School News of 12/13

HKDSE Results Release Day on 15 July 2013 – A day of joy and thanksgiving at GHS
The HKDSE Results Release Day was a day of joy and thanksgiving at GHS!

The School is proud to announce that Angel Tsui attained seven 5** in addition to a 5** for the Extended Module 2 of Mathematics. Congratulations to her!

Congratulations are also extended to Venice Wan who achieved three 5**, three 5* and one 5, as well as to Kristine Yeung who scored three 5**, one 5*, and two 5s on top of a 5* for the Extended Module 1 of Mathematics.

This year, 83.3% of Good Hopers met the basic entrance requirement for admission to publicly-funded undergraduate programmes (3322). Hopers got a total of 444 Level 5s or above which represented 2.39 Level 5s or above per student.

Results of the core subjects have also been impressive:

Core Subject
Level 5 or above
GHS Hong Kong
Chinese language 22.6% 8.2%
English language 68.3% 8.9%
Mathematics 32.3% 11.8%
Liberal Studies 24.7% 7.7%

The School started the morning with prayers and the singing of the School song to prepare students for the way forward. Its Vice Principal Ms Brenda Mau also invited students to accept the results with gratitude and peace, noting that the DSE was just but one of the milestones in life.

Our warmest regards to every one of our S6 graduates. We hope that you will all continue to walk in faith and cherish what has been bestowed upon you!

10 July, 2013 – Thanksgiving Mass and Teachers' Day


On 10th July, a Thanksgiving Mass was held to thank God for guiding the school through the academic year. After the Mass, a Prize-giving Ceremony celebrated the joy and happiness of individual students' achievements. It was also a day to celebrate the retirement of Mr Dominic Lee, who has been with Good Hope School for 37 years. Current and past students, as well as teacher representatives and Sister Pauline, the School Supervisor, showed their gratitude and appreciation to Mr Lee. To mark Teachers’ Day, students presented special cups, each carrying a personal message of appreciation, to their teachers.

6 July, 2013 – Careers talk about DSE


To better prepare S.6 students and their parents for the DSE results, a careers talk was held on Saturday, 6th July, featuring input from Good Hope alumnus and current Hong Kong University student Joyce Fong, and Teacher Advisors Mrs Jessie Chi and Mr Eddy Tsang.
The careers talk was a great success and, as the big day approaches, we hope that all our S.6 students will get the HKDSE results they are looking for!


24 May, 2013 – Graduation Day


The graduation ceremony for this year’s Secondary 6 students was held on Friday, 24th May, 2013. The Guest of Honour, Prof. Lap-chee Tsui, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong, encouraged our graduates to tackle challenges in the future with a positive attitude. He also invited the graduates to show their appreciation towards their parents for their unfailing care and support. This very special occasion ended with the Ceremony of the Candles, led by Sister Pauline and the class prefects. We wish all our graduates a bright future!

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29 - 30 April, 2013 – Snackathon


The Snackathon was held in the Covered Playground from 29th to 30th April. Booths with snacks from various countries, such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Italy, were set up by each class. Aside from tasting snacks from around the world, students also had the opportunity to learn how to run a simple business by co-operating with their classmates. The activity was, of course, extremely popular. Every class participated eagerly in running their respective booths. Finally, the event was a great success!



25 April, 2013 – Science Fair


Recently, we were very excited to hold the annual Science Fair. The theme of this year’s Fair was “Magical Science”. Booths were set up in St. Joseph’s Hall for students to play and feel the wonders of Science, such as the “Water Rocket” and “Memory Wire”. Schoolmates even had the opportunity to actually do the experiment on their own, with student helpers there to assist and explain the theories behind the fun. After visiting all the booths, the students could even redeem a home-made bean curd custard or a ginger milk. The hall was filled with joy and laughter.


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16, 17 and 19 April, 2013 - Inter-class Mathematics Contest, 2013


On the 16th, 17th and 19th April, S1-S3 students were involved in the Inter-class Mathematics Contest, 2013. The competition consisted of two parts: the riddle and the game. The questions were both creative and challenging for the students. The competitors enjoyed discussing the problems with their teammates, and it was good to see so many of their classmates coming along to cheer them on.

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9 April, 2013 – Easter Mass


The Easter Mass was held on 9th April, 2013, to celebrate the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, and mark the end of the Lenten period. Easter symbolizes the rising of a new life. It is also the time for us, as mankind, to renew ourselves as better persons to love and help each other around the world.

