School News of 15/16

30 July 2016 - A Sparkle of God's Dream - Dreams in Africa

13 July 2016 - HKDSE Results Release Day


The moment had finally arrived for Good Hope School’s 161 anxious S.6 students, awaiting their HKDSE results with a mix of nervousness and excitement this Wednesday, 13th July. Class and subject teachers were on hand to calm and reassure the girls. Following a prayer of encouragement, our supervisor Sister Pauline and principal Mrs. Green stepped forward to remind the audience of their blessings, of the supporting cast around them, and to thank them for bringing their gifts to Good Hope over these 6 (or more!) years.
Finally, the wait was over. A special mention was first given to students with the school’s top three results this year: Stephanie Moy, Elizabeth Chan and Sally Leung, all from class 6.F. The students then received perhaps the most important piece of paper in their lives to date.

Below is a comparison of Good Hope’s core subject results with that of the rest of Hong Kong:

Core Subject

Level 5 or above


Hong Kong

Chinese language



English language






Liberal Studies



This year, 85.1% of Good Hopers met the basic entrance requirement for admission to publicly-funded undergraduate programmes (3322). The territory-wide figure was 42.2%.

Congratulations to all our S.6 graduates and here’s wishing you a bright future down which ever path you follow!



12 July 2016 - InterMission: Delia's Wing Revitalized


On 12th July InterMission: Delia's Wing Revitalized was held to celebrate and say farewell to Delia’s Hall and its accompanying classrooms. On an emotional evening, audience members were treated to performances from the finalists of the Hopers Got Talent competition as well as an extra-special dance routine featuring the principal and supervisor! As the final performance event in Delia’s Hall, this was a fitting send-off and the last sweet memory to cling to as we await the new, revitalized Delia’s Wing.


4 July 2016 - Girl Guides Workshop with Primary Section ‘Brownies’


A biscuit-topping design workshop was successfully held on the 4th July 2016. This was the first time that our Girl Guides have held a joint activity with the Brownies from our primary section. During the workshop, they were divided into groups and decorated biscuits together. This event not only allowed them to display their creativity and cooperation, but also provided a chance for Girl Guides and Brownies to communicate and share experiences in order to know more about each other.


The 29th Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students Selection


5F Candy Cheung was selected to be one of the twenty finalists in the 29th Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students Award after several rounds of interviews.

Organized by JCI Yuen Long and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students’ Union, the Award is a renowned and long-standing recognition of secondary school students in Hong Kong, first being awarded in 1988. The Awards recognize senior secondary students who have balanced development between academic performance, extra-curricular activities, leadership, community services, and self-awareness.

Congratulations to Candy!


Chinese Typing Competition


The Chinese Typing Competition is an annual event organised by the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education. The competition tests competitors on their typing speed and accuracy.

This year, we are delighted that after two rounds of tests Mimmy Yeung (3D) was declared champion of the junior forms with the result of 100 characters per minute. This is the second consecutive year that Mimmy has won the competition.

Congratulations to Mimmy on another marvelous achievement!

Pearly Wu (2F) has also been awarded with merit certificate with the result of 49 characters per minute. Congratulation!


Journey of Perseverance

“Hard work will definitely pay off.” Our Big Sister, Christy Yiu (graduate of 2007) has been training hard for long distance running. Her great effort enabled her to smash her personal best and qualify to take part in the women’s Marathon event in the Rio Olympics this summer.

To celebrate her success, Christy's sponsor - Nike, Inc. - organised a get-together event followed by a running workshop on 23rd June 2016. Our primary and secondary Athletics Team members were thrilled to have this precious chance to participate in such a memorable event. We were all given a specially designed white T-shirt with our school logo and a pair of Nike sport shoes. Members of Good Hope School Athletics Club and our alumnae also came back for this meaningful event. We were all looking forward to meeting our Big Sister, Christy.

At 6:00pm, the sharing session started off with a video interview of Christy’s friends and coaches congratulating her. After that, Christy was invited on stage to share some of her tough experiences and how she had overcome obstacles to achieve her brilliant results today. She also gave some tips and encouragement to us Good Hopers, including: “No matter how tough your dream is, follow it. You will never know where it would bring you to. The secret to success is that I never give up.”

