Language education

English Learning Environment


English language is taught as a discrete subject at Good Hope School by a mixture of native and non-native speakers. Emphasis is placed on the need to develop an all-round English language capability. This capability is a prerequisite for all students if they are to communicate well in English and enter a Hong Kong, or a good overseas, university based upon examination success. To this end students are given a rich diet of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Large classes are made up of about 35 to 40 students, but there are smaller classes of 20 students, from S1 to S4, that are intended to encourage more interactive learning. Emphasis is put on teacher-led student-centered activities, rather than on didactic teaching styles, as this seems to be a more effective way to engage the modern student.













Cultural diversity within teacher and student populations

Good Hope has always prided itself on having a diverse range of teachers and students. Currently there are many Native English Teachers (NETs) in the school. As an English Medium of Instruction school (EMI), the whole staff body naturally has a good knowledge of English regardless of origin.

The student body is also culturally diverse. Besides local Cantonese students there are also a growing number of mainland Chinese students who have come from all parts of the motherland. There are also some students with European, Canadian or American backgrounds, and some who hail from Japan, Taiwan, Korea or Australia. Needless to say this variety of origin adds enormously to the rich cultural environment of Good Hope School.


The 2nd 3D stop motion animation design competition

Best Shooting Award

SCMP Student of the Year Award

1st runner-up of the Linguist (Cantonese) category

Performing Artists

Performing Artists


Community Contributor

Science and Mathematics

HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2018-2019

Judges Commendation Award

Inter-School Tennis Competition 2018-2019

Third Place in Division One

Shaping Our Future City 2019

Champion and Best Poster Award

EDB Business-School Partnership Programme

Outstanding Activities Report Award

Asian Youth Championship

Silver Medal - High Jump
New Hong Kong Record in Medley Relay



The 12th Inter-Gavel Club and Youth Leadership Programme English Public Speaking Contest 2017

First Place

English Public Speaking Contest with C&MA Sun Kei Secondary School

First Place

Make Our Seas Come BLUE Eco-arts Parade

Group 3&4
Group 1&2

Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2017





HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest

Third Place Award

Hong Kong Flower Show 2017- Student drawing Competition

Second Runner Up

Pinkart Gallery – Students’ Visual Arts Drawing and Painting Competition 2017

Overall Champion



69th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First Place
Second Place
Third Place





18th International Meeting of Juvenile Art 2017

Second Place

The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection

Top ten outstanding students

The 15th CILTHK Essay Competition

First runner up

Canon Photo Marathon 2017

Merit award

Media 21 Annual Campus Video Competition

Outstanding Drama Group

Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2016/17


International Junior Science Olympiad 2017 Hong Kong Screening

2nd Class Honour
3rd Class Honour

Xu Beihong Cup International Arts Competition 2017

First Class Award



Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

HKSSF Table Tennis Competition (Division One) Girls A Grade