School News of 13/14

14 July 2014 - HKDSE Results Release Day


The HKDSE Results Release Day was a very exciting day for all our S6 students, as well as their parents, teachers and past students. There was much nervousness in Delia’s Hall, but a tremendously supportive atmosphere calmed everyone down. The morning started with prayers, and the singing of the school song, and then Sr Pauline, our school supervisor, and Ms Brenda Mau, our acting principal, made speeches of encouragement to the S6 students. They stressed that exam results were always significant, but were not so important as to define individuals completely. You should always have confidence and faith in yourself no matter what your level of success at one particular time.

The school was proud to then announce that Joyce Mok of S6F had the best HKDSE results in Good Hope School this year. She achieved six level 5**, one level 5* and 5* in Mathematics (Module 1). She wins the Amy Wong Scholarship for her efforts. Trina So and Michelle Wong, both of S6F, achieved the second and third best results respectively.

The best subject performance this year was English with 80% of students attaining level 5 or above. The results of other core subjects are as follows:

Core Subject
Level 5 or above
GHS Hong Kong
Chinese language 19.4% 7.9%
English language 80.0% 10.1%
Mathematics 44.5% 13.0%
Liberal Studies 41.9% 9.2%

This year, 86.5% of Good Hopers met the basic entrance requirement for admission to publicly-funded undergraduate programmes (3322).

Well done to all S6 students. You have all put in much effort and may you continue to do your best and be blessed by God in all your future endeavours.



23 May 2014 - Graduation Day 2014


The graduation ceremony for this year’s Secondary 6 students was held on Friday, 23 May, 2014. The Guest of Honour, Prof. Tony Chan Fan-Cheong, President of the University of Science and Technology, addressed the graduates and gave them three life lessons; firstly, not to fear failure when faced by challenges; secondly, to always make the choice that they are the most passionate about; and thirdly to always watch for opportunities. This very special occasion ended with the Ceremony of the Candles, led by Sister Pauline and the class prefects. We wish our graduates all the best in the future!




29 Apr, 2014 – S.4 OLE Musical Competition


As part of the DSE requirements all the S.4 classes were tasked with producing class musicals this year. These had to involve every single member of each class, whether in acting, dancing , singing or in producing props, helping with stage management, lighting or sound. On the 29th April each class then had to show the fruits of their labour to the whole school, and what a great show it was! Two professional producers, Mr William Yip and Ms Jarita Wan, acted as adjudicators, and the whole school was left in awe by the creativity of the S4s. There were zombies, fairies and even animals on stage, and the audience were whirled between parties, knife fights, love affairs, and from deep forest glades to darkest hell! There was much joy and laughter throughout, however, and S4 really showed its worth.





16 Apr, 2014 – Reading Festival


In order to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, our school organized a reading festival, its aim being to encourage schoolmates to read more. During the festival different panels set up booths in which schoolmates could explore a wide variety of books in various different categories, and books were provided on such topics as general literature, history, paper folding, traditional Chinese legendary stories and, of course, Shakespeare’s famous plays. Besides books the schoolmates also saw some extracts of Shakespearean drama, acted out by their peers from the Drama Club, and had the opportunity to play some games in order to collect stamps. Those who collected enough stamps were able to exchange them for popcorn, cotton candy and ice-cream! It was a fun, exhilarating day!




15 Apr 2014 - Science Fair


The Science Fair is a regular feature of our school year- and each year it never fails to amaze and entertain. This year was no exception to the rule! There was a variety of hands-on experiments, in particular involving eggs, but also class-based competitions, such as flying paper airplanes. Not only did the students enjoy exploring science, but the teachers also delighted in demonstrating experiments like the “egg walk”. The Science Fair has once again proved that the world of science is a world in which everybody can learn and have fun.




3 Apr, 2014 – Hunger Meal


Today, all the students and teachers gathered together in Delia’s Hall to attend a Bible service and the annual Hunger Meal. There was a presentation about the world problem of hunger and then everyone was only given a small bun for lunch. This was so that everyone could experience the feeling of hunger and imagine what it must be like to feel hunger every day. Through the activity we learned that we should never take anything for granted and, what’s more, we should try to offer help to those in need.


28 Mar, 2014- Walkathon


Our Good Hope Family came together in one spirit in the Walkathon on 28 March. This year, the Walkathon was held on our very own school campus, making it all the more remarkable.

In the opening ceremony, a 15-foot long banner was unveiled that showed the story of our school; how a single dream had evolved into a legend ‘on Kowloon’s verdant slope’. The PTA then made a generous donation to Sister Pauline as a token of support for the school. Afterwards, Sister announced the start of the walk. Everyone savoured the fresh morning air and the warmth of the occasion. It was a great opportunity to visit the different sections of the school and enhance our sense of unity. To everyone’s delight various game booths and food counters had been set up to entertain and feed all the walkers at the end of their short journey.