After watching Christy’s TV commercial premiere, both primary and secondary athletes took a group photo at the main entrance of the school. All of us then joined the running workshop coached by Mr. Chan Ka Ho in the covered playground. He also shared with us a quote about achieving success: “There is only hard work, but no miracle.”

After this meaningful sharing and workshop, we will continue to strive for excellence and pursue our dreams, just like Christy.



27 May, 2016 - Graduation Ceremony


On the 27th May, the Graduation Ceremony for our S6 sisters was held. After six years of education in Good Hope School, they will be leaving for brighter and better futures. They have made long-lasting friendships in Good Hope School, and we wish them all the best for the future.


Summer Bridging Program

Please click [here] for updates of the Chinese summer reading list.


Exchange trip to the Netherlands


During mid-April, 14 Form 4 students embarked on an exchange trip to the Netherlands. With the theme of Cultural and International Conference, students from different nations (Canada, Italy, Spain and Holland) merged together at the program. We had an International morning and Sports afternoon, a theme park day, potluck dinner and city tours to Maastricht and Aachen. It was a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity and international friendship, despite the brief time we spent together. After the challenging yet rewarding 8-day exchange, we spent another 8 days sightseeing in Amsterdam and Cologne. We made visits to the picturesque windmills, historical fishing villages, a clog maker, cheese factory, the houses of parliament and the Royal Delft ceramic factory, as well as cruising around the labyrinthine canals and the Rhine River. The eye-opening trip unveiled the country in its truest form as we found ourselves fully indulged in its culture.






2016 International Physics Olympiad


MAK Ho Yi, Lydia (5F) has been demonstrating outstanding competency throughout the Physics Enhancement Programme organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE). Finally, she was selected to be a representative of the Hong Kong Team at the 17th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO), held from 1st May to 9th May 2016 in Hong Kong.
Students from 26 countries and regions took part in this demanding event, which consisted of a theoretical exam and an experimental exam, each of which lasted 5 hours. Lydia won the bronze medal in this tough international competition.
Lydia has since stepped even further, as she was selected to be one of the 5 members of the Hong Kong team (the only female representative) to contest the 47th International Physics Olympiad, which was held in Zurich, Switzerland from 11th to 17th July 2016.  Teams of up to five students from 84 countries from every corner of the globe joined the competition, which consisted of demanding five-hour experimental and theory exams formulated by a team of physicists from the University of Zurich, aimed at testing students' creativity and knowledge. Lydia finally got a silver medal in this international competition.
Let’s congratulate Lydia on her success!



28 Apr 2016 - Inter-house General Knowledge Quiz


It’s a well-known fact that Good Hopers crave knowledge. The 3rd Inter-house General Knowledge Quiz Contest was thus held to satisfy this need. Through the competition, students were challenged to recall facts and figures from the realms of Liberal Studies, Economics, History, Geography and ICT. As well as students from the Secondary Section, the competition also included our Primary Section little sisters. The keen competition between the competitors representing different houses brought the event to new heights. After three rounds of fierce competition, Elm House competitors won! Congratulations! We are eagerly looking forward to the Contest next year.



25-27 Apr 2016 - Inter-class Mathematics Competition


On the 25th - 27th April, our S1-S3 students participated in the annual Inter-class Mathematics Competition. It consisted of two parts: the riddle and the game. Although the questions were challenging, students tried their utmost to solve them by themselves. This year they were further challenged by competing against a team of (non-maths department) teachers! The event not only boosted schoolmates’ mathematical and logical problem-solving skills, but also their team work and sense of fair play.


[Photo (Day 1)][Photo (Day 2)][Photo (Day 3)]

22 Apr 2016 - Reading Festival


The Reading Festival - an event for bibliophiles and bibliophobes alike - was successfully held on World Book Day, the 22nd April . A series of fun reading activities, such as game booths and reading corners, were organized with the aim of encouraging students to read more. Students explored a wide variety of books from genres including comedy, history and non-fiction among others. As well as browsing the huge number of books on display, students also had the opportunity to collect stamps through playing reading-related games. It was an exhilarating day for all participants and inspired a new group of dedicated book lovers at the school.