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21 March, 2013 – Hunger Meal


The 21st March was the occasion of our annual Hunger Meal. There was a Bible service first, and then everyone was given a solitary bun for their midday ‘meal’. Afterwards the Central Board brought out the message of helping the needy by putting on an entertaining drama about the life of a low-income family. It made the point that we should never waste food and that we should always think of the under-privileged if we have plenty. The drama was followed by an informative talk about poverty in Hong Kong. The Hunger Meal is an excellent event that helps us to think about what we have neglected to do in the past and what we should do now to make things better.


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6-8 March, 2013 – Book Fair


A book fair was held for students in Delia’s Hall from 6 to 8 March, 2013. The Hong Kong Book Centre and Joint Publishing Company put on a large display of Chinese and English books on both academic school subjects as well as on such diverse topics as philosophy, cooking and travelling. Parents and teachers joined classmates at the book fair and there was a special counter for books specifically recommended by either the Central Board or different subject panels. Nearly all the school students who visited the fair bought something, and many of them even revisited, at lunch or after school, in order to snap up an extra bargain!



1 Mar, 2013 - A day of joy and thanksgiving for MIC sisters and the Good Hope family


1st March, 2013 was a day of joy and thanksgiving for MIC sisters and the Good Hope family. It was a day of double celebrations: (1) The unveiling of a statue of Mother Delia Tetreault, Foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, in the new Delia's Garden at Good Hope School; (2) The opening of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Gallery (MIC Gallery).

MIC sisters, guests, staff members and students from the secondary school, primary school and kindergarten were gathered in Delia's Garden at 10 a.m., all in joyous anticipation. Officiating guests of honor were Superior General Sr. Louise Denis MIC (from Canada), Vicar General Sr. Delia Regidor MIC (from Canada), and Regional Superior Sr. Pauline Yuen (Supervisor of GHS, GHPS cum Kindergarten). Following prayers and words from Sr. Louise and Sr. Pauline, Mother Delia's statue was unveiled. Amid applause and bursting happiness in the hearts of all present, the unveiling ceremony was beautifully concluded with the angelic voices of Good Hope Kindergarteners leading the whole assembly in singing "Give Thanks".

The gathering then moved to the MIC Gallery, where a short but solemn ceremony marked its opening. The Gallery is dedicated to sharing the MIC ministry; its mission and spirit; and its work in Hong Kong as well as other parts of the world.

We Good Hopers will always remember to count all the blessings from God our Heavenly Father!


1 Mar 2013 – Good Hope School Athletics Team 30th Anniversary Banquet


To celebrate the hard work of the GHS Athletics team over the last 30 years a banquet was organized in Wan Chai on 1st March. This was directly after the finals of the Inter-school Athletics Championships and it was a most memorable occasion. Students, teachers and alumni all gathered together to recall great GHS athletic achievements, and everyone left happy in the knowledge that GHS athletes are still amongst the best in the whole of Hong Kong.



1 Mar, 2013 - Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 3


Our Athletics Team was awarded first runner-up in the Inter-school Athletics Championships. We really appreciate all the effort put in by all the athletes in this competition. Thanks also to all the students, teachers and parents who took the time to support and encourage the school team.


The results for Day 3 are as follows:

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 138.5 136 120 394.5
Rank 2 2 2 2


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26-27 Feb, 2013 – Mini-Exhibition of NSS Subject Information


A mini-exhibition was held on 26-27 February in St. Joseph’s Hall. Booths were set up by the senior form students to provide Secondary 3 students with more details about all the various NSS subjects. The exhibition aimed at preparing them for choosing suitable elective subjects in Secondary 4.



26 Feb, 2013 - Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 2


Our Good Hope Athletics Team has performed exceptionally well on Day 2 of the Inter-school Athletics Championships. All the athletes did their absolute best in all the events. One Team, One Mission, One School, One Spirit!

The results for Day 2 are as follows:

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 67.5 60 35 162.5
Rank 2 2 3 2

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20 Feb, 2013 - Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 1


The Inter-school Athletics Championships (Day 1) took place in Wan Chai Sports Ground on 20th February. We are the overall second runner-up today. Congratulations, in particular, must go to Vera Lau of 4B for making a new Javelin Record of 41.52m in Grade A.