The Diamond Jubilee Walkathon symbolizes the journey of Good Hope. While we look back and reminisce about all this however, we are also still remembering to walk forward, hand in hand, saying ‘Yes’ to further missions ahead.


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25 Mar, 2014 – 60th Anniversary of GHS Foundation and Opening of the New School Office


March 25th marked the birthday of Good Hope School. She is a youthful sixty years old! Everyone gathered in the school hall to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, to remember the humble beginnings of our Good Hope family and to give thanks to God for all the Blessings He has showered upon the school over the past few decades.

The school chose this particular day, in addition, for the opening of the new school office. Renovation work has been in hand for several months, and was finally completed just in time for the Anniversary celebrations. The new school office consists of offices for the Supervisor, Principal and Vice-principal as well as desks for the administrative staff. There is a more modern medical area and a sleek reception area. As the school office stands as the very heart of our school, this upgrade symbolizes a new beginning for our school. It represents a change for the better, and a renewed vigour in the heart of our Good Hope family; it shows that the Good Hope zeal to continue its mission to spread love, hope, joy and thanksgiving throughout the world is as vibrant as ever.

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24 Mar, 2014 - Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Mass


This year is the 60th birthday of Good Hope School. Our Good Hope Family, made up of the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary sections, the MIC sisters, the teaching staff, the administration and maintenance staff, parents, alumni and well-wishers all united as one spirit in the presence of His Eminence, Cardinal John Tong, in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Wan Chai on 24th March, 2014. It was, coincidentally, also time to celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation and thank God for His Providential Care of us all.

Our time capsule and tree of Good Hope were presented to Cardinal Tong for his blessing. They are a symbol of the school’s commitment to nurturing the younger generation with love, hope, joy and thanksgiving. The Cardinal said, “May God grant that your charity be persistent, your hope be unfailing, your joy ever constant and your thanksgiving unceasing.”

The Cardinal also blessed the Diamond Jubilee logo, and reminded us to live up to its meaning: to be grateful and give thanks for our past, and to say “yes” to our glittering future.

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17-19 Mar, 2014 – Inter-class Mathematics Contest


The inter-class Mathematics Contest was held for S.1-S.3 students on 17-19 March in Delia’s Hall. The competition consisted of two parts, the riddle part and the game part. The questions were very challenging, the competitors did their utmost to solve the problems. Many students came to cheer on their classmates, and everyone showed good sportsmanship throughout the event.

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12 & 13 Mar, 2014 – Book Fair


“We read to know we are not alone” - C.S. Lewis

It was a great pleasure for the school to have its Book Fair on 12-13 March, 2014. It was held in Delia’s Hall, and organized by Joint Publishing HK. Students were able to purchase a wide variety of books during lunch time and after school. In addition to that, each class was given an opportunity to visit during lessons. It certainly enhanced the reading atmosphere at school and enabled everyone to obtain some quality reading materials at their leisure.



28 Feb, 2014 - Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 3, Finals


Our Good Hope Athletics Team performed exceptionally well on Day 3 of the Inter-school Athletics Championships rounding off a splendid overall performance. Several new records were broken by Good Hope athletes; Vera Lau in Javelin A Grade, Courtney Lau in Discus B Grade and the 4x400m Grade B relay team. It was a credit to the school that the athletics team were so ably supported by so many of their classmates in the spectator’s stand, and by the school MC team who did well to conduct the closing ceremony professionally despite a very boisterous, although cheerful, crowd.

The Overall results were:

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 127 144 177 448
Rank 2 2 1 2

Falling or rising, we stand together, tall!

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27 Feb, 2014 - S6 Farewell Ceremony


As the school bell rang, on 27 February, the student life at Good Hope School for each S6 Good Hoper was coming to an end. It was the start of the S6 Farewell Ceremony and all the S6 classes had prepared performances to thank their teachers. They danced, they sang, they made touching speeches and, since every thankyou speech came straight from the heart, these quickly inspired both tears and applause. As it is said, what comes from the heart, goes to the heart. After listening to the students’ all the teachers then went up onto the stage as a sign of blessing to wish the S6 good luck in their upcoming public exams. Love and care filled the air as it was once again proved that Good Hope is a big, warm family for all.

It was an end, but it was also a beginning. We wish all the S6 students a bright and hopeful future!




25 Feb, 2014 - Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 2


Our Good Hope Athletics Team has performed exceptionally well on Day 2 of the Inter-school Athletics Championships. All the athletes did their absolute best in all the events. Falling or Rising, we stand together tall!

The results of Day 2 are as follows.