 Exchange programme to Canada


During the Easter Holiday, 20 S.3 to S.5 students took part in a 15-day exchange programme to Canada. In the first week, they visited several famous scenic spots in Toronto, such as Niagara Falls, the CN Tower and the University of Toronto. Students also went to the cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City, and learned about the French-speaking regions of Canada. In the second week, students spent time at St. James Catholic High School in Guelph, where they experienced Canadian culture and school life. They had lessons in St. James and celebrated the Easter weekend with their host families. The students also enjoyed themselves at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, in The Distillery District and at an exciting Toronto Marlies ice hockey game. It was a wonderful, memorable experience for all involved.


The 14th CILTHK Essay Competition


The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Hong Kong Essay Competition is an annual writing contest that tests students’ creativity and innovation in tackling current social issues. The topic for the English Senior Group this year - the 14th annual competition - was “My proposal for new transport mode(s) in the Kai Tak New Development Area”. June Pak and Lotus Yu from 5F won the championship with their plan for a 'straddling' bus! Also, Asher Cheng and Kirstie Lau from 5F were granted a merit after introducing the benefits of the 'Rinspeed sQuba' (an amphibious car!). Congratulations to all of our award-winning competitors!


16 Apr 2016 - Microsoft in Education Hong Kong Forum


Microsoft in Education Hong Kong Forum is an annual event co-organized by Microsoft HK and the Education Bureau. This year, we were invited to showcase our experience of using technology in S.3 Visual Arts and OneNote in S.2 English. Through discussion and visiting the other booths, we not only learnt a lot from other schools, but also gained recognition for our innovation.


Five days of Outward Bound!


38 students, mostly from S.1, went on a 5-day Outward Bound program during the Easter Holidays. The group gathered at the Outward Bound Site early in the morning on 29th March. The program began with a beach dive to experience the cold chilly sea water, then they were taught how to come out of a capsized kayak. Before they departed for a remote island where they would be cooking their own food for 5 days, they were allowed the indulgence of delicious lunch at the Outward Bound Canteen. During the program, they paddled over 20 km in kayaks in the open sea around Sharp Island, Tiu Chung Chau, Tai Tau Chau and Kau Sai Chau. They also climbed rocks, and walked on poles and ropes. It was definitely an unforgettable way for the girls to spend the holidays.


Science Fiction Drawing Competition


This annual competition is organized by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association. By taking part in the event, students can express their imaginative ideas about the future through the medium of drawing. It also provides students the opportunity to display their artistic skill and scientific knowledge. Our student, Gigi Lam (2B), obtained a Merit Award for her creative drawing ‘Eco-Skyway’.


22 Mar 2016 - ‘In-Sci-Out’


This year, the science fair was held in the form of an inter-class competition. In groups of 4, students visited check points at a number of venues around the school to conduct experiments or solve science-related problems. They then gained stamps based on their performance. The best team in each class and in each form were awarded prizes. Some of our Primary Section little sisters also joined the activity. The annual science activity is always a source of excitement and fun for students of all ages!



17 Mar 2016 - Hunger Meal


The annual Hunger Meal was held on the 17th of March, when, instead of their usual lunch, students had one simple bun to have a small taste of what hunger is like in less-developed countries. During the event, a volunteer from Doctors Without Borders shared her experience in Afghanistan, and every student got to know more about what it was like to provide relief work under challenging circumstances.


9 - 18 Mar 2016 - Basic Law Exhibition


To enhance students’ understanding and knowledge of the Basic Law, the PSHE KLA organized a Basic Law exhibition. A book exhibition and board display were staged in the library from 9/3 – 18/3, while a game booth was set up at the lawn from 14/3 –18/3 during lunchtime.

Through these activities, both junior and senior form students were able to learn more about the background and content of this important constitutional document of the HKSAR in an interesting and interactive way.


