Philip Scholarship Scheme since 1981. The scholarship ensures that talented Hong Kong students receive full financial support to complete their undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge.

Kitty Fung (Graduate of 2019) was awarded a D.H. Chen Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship was established by The D. H. Chen Foundation to provide full funding for undergraduate students from Hong Kong demonstrating exceptional academic merit to study at the University of Oxford.

Let’s congratulate our graduates on their outstanding achievements!


Wofoo Outstanding Student Citizen Campaign

Top Ten Outstanding Student Award

HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2020

Finalist & Champion(Senior Division),
District Finalists

2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Art and Design Competition


RTHK - The Speaker 2020

The Champion

Hong Kong Budding Poet (English) Award 2019/20

The Outstanding Poet Award (Honorable Mention) & The Poet of the School Award

第22屆香港青少年科技創新大賽 - 科學幻想畫


無毒「郵」心起 郵票設計比賽

冠軍 及 亞軍

世界閱讀日創作比賽 - 閱讀 , 伴我成長

初中組 - 中文組 - 優勝獎
高中組 - 中文組 - 優勝獎

The 2nd 3D stop motion animation design competition

Best Shooting Award

SCMP Student of the Year Award

1st runner-up of the Linguist (Cantonese) category

Performing Artists

Performing Artists


Community Contributor

Science and Mathematics

Shaping Our Future City 2019

Champion and Best Poster Award

EDB Business-School Partnership Programme

Outstanding Activities Report Award



English Public Speaking Contest with C&MA Sun Kei Secondary School

First Place

Make Our Seas Come BLUE Eco-arts Parade

Group 3&4
Group 1&2





HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest

Third Place Award



69th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First Place
Second Place
Third Place



The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection

Top ten outstanding students

The 15th CILTHK Essay Competition

First runner up

Media 21 Annual Campus Video Competition

Outstanding Drama Group



Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

HKSSF Table Tennis Competition (Division One) Girls A Grade