We are certain that our Good Hope Athletes will do their best on 26th February and 1st March.

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7 Feb, 2013 – Chinese New Year Celebration


The Chinese New Year was celebrated on 7th Feb in Delia’s Hall. It all began with a wonderful performance by the Chinese orchestra, and this was followed by the school’s classical string ensemble. The traditional Lion Dance was then put on by the school’s Lion Dance Club. The climax came, however, with our House Captains and teachers playing games and even dancing. The show finally ended in tumultuous applause and gales of laughter. Happy New Year of the Snake!




16 Jan, 2013 – S.6 Farewell


The 16th January was a very special day in that it marked the end of the 6-year secondary school life of our S.6 students. They had shared love, sweat, laughter and tears with their classmates and teachers in Good Hope, but now all that was coming to an end. This day was a day to remember all the good things that had happened and to give thanks. There were tears, but there were smiles too. In the not too distant future they will have to face a really big challenge, the DSE exam, but we know they will work hard and we wish them all the best!



9 Jan, 2013 – Swimming Gala


The annual swimming gala was held on 9th January at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. All the swimmers had been training intensively and performed magnificently. The audience cheered and clapped every event with gusto, showing the ever strengthening bonds between all the classmates, and in the end it was clear that all spirits had, once again, been lifted by this spectacular school event.

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3 & 4 Jan, 2013 – Annual Sports Day


The annual Good Hope School Sports Day was held at Wan Chai Sports Ground on the 3rd and 4th of January. The audience cheered itself hoarse as it urged the competitors on, and the Sports Ground was filled with the joy and happiness of the Good Hope family.

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1 Jan, 2013 - New Year Concert 2013


The New Year Concert 2013, Neon in Note, was held to celebrate the new year. It was a night for all the choirs and orchestras, from the kindergarten, primary and secondary sections, to demonstrate what they had learned in the five days of the Christmas Music Camp. With the expertise of Miss Elizabeth Scott from Australia, Mr Chen Tao from Shanghai, Mr Wong Kwok Keung and Mr Moe Kwan the musicians performed miracles of harmony and invention. It was, undoubtedly, a superb start to the year. Encore!

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21 Dec, 2012 – Christmas Celebration


With the Christmas Celebration finally at hand all of Delia’s Hall was filled with Good Hopers dressed in red, green and white. Everyone participated enthusiastically in the Christmas Mass and then, afterwards, the games prepared by the Central Board. Some teachers even dressed up and joined in the fun. Everything was rounded off splendidly by the choir singing a joyful Christmas medley. Happy Christmas everybody!

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21 Nov, 2012 – S.5 stress release workshop


The Student Growth Committee organized a stress release workshop, on 21st November, to provide support and encouragement to our S.5 students. A Clinical Psychologist, Ms Doris Woo, was invited in to give a talk on stress, and the students did some relaxation exercises together. After that, two past students shared some of their experiences in overcoming difficulties with their younger sisters, giving them some really useful tips on stress management.

16 Nov, 2012 – Internal Speech Festival - Winners’ Performances


The exciting internal speech festival was held once again this year. After two days of intense competition among the contestants, the winners of the different events presented their pieces to the whole school in Delia’s Hall on 16th Nov. Everyone was amazed by the outstanding performances, and learned a great deal about how to effectively speak in public.


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8 Nov, 2012 – S.6 Stress Release Workshop


With the approach of the HKDSE many students were beginning to feel a little stressed. This is quite natural, but in order to minimize the effects of this stress, the school nevertheless organized a stress release workshop on Nov 8. The students shared some of their experiences of stress with each other, and then did some relaxation exercises. At the end of the programme, all S.6 students symbolically released their worries and anxieties by releasing balloons from the rooftop.


3 Nov, 2012 – Walkathon


The annual walkathon was held on 3rd November, 2012, at The Peak. All students and staff gathered together and had a leisurely walk, happy in the knowledge that they were raising funds for the new school drama studio. Everyone participated enthusiastically and enjoyed taking the opportunity to savour the fresh morning air.


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26 & 27 Oct, 2012 – Leadership Training Camp

On the 26th and 27th of October, 2012, the newly elected Central Board and Prefect Board executive committee members , leaders of the Girl Guides , St. John Ambulance Brigade, Road Safety Patrol as well as the House Captains all went to the Community Sports Limited Community Sports at Sheung Shui for leadership training.