7 - 8 Mar 2016 - Annual Sports Day


The annual Sports Day was held successfully on the 7th and 8th of March. Every student that participated did their very best in the competitions, and was supported by their housemates on the cheering stands. The Run to Rio event was also successfully held on the second day. It was great to see all the athletes and students coming together to celebrate the 2016 Olympics..



Singapore Exchange Programme


Sixteen students from S.2 and S.3 joined a 7-day Singapore Exchange Programme after the Chinese New Year holiday. The trip was aimed at enhancing students’ knowledge of Singaporean culture and history, and visiting our sister school in Singapore. During these 7 days, students experienced the uniqueness of Singapore, a multi-cultural country. Students found out about Indian and Malay culture by visiting the Little India Arcade and Malay Heritage Centre. Students also went to Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (CGSS) for an academic exchange lasting 4 days. They had lessons in CGSS with their study buddies to experience school life in Singapore. This was a golden opportunity, as learning is always better when we can experience it by ourselves. Students also enjoyed themselves at the Singapore Zoo, the National Museum of Singapore, the Singapore Science Centre and Universal Studios Singapore. It was a truly remarkable and valuable experience for all students involved in the trip.


New Zealand Excursion


During the New Year Holiday, 20 students from S.1 and S.2 joined a New Zealand excursion held by the Youth Overseas Exchange Centre. This field trip aimed to educate the participants about the ecology and culture of New Zealand. During these 10 days, they saw a number of endangered animals that can only be seen in New Zealand, such as the Royal Albatross and the yellow-eyed penguin. The students thoroughly enjoyed the natural environment in New Zealand and were amused by the number of sheep and cows there! While on the trip, they worked on their independence by taking care of themselves, also enhancing their communication skills. It was a remarkable, fruitful and memorable experience for all involved.


27 Feb 2016 – The 33rd Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad


Please join us in sharing the joy of the Mathematics Team for their triumph in the renowned Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad (HKMO) organised by the Education Bureau on 27th February, 2016.
Facing keen competition from opponents from other schools, our team - consisting of Grace Leung, Janice Leung, Arlene Lo, Lydia Mak, Cindy Wu and Lotus Yu from 5F - showed an incredible sense of passion and commitment to perform their best and won the following awards:
1. Regional Winner in Kowloon Region 1 section
2. Individual First Class Honour (Lydia Mak)
3. Individual Third Class Honour (Janice Leung)
4. One of the 50 finalists in the final event


26 Feb 2016 – Inter-school Athletics Competition (Division 1), Finals


Our Good Hope Athletics Team performed exceptionally well on Day 3 of the Inter-school Athletics Competition rounding off a splendid overall performance. Several records were broken by Good Hope athletes;

Chloe Chan in 100m & 200m B Grade, Ellis Wu in 100m Hurdles B Grade, Wise Poon in 200m A Grade, Leung Yee Ting in 100m A Grade, and 4 by 100m Relay A Grade Team.

It was a credit to the school that the athletics team were so ably supported by so many of their classmates in the spectator’s stand.

The Overall results were:


Grade A B C Overall
Marks 169 144 146 459
Rank 2 2 1 2




23 Feb 2016 – Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 2


Our Good Hope Athletics Team performed exceptionally well on Day 2 of the Inter-school Athletics Championships. The athletes did their absolute best in all the events.

The results of Day 2 are as follows:


Grade A B C Overall
Marks 70 46 60 176
Rank 2 3 1 2




19 Feb 2016 – Inter-school Athletics Championships Day 1


The Inter-school Athletics Championships (Day 1) took place at Wan Chai Sports Ground today. Overall, we are in second place. We are certain that our Good Hope Athletes will continue to do their best on days 2 and 3 (23rd and 26th February). Let's give them our full support!

The results of Day 1 are as follows:


Grade A B C Overall
Marks 38 25 26 89
Rank 2 4 1 2




Live broadcast of Inter-school Athletics Championships


On 19th, 23rd and 26th February, the Inter-school Athletics Championships will take place at Wan Chai Sports Ground. To show support to the Good Hope Athletics Team, the CTV team is working with La Salle College to broadcast the competition live! Let’s cheer for our Athletics Team!