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 57 64 60 181
Rank 2 2 1 2



20 & 21 Feb, 2014 – NSS Subject Information Days


Two information days about NSS subjects for S.3 students were held on the 20th and 21st of February. The S.3 schoolmates were keen to know what their choices were, and they were anxious to make sure that they would soon be making the right choices. They asked a lot of questions about the curriculum and whether certain subjects were more stressful to study than others. Senior students currently studying the elective subjects shared their experiences with their fellow schoolmates and provided ample useful advice for them on how to choose their electives well. After getting all this help the S.3 students are now able to make all the right choices!



20 Feb, 2014 - Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 1


The Inter-school Athletics Championships (Day 1) took place in Wan Chai Sports Ground on 20th February. We are in overall second place today. Congratulations, in particular, must go to Vera Lau of 5B for making a new Javelin Record of 47.16m in Grade A. We are certain that our Good Hope Athletes will do their best on 25th and 28th Feb.

The results of Day 1 are as follows.

Grade A B C Overall
Marks 38 36 27 101
Rank 2 2 1 2




28 Jan, 2014 – Chinese New Year Celebration


Good Hopers celebrated the Lunar New Year of the Horse on 28 January. To begin the day all students and staff, wearing traditional Chinese dress, got together on the open playground for a mass photo. Everyone then proceeded cheerfully to Delia’s Hall for Mass, and after this there was a new event- the Temple Fair- for all to enjoy. At the fair there was music and dancing, stalls and lots of food. Students grabbed the chance to try fun science experiments, write New Year messages in traditional Chinese calligraphy and watch a puppet show. One attraction that was very popular was the inter-class contest to see which students could remove the shells of melon seeds fastest. It was very entertaining! By the end of the celebration there were contented smiles everywhere, and everyone left for home wishing good luck and good fortune to all members of the Good Hope family. Happy New Year of the Horse!


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8 Jan, 2014 – Swimming Gala


The exciting annual Swimming Gala was held on 8th January at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Everyone from the school was there to see this spectacular event and the house cheering teams did a great job in motivating the crowd. The races were thrilling and all the participants fully deserved all the applause.

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1 Jan, 2014 – “Celestial Echo”, the New Year Concert, 2014


On 1 January, 2014, Good Hope School welcomed in the new year with its traditional New Year Concert. Mr Tobias Cole and Mrs Katie Cole from Australia were the guest conductors of the kindergarten, primary and secondary section choirs, whilst Miss Karen Chan arranged stunning choreographies and Mr Moe Kwan organised the special performances. It was all quite spectacular. May the year ahead be as wonderful and full of harmony and invention as this amazing New Year Concert !

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20 Dec, 2013 – Christmas Celebration


With Christmas approaching, all Good Hopers spent their last school day celebrating. First of all came the Christmas Mass, during which we were inspired to reflect upon the symbolism of that colourful tree decoration, the candy cane. It’s red and white ‘J’ shape is not merely for decoration (and to eat) but, turn it over, and its shape can help us remember both ‘Jesus’ and ‘Joy’ during the festival. The Mass was rapidly followed up with the entertainment organised for us by the Central Board, and then everyone retired to their classes for group parties. There was so much joy and laughter! Merry Christmas everyone!

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12 Dec 2013 - Good Hope girls triumph!


This month has seen Good Hope girls triumphing in a wide range of co-curricular competitions. In particular, the English, Chinese and Mathematics panels have all reaped handsome rewards and deserve congratulations. Here is a short summary of what has been achieved so far.


65th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

S.1,S.2,S.5-S.6 Girls Choral Speaking
S.1-S.3 Words and Movement


中一、中二級詩詞集誦 (普通話)

True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest 2013

Group and Individual Champion


6 Dec 2013 - MIC Feast Day Bible Service


The school is always ready to show its gratitude to the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (MIC) for the support they constantly offer. It was in this spirit of gratefulness, therefore, that the whole school gathered to celebrate the Feast Day of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception on 6th December.

The celebration began with a bible service, and this was followed by a face-to-face chat with the MIC Sisters. The chat, in particular, gave all students an invaluable chance to interact with the Sisters, about whom everyone wanted to know a little more, and they learned that apart from supporting our school, the MIC also serves the needy in many other different parts of the world. As an example, two years ago they established the Wongani Primary School in Malawi, in South Eastern Africa. In recognition of this fact proceeds from a Good Hope second-hand uniform sale, from earlier this year, were donated to the MIC for use at Wongani.

Gifts were also presented to the MIC sisters by the staff of GHS and by the Head Girl. These showed the support that the MIC sisters of Good Hope have in the Good Hope community; the united spirit of Good Hopers has never been stronger.


