Creative and High-tech Industries Exploration Tour 2016

A group of 20 students and 2 teachers went to Seoul this summer to explore Korea’s creative and high-tech industries. We visited Digital Pavilion, which gave us an idea of what future technology might look like. We also went to Korea Gas Technology Corporation and Seoul Energy Dream Centre. These two places taught us the importance of energy conservation and sustainability though various demonstrations and experiences.


Another highlight was our trip to KBS, one of the most prominent television companies in Korea, responsible for waves of star-loving mania due to their captivating shows. We learnt about the production of different TV programs and had a taste of state-of-the-art technology, such as VR at the Samsung D'light shop. We were also given the chance to make the traditional and renowned food of Korea - kimchi - and wear Korean costumes. An unforgettable trip!




Hong Kong Flower show 2013 SECTION X FLORAL ART

first runner up

30th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad

Group Merit

Regional Winner in Kowloon Region 1 section

Second-class Honour

Third-class Honour

Group Third Class Honour in Geometric Construction Section







”Green City” Bus Body Design Competition


International Children Painting Competition in Hong Kong




5th Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem-Solving Competition for Secondary Schools


The Eternal Realm of China’s First Emperor Souvenir Design of Terracotta Warrior


Second-Runner Up

The Hong Kong Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest

First Class Award

“My New discovery of a healthy lifestyle” Photo Competition for Secondary School Students


1st runner up

64th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)


(初級組) 季軍

(高級組) 優異獎

(初級組) 優異獎

(初級組) 優異獎

Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol Foot-drill Competition ( Kowloon East )


The Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition, 2012

Silver Award



2013 Hua Xia Bei

First Prize Award

Second Prize Award

Third Prize Award



詩詞獨誦 (粵語) 冠軍

散文獨誦 (粵語) 冠軍

散文獨誦 (普通話) 冠軍

詩詞獨誦 (粵語) 冠軍

詩詞獨誦 (粵語) 亞軍

二人對話朗誦 亞軍

散文獨誦 (普通話) 亞軍

散文獨誦 (普通話) 季軍

歌詞朗誦 季軍


中一、中二級集誦隊 (團體) 亞軍
中三、中四級集誦隊 (團體) 冠軍
鍾泳瑤 1A (散文朗誦) 亞軍
鍾欣月 1C (散文朗誦) 亞軍

SCAA 66th Inter School Athletics Meet 2012

Grand Slam Champion

Murjani Scholarship

Hong Kong Schools Lifesaving Competition

2nd runner-up

2012 禁毒時裝設計比賽


True Light Girls' Invitational Mathematics Contest 2012

Group First runner-up
Individual Second runner-up


季軍 (散文朗誦)
冠軍 (散文詩詞)

All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Badminton Tournament

Quarter Final (Secondary Girls Singles)

Inter-school Swimming Championship

Overall 2nd runner-up
Grade A 2nd runner-up
Grade C 2nd runner-up

International Students' Visual Art Contest-cum-Exhibition of Hong Kong 2012

Merit Award

2012 全國靑少年藝術精英大賽

一等獎 (繪畫)

St. John Nursing Cadets Inter-divisional Competitions

The First-runner-up of First Aid
The Winner of Footdrill
The Overall First-runner-up

Low Carbon Guru Programme organized by WWF-Hong Kong

The Most Outstanding School Award