3 Feb 2016 - Chinese New Year Mass and Temple Fair


The celebrations of the start of the Chinese New Year were held successfully on 3rd February this year, with the Father giving his blessings to everyone on the Year of the Monkey at the Mass, special performances in the hall, and also students and teachers enjoying themselves at the various booths in the Temple Fair.



22-23 Jan 2016 - Student Education Fair on Science, Technology and Mathematics 2016


On 22nd and 23rd January 2016, our school's Mathematics Panel participated in the Student Education Fair on Science, Technology and Mathematics 2016 held at the Science Park. We set up a booth showcasing our school's achievements in mathematics, while introducing our vision and approach to teaching mathematics with technology. We are glad to have received encouraging feedback from both teachers and students. In the end, we were awarded the Good Decoration Award for the booth.


21 Jan 2016 - S.6 farewell Ceremony


The S6 Bible Service and Farewell Ceremony was successfully held on the 21st January. After holding a bible service to thank God for His love and care for our S6 schoolmates over the past six years, the S6 students gave performances to express their gratitude to the school and its teachers. It was very touching, and we wish them the best in their HKDSE exams!



18 & 19 Jan 2016 - Subject Information Days for S.3


The S3 Subject Information Days were held successfully on the 18th and 19th of January. Secondary 3 students went to St. Joseph's Hall to find out more about the subjects they could choose next year. There were 12 booths for the students to explore, along with boards for each booth providing information about the subjects. It was very crowded as everyone wanted to take advantage of this valuable opportunity!


Go green, let’s begin!


Yucca Chung and Melody Tang from class 4D, together with 20 students from other schools, joined a green city exploration tour held by Yan Oi Tong to explore the green culture in Singapore. The exploration tour aimed to raise students’ awareness of going green through visiting the green building facilities in Singapore. Their mission now is to spread the message of the importance of going green to the rest of society. After joining the tour, the students shared the message of going green with their schoolmates and to the public through a seminar.
Let’s join hands to promote a green lifestyle. Go green, let’s begin!


Harvard Model Congress Asia 2016


Harvard Model Congress Asia is a government simulation conference run entirely by Harvard students. It aims to foster the next generation of global leaders by allowing international high school students to debate on pressing global issues. This year, our school sent out 16 delegates to Seoul, Korea to join the 3-day programme starting from the eighth of January. Through drafting policies and deciding court cases, delegates experienced first-hand how the government works and learnt about leadership and statecraft. Besides the conference, the excursion also covered sightseeing and cultural exchange time in Seoul. Students enjoyed a nice trail walk at Namsan, admired the Gyeongbokgung Palace and watched the intriguing Nanta show. All in all, it has been an amazing and invaluable experience.



1 Jan 2016 - New Year Concert


The annual New Year Concert was held at the start of the year in Delia’s Hall, with the aim of raising funds for the reconstruction of the Hall. The New Year was welcomed in with choir performances conducted by our guest conductor from Singapore, Mr. Toh Ban Sheng, as well as musical performances from the Primary and Kindergarten sections. This was a golden opportunity for Good Hopers to showcase their musical talents. The choirs filled the atmosphere with joyful music. It was undoubtedly a superb start to the year. Well done everyone!



23 Dec 2015 - Christmas Celebration


With Christmas approaching, we celebrated Christmas with a Mass and a festive celebration on the 23rd December. The Mass inspired schoolmates to reflect on the significance of Christ’s birth and helped us to remember Jesus during the festival. All schoolmates participated enthusiastically in the celebration. To mark such a joyous season, there were dancing and singing performances which filled the hall with fun and happiness. We definitely enjoyed ourselves to the fullest during this jolly event. Merry Christmas everyone!



Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2015


The Australian National Chemistry Quiz (ANCQ) is an international chemistry quiz organized by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. More than 100,000 candidates participated in the quiz in the past year. Our students achieved some impressive results: Agnis Lee (6F) was awarded a High Distinction; Zenobia Ho (6F), Chevy Mak (6F), Stephanie Moy (6F) and Abby Poon (6F) were awarded a Distinction.




