• Creativity takes courage


Programme Purpose

- Our program seeks continually new and exciting ways to provide our students with cutting-edge technology and innovative opportunities to showcase their work.

- To formulate measures to cultivate students’ creativity, problem-solving ability, observationand tactile experience.

- Learn to research.

- To stimulate the imaginative and critical minds of students.

- To provide opportunities for students to learn from co-operation with others.

- To encourage students’ participation in the enjoyment of creating things.

Junior Form

The study of Visual Art includes three learning domains: Visual arts knowledge, Visual arts appreciation and criticism, and Visual arts making.


To enrich students’ aesthetics and arts experiences

To provide opportunities for them to participate different Visual arts activities


Drawing/ Painting/ Design/ Computer graphic/ Sculpture/ Mixed media works

Assessment Policy

Artwork: 50%
Development Process: 30%
Others: 20%

Senior Form

The senior secondary Visual Arts curriculum builds on the Visual Arts curriculum in basic education to provide students with a coherent curriculum for pursuing broader and deeper art learning experiences.


To develop knowledge of and skills in making and appraising art and writing art criticism

To enhance cultural and cross-cultural understanding through exploration of the art of diverse cultures

To cultivate positive values and attitudes, self-identity and a sense of commitment towards the community


Photography/ Sculpture/ Design/ Painting/ 3D Design/ Mixed media work

Assessment Policy

Project/ SBA: 70%
Examination: 30%


Public Examination: 50%
Paper 1- Visual presentation of a theme
Paper 2- Design
* choose either paper 1 or 2

SBA: 50%
Submit 1 Portfolio, each portfolio should consist of:
Research workbook(20%)
Artwork/ Critical Studies (30%)


Arts and Decoration Club

To expand the learning experience beyond the art room, bring LIFE through ART to the Campus.

Teacher Advisor: Miss Lisa Choi, Miss Teresa Lee

Other Activities


Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2016/17 - Championship
Minnie Tse (2A)
Vanessa Chan (5C)
Ivy Ho (5D)
Janice Chu (6A)

Home Safe Home Home sweet Home Comic Drawing Competition 2017 - Championship
Angela Yip (3F)

18th International Meeting of Juvenile Art 2017 - Second Prize
Ariel Tam (5E)

2018 Young Readers Festival Drawing Competition (Age 11 to 14 category) - Bronze
Michelle Lee (3B)

2018 Young Readers Festival Drawing Competition (Age 11 to 14 category) - Notable Entries
Anthea Chung (3B)

2017-18 Mask Design Contest Secondary School Division - Shortlisted Submission
Abbie Luk (2B)
Una Chan (3A)
Grace Chan (3A)
Avis Cheung (3A)
Janice Choy (3A)
Natalie So (3A)
Claudia Wong (3C)
Ashley Chan (3D)

黃大仙區環保圖案設計比賽 - 中學組優異獎
Ivy Ho (5D)

明愛65周年徽號設計比賽 - 優異獎
Vanessa Chan (5C)

黃大仙區議會Peace和平計填色比賽2017-2018公開組 - 優異獎
Janice Choy (3A)