26 & 27 Oct, 2012 – Secondary One Admission Information Sessions

The Secondary One Admission Information Sessions were held on 26-27 October, 2012. In the first session a series of speeches introduced the school mission, and its curriculum, to the P.6 students and their parents. Afterwards teachers and students shared their experiences of the school with the prospective parents. On the following day, everyone was invited to go on a campus tour.




19 Oct, 2012 – Inter-school Swimming Championship - Day 2

The final day of the Inter-school Swimming Championship took place on 19 October, 2012, at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Congratulations go to Joey Ching 4F who broke the record in 50m Freestyle of Grade B, and to Cheyenne Cheung 2F who broke the record in 100m breaststroke of Grade C. Overall the Good Hope swimming team were awarded second runner-up. Congratulations and well done everybody!




11 Oct, 2012 – Inter-school Swimming Championship - Day 1

The school Swimming Team took part in the first part of the Inter-school Swimming Championship on 11 October, 2012 (Thursday) at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Congratulations go to Cheyenne Cheung 2F who broke the record in both the 100m and 50m breaststroke! The second part of this event happens on 19 October, 2012 (Friday). Please demonstrate your support for your swimming team classmates whenever you see them!


7 Oct, 2012 - Student exchange programmes

A talk about student exchange programmes was held on 7th Oct during the F4 OLE lessons. Velen Chan of S6, who went to Germany, and two other students who had been to Belgium and Finland respectively, shared their experiences with the F4 students.




3 Oct, 2012 - Club Promotion Day

The Club Promotion Day was held for all students at lunch on 3rd October, 2012. Booths were set up by different clubs in the covered playground, and club committee members were on hand to provide information about their various organizations to the students. After watching demonstrations, and talking to the coordinators, all students were then requested to indicate their club preferences for the coming year on the club online enrollment system.


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24 Sept, 2012 — UK Universities Road Show

The UK Universities Road Show was successfully held on 24th September 2012 at lunch in Delia’s Hall. Representatives from 23 middle range UK universities and the British Council set up information booths and answered enquiries from both students and parents. The exhibition was very popular with senior form students as they were able to find out more about different universities in the UK.




20 & 21 Sept, 2012 — The Central Board Platform 2012-2013

The Central Board Platform was held on the 20th and 21st of September. Eighteen candidates tried to convince their fellow schoolmates to vote them into one or other of the nine available posts on the Central Board. They took part in various practical tasks, made promotional speeches, and then the student body exercised its democratic right to vote. It was generally agreed that all the candidates had done a superb job.


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14 Sept, 2012 – UK University Education Talk

On 14th September 2012, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organized a talk to give parents, and students, information and advice on how to apply for university places in the UK. The guest speakers were a group of current Cambridge students, and they shared their experience of UK entrance procedures with everyone. They also provided everyone with tips and strategies to maximize chances of admission.




13 & 14 Sept, 2012 – House AGM

The school echoed with the cheers and applause from the proud HOPERS in their House Annual General Meetings (AGMs) on the 13th and 14th of September. It was the start of another year’s intense, yet friendly, competition among the six houses; Pine, Redwood, Oak, Sandal, Hazel and Elm.




12 Sept, 2012 – Mass of the Holy Spirit

Today, all Good Hopers, students, teachers and non-teaching staff, assembled in Delia’s Hall to attend the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the beginning of the new academic year. All the students participated most enthusiastically.




7 & 8 Sept, 2012 - F.1 Orientation Camp

On the 9th and 10th of September, all S1 students joined an orientation camp in Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp. They built up team spirit with their participation in such activities such as ‘the urban chase’ and ‘night walk’.


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3 Sept, 2012 - School re-opens

The opening ceremony of the new school year began with a warm welcome for all the new S1 girls and the few new staff members. The school theme this year is 'Anchored in Christ to bear much fruit', and all the students were asked to set themselves challenging new goals, based on this thought, for the coming academic year.




23 - 25 Aug, 2012 - F.1 Orientation Programme

The S1 Orientation Programme was held from the 23rd to the 25th of August 2012. Through carefully organised preparatory lesson workshops, and team-building activities, the new S1 girls had both a gentle introduction to some of the challenges they will face in GHS, and an opportunity to get to know some of their new classmates better.


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