一年一度的全國青少年科技創新大賽旨在培養青少年的創新精神和實踐能力, 吸引了全國各地的青少年參加,規模為全國最大。本校同學在「少年兒童科學幻想繪畫」比賽中奪得佳績,譚詩晴(三戊)以「輕便電影立方體」獲二等獎;孔晴晞(三甲)和 周希林(三乙)分別以「天空過濾器」和「隱形雨衣」得三等獎。


True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest 2015


Facing keen competition from 217 other talented Mathematicians from 57 participating schools, Minnie Au, Chloe Cheung, Hazel Chow and Athena Lai of 4F were crowned 2nd runners up in the group contest at the True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest 2015. Furthermore, all of them were also awarded a Distinction (meaning their overall score was in the Top 10%) in the individual event. Congratulations!


The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2016 - Hong Kong Screening


The International Junior Science Olympiad is co-organised by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB), the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education, and the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence Teachers Association. Its aim is to identify scientifically-gifted students for training at an advanced level of study. Students’ collaboration skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and communication skills are also enhanced through participation in the training programme. This year, Charlotte Yang (3A) and Kiki Tam (3A) were awarded Third Class Honours in the competition.


67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English)


These two weeks have seen Good Hope girls triumphing in a wide range of competitions. In particular, the English panel has reaped handsome rewards and deserves congratulations. Here is a short summary of what has been achieved so far. 

67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English)
First Place with Honours in S.1 Choral Speaking (Urban Group 2)
First Place with Honours in S.2 Choral Speaking (Urban Group 1)
First Place in S.2 Choral Speaking (Urban Group 2)
First Place in S.4 Choral Speaking (Urban)
Second Place in S.2 Choral Speaking (Urban Group 1)
Second Place in S.5 Choral Speaking (Urban)
Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition (HKSSDC) (Enhanced format)

On Monday, November 30th Good Hope School (GHS I) defeated Wah Yan College (Kowloon) in the final round of the Hong Kong Secondary School Term 1 rounds. GHS (I) is undefeated in the competition so far. We eagerly await the rounds in the second term. 



27 & 28 Nov 2015 - The Diamond Jubilee Pageant


The Diamond Jubilee Pageant was successfully held on the 27th and 28th November. Good Hopers from the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary sections all came together to make a wonderful performance depicting the journey of Mother Delia receiving her message from God and then going to do his will. The evening also included an explanation of many interesting aspects of our school, such as the school emblem and the school houses. The final performance was capped with the sealing of a time capsule, to be opened during the 80th anniversary celebrations in 20 years’ time. Everyone did a wonderful job and it was a perfect ending for our Diamond Jubilee celebrations.




15 Nov 2015 - Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras (AIP) is one of the city’s largest annual community arts events, held on 15th of November this year. Following the theme of ‘classical music’, our S.4 art students design a set of costumes relevant to the famous musical piece, Scheherazade. They paraded along the crowded busy street in Causeway Bay in glittering gold and with the dazzling colour of the Arabian nights. Together with music, the streets were filled with fun, laughter, and the vibrant colours of the performers.


The Adventure-Ship


After the pinning ceremony, our student leaders headed off to board the ‘Adventure-Ship’: for leadership training held on a ship! Out on the waters, students took part in mini-games, cooked their own meals, and even dived in the sea from 7 meters high. While developing strong team spirit, students gained much courage that will prepare them for the leadership challenges ahead. Though tiring, the exhilarating two-day-one-night journey was certainly the experience of a lifetime.


12 Nov 2015 - "We Are One Family" Assembly


The “We are One Family” Assembly was successfully held on the 12th November. Students from the Primary and Kindergarten sections, as well as past students, came to join us on this warm occasion. It was a valuable chance to enhance the spirit of Good Hope and the bonding between Good Hopers. The assembly ended with a song presentation, performed by students from the different sections, symbolizing the unity of the Good Hope family.