28 Nov 2013 - Opening of the new reading room


November 28th was a joyful day as all the class reading ambassadors came together on the lawn to celebrate the opening of the new school reading room. A special book, designed by Mr Paul Chan and Kristy Chan 5D, was unveiled by Sr. Pauline to commemorate the occasion and all the ambassadors received their badges of office. Afterwards the guests poured in to view the new facility that had been so thoughtfully provided. It is hoped that this dedicated space will further motivate students in all age groups to experience the joy of reading.


25 & 26 Nov, 2013 – Annual Sports Day


The annual Good Hope School Sports Day was held at Wan Chai Sports Ground on the 25th and 26th of November. The audience cheered itself hoarse as it urged the competitors on, and the Sports Ground was filled with the joy and happiness of the Good Hope family.

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15 Nov, 2013 – Internal Speech Festival - Winners’ Performances


In preparation for the Hong Kong speech festival the school ran its own internal speech festival in October/November 2013. Over four weeks everyone had a chance to really experience what it is like to systematically rehearse a piece and then to perform in front of an audience. The eventual winners performed, once again, on stage in front of the whole school at a Winners’ Performance on 15th November. Everyone was amazed by the talent on display and could clearly see how excellent Good Hope girls really can be at speaking in public.

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31 Oct, 2013 – S.6 Stress Release Workshop


With the approach of the HKDSE many students are beginning to feel a little stressed. Therefore, a stress release workshop was held on 31 Oct for all S.6 students. With the help of the school social worker and the Student Growth Committee, they shared some of their experiences of stress with each other, and then did some relaxation exercises. At the end of the programme, all S.6 students symbolically released their worries and anxieties by releasing balloons from the rooftop of Our Lady’s Wing.


26 Oct, 2013 – Secondary One Admission Information Session


The Secondary One Admission Information Session was held on 26 October, 2013. In the first session an admission talk introduced the school mission, its curriculum and its achievements to potential P.6 students and their parents. Afterwards, a campus tour was arranged to let the public know more about the learning environment in GHS. With so many parents requesting tickets, the venue this year had to be moved from Delia’s Hall to the much larger Primary Section Hall. It is really encouraging to see that Good Hope is held in such high esteem by local parents.


18 & 23 Oct, 2013 – Inter-school Swimming Championships


The Good Hope School Swimming Team took part in the Inter-school Swimming Championships on 18 and 23 October, 2013 at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Overall the Good Hope swimming team were the second runners-up. “Swim with passion, carry on the legend!”


2 Oct, 2013 – Club Promotion Day


Today was the Club Promotion Day for all Good Hopers. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know more about all the clubs being offered by the school this year. The Covered Playground was fully-packed with students and filled with laughter, and besides club members putting on performances to attract student attention there were also sweets and small gifts to entice the unwary! Overall there was upwards of 60 clubs to choose from- quite enough for everybody.



26 & 27 Sept,2013 - Central Board Platform 2013-2014


The annual Central Board Platform was held on 26th-27th September this year, and a total of 20 candidates ran for the various offices. Over the two days the candidates were asked to complete a number of challenging tasks so that the audience might have a clearer picture of who to vote for. The student body then exercised its democratic rights by voting both sensibly and wisely.


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13 & 16 Sept, 2013 - House AGM


The Annual General Meetings for the six Houses were held on the 13th and 16th of September this year. They were wonderful occasions as all the house members gathered together in a true spirit of friendship. S1 students got to see their House Captains and House schoolmates for the first time and everyone’s spirits were lifted by the many fun activities and the singing of House songs.


11 Sept, 2013- Mass of Holy Spirit and Amy Wong Award Presentation


The day started with Father Devo leading the Mass of Holy Spirit, and all the staff and students prayed for a peaceful start to the new school year.

After this, a past student, Ms Amy Wong, was introduced. She graduated in 1989, and is currently the Senior Vice President of a regional bank. Ms Wong has generously established the Amy Wong Award, a HK$10,000 reward to the highest-achieving Good Hoper in the HKDSE. The inaugural award was presented to last year’s top student, Angel Tsui, for her incredible result of eight 5** grades in the DSE exams.

Ms Wong’s love and kindness brought hope and joy to everybody who heard her, and seeing the two past students together on stage demonstrated the thanksgiving spirit of Good Hope to everyone. It also showed how the Good Hope Spirit of love, hope, joy and thanksgiving are carried on even after graduation. May all of us Good Hopers strive to let our light inspire others, following the fine example set by these past students.



2 Sept, 2013 - School re-opens


The opening ceremony of the new school year began with the announcement of the new school theme, 'With 60 years of blessings, we love, we hope, we give thanks, we rejoice!’ Sr Pauline, our supervisor, then explained the history of our school with a lot of precious photos. After a review of the latest developments within the school, the school leadership team then introduced the main school aims of the year.


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