9 & 10 Nov 2015 - Internal Speech Festival


The Good Hope Internal Speech Festival was held successfully on the ninth and tenth of November, with a special Winners’ Recital in front of the whole school on the thirteenth of November. Participants in the upcoming Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival competed against each other in their respective categories. This was a valuable chance to get feedback from teachers as well as get accustomed to performing in front of an audience.


4 - 7 Nov 2015 - S1-S4 learning trip


In the past week, our S1-S4 students have been enjoying and benefitting from whole-form learning tours outside Hong Kong. S1-3 were away on the 6th and 7th November, whereas S4 had a slightly longer trip: from the 4th to the 7th of November.

Students from S1 experienced the Portuguese influence on culture in Macau. They were also impressed by the marvelous buildings and structures built in Portuguese architectural styles.

In the course of the S2 learning trip to Guangdong, students visited three historical sites and also visited the elderly.

The learning trip to Shunde gave our S3 schoolmates the experience of teaching English to local primary students. Students visited historical sites as well, which broadened their horizons and added to their knowledge of Chinese culture.

The S4 learning trip to Taiwan included stopovers in Jiufen and Pingxi, as well as a visit to the elderly.



28 Oct 2015 - Inter-school Swimming Competition 2015


The Inter-school Swimming Competition was a deafening experience with Good Hopers cheering as loud as possible to give support to the School’s swimming team members who have trained very hard to do their best. Cheyenne Cheung (5A) shattered the 200m Breaststroke record with a time of 2:41.15. Congratulations! Overall, the Good Hope Swimming Team finished second runner-up. Well done everyone.



24 Oct 2015 - The S1 Information Day


The S1 Information Day was held on 24th October. It was great to see how so many people were so enthusiastic about our school. Some of our current students shared information about the school, such as the wide variety of extra-curricular activities they engage in, as well as the variety of platforms available for leadership-training.



22 Oct 2015 - The Pinning Ceremony of the Central Board and Prefect Board


The pinning ceremony of the Central Board and Prefect Board was successfully held on 22nd October. Congratulations to our new Head Girl Kirstie Lau, Assistant Head Girl Juana Tam, Head Prefect Yucca Chung and Assistant Head Prefect Haley Yeung. The new leaders made their ceremonial speeches and were officially sworn in, at which time they promised to fulfill their responsibilities diligently in the coming school year.



Future Star of Technology: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau Students’ Open Forum


Kirstie Lau (5F), Arlene Lo (5F) and Lydia Mak (5F) were invited to represent Hong Kong in the “Future Star of Technology: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau Students’ Open Forum” held on 17-18 October 2015 in Shanghai.

The theme of the forum was “future school campus”. Our team built a model demonstrating our vision of a future school. After several rounds of presentations, answering challenging questions from judges, designing and building a tower onsite, and an impromptu presentation without PowerPoint slides, we were honored to be awarded the Grand Prize, the Champion. Congratulations to our “Future Stars”.


Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade - Youth Command (H&K) Inter-Divisional Competitions 2015


The St. John Ambulance Brigade – Good Hope Nursing Cadets Division participated in the annual Inter-divisional Competitions on 13th and 20th September 2015. Our division was the Overall Champion among the Nursing Cadet Divisions.

In addition, we were first runner-up in the Home Nursing Competition. Our team of two cadets tried their best to communicate with patients, offer nursing treatment and take care of their needs. In this competition, our cadets demonstrated their personal qualities of being patient, considerate, observant, cooperative and sensitive to the needs of others.

Moreover, we were winners of the Footdrill Competition. We tried our best in the First Aid Competition and the Uniform Inspection Competition. Above all, we learned the importance of cooperation, team spirit and whole person development that cannot be learned in the classroom.

This is the 16th year we have achieved one of the top three statuses, despite keen competition from schools in Hong Kong. It is completely due to the joint effort, dedicated work and committed spirit of all the personnel involved, including our Officers, our cadet leaders, alumni who come back to help and all of the passionate fellow cadet members. It is always our Good Hope spirit to strive for excellent results every year.


30 Sept 2015 - Walkathon


The annual Walkathon was successfully held on 30th September. The event kicked off with the opening ceremony and speeches from Mrs. Laura Green, Principal and Sr. Mary Olga Lam, former Supervisor and Principal). Walking along the Lugard Road trail, we all enjoyed the stunning view of the Victoria Harbour. All of us savoured the fresh morning air and enjoyed to the fullest. It was certainly enjoyable to take a break from work and get closer with nature. We were all grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity to relax and raise money for a worthy cause.


[Photo] [Video]

23 Sept 2015 - Swimming Gala 2015


The Annual Swimming Gala was held successfully on 23rd September at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. The competitors all did their best, be it from individual to inter-class and inter-house events. Everyone participated in cheering for their respective classes and schoolmates and the atmosphere was uplifting. A new event was added in addition to the Line Throw competition, it was the Inter-house Fun Relay which involved moving a ball whilst swimming.


[Photo] [Video]

17 & 18 Sept 2015 - Central Board Platform 2015-2016


The Central Board Platform was held successfully on 17th and 18th September. This year, a total of 16 candidates ran for posts in 4 different categories – Administration, Activities, Religious and Promotion coordinators.

The candidates showed a great deal of enthusiasm by sharing their vision and how they would bring it alive. All the candidates exhibited passion to serve the school and the student body. The candidates creatively showcased their potential and convinced students through challenging tasks on stage. By the end of the platform, the student body along with teachers exercised it democratic right to vote.


[Photo] [Video]

10 Sept 2015 – Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Amy Wong Award Presentation


We celebrated the start of the new school year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit led by Fr. Devos who asked the Holy Spirit to guide us in the months to come. Father Devos compared the power of Jesus to the force from Star Wars, in order to show us (Jedis) that as good leaders we needed to remember 2 things: Jesus’ power and force was always within us; and that we should always love our enemies.

The Mass was followed by a prize presentation by Ms. Amy Wong (an alumnus) to an S6 student who achieved formidable results in the HKDSE. The High Achiever Award recipient was Chloe Chow who received five 5** and three 5*. This year, Ms. Wong also established a new scholarship, providing more opportunities for students to excel: The Most Improved Award (between S4-S6). The recipient was June Yeung. Additionally, the Lillian Poon Scholarship was awarded to Sherry Fung and Valerie Cheng for outstanding results in the HKDSE.

Ms. Wong reminded us of the significance of Gratitude: through the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5: 22-23); and Confucian Analects to examine oneself by looking into the mirror and reflecting on: faith, sincerity and whether we have mastered instructions from our experiences. Her central message was geared towards the theme of the year: Integrity, Mercy and Gratitude.



Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award


A team of Form 5 and 6 students participated in the Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award 2015 competition and were crowned Champion and received the Most Popular Booth Award.

The team was asked to develop a proposal and a prototype of a technological innovation that solves daily problems in the city. An exhibition booth was set up in Cyberport in late August for public viewing.

Our team proposed the “Easy Easy MTR” system, which aimed at solving common problems related to transportation in Hong Kong. The front-end of the system is a mobile application. This allows users to search for the most convenient boarding location on a station platform, to search for less crowded space inside the train compartment, to get directions to the nearest MTR station exit, and to find directions for bus connections in an MTR station.

The team members are:
Sabina Au (6C), Michelle Hui (6E), Crystal Lam (5C), Yolanda Lo (6C), Vienna Man (6C)


1 Sept 2015 – Start of New School Year


After a fruitful and restful summer, the Good Hope family was reunited for the start of the new academic year. The opening ceremony began with a Bible Service, remembering the tragic explosions that transpired in mid-August. This was followed by Supervisor, Sr. Pauline Yuen, M.I.C, who gave a warm welcome to the new staff members and S.1 sisters. The stage was then taken by our Principal, Mrs. Green, who introduced the school theme: Integrity, Mercy and Gratitude Make Good Leaders. She reminded students of the importance of these three qualities in leadership. Our schoolmates will definitely live out the school theme in the coming year and the years to come.


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